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The UNI-PRE is a new generation bass preamp system from East UK. It’s a brand new modular design that sets new standards with unique features. Designed to fit virtually any bass with rear cavity electronics, the UNI-PRE is available in 3, 4 or 5 knob configurations as either 2 or 3 band EQ. Although it is designed as a complete system, the Volume/ Blend and EQ modules are also available individually for stand-alone use.

Its main components are the Volume/Blend and EQ modules. The Volume/Blend module has totally independent dual active and passive signal paths. In other words two volumes and two blends are controlled simultaneously with a conventional knob set, using custom pots. The EQ module allows internal voicing adjustment for the treble as well as the lower and upper bass frequencies for the bass control. This is to allow finely tuned focus on the most crucial parts of the bass spectrum.

Modular construction makes for easy installation, with simple plug connections between modules. External wiring, such as pickups and power, are simply connected using screw terminals.

Summary of features:

• Totally independent active and passive signal paths guarantee completely smooth blend when set to active.

• Custom designed pots allow optimal placement of all controls within active and passive signal paths.

• Class A FET input stages for great sound quality, with two gain trim preset adjusters, one for each pickup.

  1. Operational response of Bass Control can be set internally at both the lower and upper end of the bass


• Treble Control with internally adjustable frequency voicing, plus Bright as a pull switch.

• Mid Control with Frequency Sweep.

• Overall response can be set as flat or with pre-shaper contour which adds some warmth and sheen.

• Modular concept allows for easy installation and replacement of parts, all with pluggable inter-connections.

  1. Screw terminals are used for all external connections such as pickups, power and grounding for easy installation.

Uni Pre 3 Knob

Uni Pre 4 Knob

Uni Pre 4 Knob

Treble module;

From L - R

Treble/Bass with Pull bright, Switch for Bass boost only of Boost/Cut, Set Treble frequency, Set for flat response or pre-shape, set bass control upper frequency, set bass lower frequency

Volume blend circuit for 3 and 4 knob preamp

Vol/Pan, Pickup trim pots, plug in tone caps, power and outputs, pickup inputs

Volume blend circuit for 5 knob preamp

Pan, Pickup trim pots, plug in tone caps, power and outputs, pickup inputs, Volume control


• FLAT RESPONSE: Neutral response setting.

• PRE-SHAPE: Gentle lift at the lower and higher frequencies, peaking +4dBs at 40Hz & 10kHz.

• PICKUP GAIN: Internal Trimmers 0-12dBs for each pickup in Active Mode.

• BASS CONTROL: +/- 18dBs Cut/Boost with internally adjustable ‘bass window’.

• BASS WINDOW: Lower Frequency Filter 20-80Hz & Higher Frequency Filter 40–200Hz.

• MID CONTROL: +/- 14dBs Cut/Boost with Frequency Sweep 100Hz – 2.5kHz.

  1. TREBLE CONTROL: +/- 18dBs with internally Shelf Frequency 1kHz – 7.5kHz, Pull for Bright peaking at 10kHz.


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