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EBS Session 120 Combo £419 inc UK delivery

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EBS Magni 500 115 Combo OUT OF STOCK

NEW MAGNI 500 Combos!!!

EBS has a long tradition of making bass combo units for professional use.  All previous EBS combos feature an entirely analogue amp design. With the Magni 500 combos, EBS introduces a professional, extremely transparent and competitively priced bass combo incorporating a lightweight Class D amp design in combination with analogue technology.

EBS Magni 500 - 210 combo

The EBS Magni 500 is available in two configurations, the 210 (2x10” + tweeter) and the 115 (1x15” + tweeter). Both use an amp section based on the award winning Reidmar design consisting of an all analogue preamp with a lightweight 250W RMS power amp section.

Configuration  2 x 10" + tweeter

Frequency Response  50 - 20k Hz

Power Rating  250 W RMS

Height  56 cm / 22"

Width  44 cm / 17.3"

Depth  36.5 cm / 14.4"

Weight  21 kg / 46.7 lbs

EBS Magni 500 - 115 combo

Key Features:

  1. Based upon the award winning 250W RMS Reidmar amp design

  2. Extremely transparent to retain the character of your instrument

  3. Fast responding and easy to dial in

  4. High efficiency speakers for best tonal character

  5. Excellent power-to-weight ratio

  6. Available in 2x 10” and 1x 15” full range configurations with tweeters

  7. Switchable between 120/230V

  8. Balanced XLR output with ground lift

  9. Comes with protective cover included

Configuration  1x 15" + tweeter

Frequency Response  30 - 20k Hz

Power Rating  250 W RMS

Height  56 cm / 22"

Width  44 cm / 17.3"

Depth  36.5 cm / 14.4"

Weight  20.5 kg / 45 lbs

EBS Classic Session 60 Combo - 60 W Tiltback Bass Combo


The new EBS Classic Session 60 is a 60 W tiltback style bass combo. The cabinet is made by solid MDF, coated by vinyl and built to provide extra bass reflex to a level not heard in such a small amp before.


Great Sound - Right From the Box

The amp is basically a scaled down Classic 450 head, with a preshape EQ that provides great tone right from the start. There is a gain, bass and treble control to further adjust the sound. The carefully selected 10" driver and tweeter gives a full and punchy sound and is very impressive considering the size of this combo!


For Practice, Studio and Stage

The monitor stereo input and stereo phones output jacks makes it the perfect companion for students or musicians that need a practice amp. Still it delivers enough power and a balanced output to handle a club gig or a studio session. The balanced XLR-output make possible to use the Session 60 even on a larger stage. There is a stereo line in, stereo headphone out and xlr balanced reord/live out.


Hint! The amp does sound really good with guitar as well!


Technical Specifications


Frequency Response - 60 - 18k Hz

Dynamic Output Power - 60 W RMS

Continuous Output Power - 60 W RMS

Cabinet Volume - 20 liters

Height - 34,3 cm / 13.5“

Width - 37,6 cm / 14.8"

Depth - 39.5 cm / 15.6"

Weight - 16 kg / 36 lbs

EBS Session 30 Combo - (list £159)

The new EBS Classic Session 30 is a 30W bass combo that puts out more low frequencies than you would imagine possible from such a small combo. It's the perfect home practice amp, or beginners amp with a professional sound quality!

The EBS Session 30 bass combo feature an 8” speaker and a simple but effective EQ with controls for Gain, Bass, Treble and Volume. It has a mini-jack Aux input for an external sound source while a headphone output allows for quiet late night practice at home.

It features a professionally equipped XLR-output which takes this combo far beyond the reach of other practice amps.  It allows for high-quality home or studio recording or the possibility of gigging with the combo through connection to the front-of-house PA system.  

The little combo offers great tone and can run be on full volume and gain without damaging the speaker, still with a nice and defined tone. Full gain will even add some nice and heavy distortion to the tone! 


The EBS Classic Session 120 Bass Combo Amplifier offers great tone and enough power for any rehearsal or gig. It is housed in a compact cabinet that is small enough to fit in any car yet big enough to produce a great warm tone. It features a wealth of controls to help you find that perfect sound. It is fitted with a powerful EQ with an extended mid control and a professional XLR balanced output for use on larger stages or recording.

  1. Excellent warm sound

  2. Great punch and bottom

  3. Powerful EQ

  4. Small, lightweight cabinet

  5. Balanced XLR output

  6. 120 watts, 12 inch speaker

The EBS Classic Session 120 Bass Combo Amplifier solves the problem of finding a bass amplifier that delivers a big warm sound but without breaking both the bank and your back. The Session 120 packs 120 watts of great punch and bottom into a small, lightweight cabinet that will fit in any car and can be lifted with one arm.

It features a wealth of tone controls to find your perfect sound. The EQ section has been extended to include a mid-sweep. This allows you to find that perfect frequency to bring your bass sound to life. If the powerful EQ is not quite powerful enough, the Session 120 also includes the character filter. This applies a scooped shape to the sound, boosting the bass and treble and applying a small cut to the mid-range.

The Session 120 is designed for the stage. It is constructed with a tilt-back shape to the cabinet so it can be used as a monitor on stage. It has been fitted with a high-quality balanced XLR output for use with larger PA systems and for recording. An auxiliary feed can also be connected to the Session 120 via the Aux in so you can blend your bass sound in with a monitor feed so you save space without a separate monitor speaker.


Frequency response: 45Hz - 18kHz
Output power: 120W RMS
Cabinet volume: 35 Litres
Height: 40cm
Width: 43.5cm
Depth: 45.5cm
Weight: 21kg

Customer feedback

Submitted on the 11th November 2011 by John who purchased an NXT 5 bass and an EBS combo

Hi Mark

Just a quick note of thanks for your help in choosing the NXT5 upright and EBS amp on Monday. I'm very pleased I went for the five string. It all sounds great including/especially when through a PA.

I will at some point soon I will want to choose a footswitch/pedal to be able to select either the NXT or my BG (active with piezo pick up). The signals are of course very different. Can you suggest any budget options?



EBS Classic Session 60 Review


This small portable combo from Swedish amp experts EBS promises superior dynamics and tone. Nick Wells takes a look. Bass Guitar Magazine July 2010

Since arriving on the bass scene back in 1988, EBS have continued to raise their profile with a series of high-end product releases ranging from the stunning 600-watt Fafner head to the ever popular Black Label pedals, catching the attention of bass heavyweights Victor Bailey, Tal Wilkenfeld and Stanley Clarke and Laurence Cottle, among others.

Launched at the 2010 Winter NAMM show earlier this year, the Session 60 is the latest addition to the EBS Classic range. The Session 60 boasts 60 watts of solid-state power, a stereo input, preshape EQ and balanced XLR output, making for an impressive all-rounder.


The Classic Session 60 is built around a single 10-inch speaker with a 60-watt solid-state amp to drive it. The combo certainly looks the part with its black vinyl covering and retro grille cloth – a marked contrast to the lacquered steel mesh and felt covering of the EBS Neo range of combos. At 16 kg it’s an easy lift, and thanks to a single top mounted handle the Session 60 is effortlessly portable. The amp is a scaled-down version of the EBS Classic 450 head, with the same smooth clip drive engine that’s been designed to provide tube-like distorted characteristics while protecting the power amp from saturation. It’s built in China using first grade components and a double sided circuit board with through hole plating.

A single high-impedance jack input highlights the Session 60’s straightforward design and is augmented by a gain control with a corresponding clip warning LED, two ‘shelving’- type EQ filters, a master volume control and a balanced XLR DI output with ground lift switch, all mounted on a recessed panel on top of the amp. The tone control section also incorporates an independent preshape EQ filter labelled ‘character’, which scoops out the mid range and boosts the bass and treble frequencies. The enhanced filter allows the treble control to have effect on the mid range, so when this mode is engaged you can cut the mids by boosting the treble and vice versa. A headphone socket and two RCA jack auxiliary inputs with a corresponding input level control knob complete the control panel. By using the aux inputs in stereo, and plugging in a set of headphones, you can connect a CD/MP3 player and use the Session 60 as a fantastic practice tool. If you have a mono source, connect to the input marked ‘mono’.

EBS are remaining tight-lipped over the brand of speaker and piezo tweeter used in the Session 60, but Mats Kristoffersson, technical director with EBS, assured us that despite being sourced from a Korean supplier, the brand is fully comparable with the likes of Eminence. The cabinet itself is ported to emphasise the low end. Having

a port in the enclosure helps the speaker work more efficiently,which means it requires less power to drive it. While EBS recommend using the combo in an upright position for the best bass response, having the option of tilting the combo back means you can project a more direct sound from the speaker.


After you’ve set the gain using the input clip LED you are ready to go, and the sound is immediately impressive. There are elements of EBS’s renowned tonal transparency, with some added warmth that makes for a rounder sound. That said, the Session 60 still provides a natural representation of your bass, no matter how hard you crank the volume, and won’t flatter a below-par instrument. As for the power rating, 60 watts may seem fairly low, but again, depending on what source you amplify, we found there to be a size-defying amount of power available. The tone-shaping section is effective without being at all complicated to get to grips with. Yet after plugging in a Fender Precision, it was some time before we even considered tweaking the tone controls – the amp’s fundamental sound is that good. The preshape filter delivers a full bass sound that’s instantly usable, if a little more ‘hi-fi ’-sounding, with less emphasis on the mid range. Gradually increasing the treble filter lends added presence to the top end, while increasing the bass filter gives the bottom end a noticeable kick. Decreasing the bass produces a tighter sound with a little more low-end definition. Using the enhance filter you can easily alternate between a scooped slap tone and a more gritty fingerstyle funk sound. Using the balanced XLR output you can connect to a PA or mixing desk, and using the ground lift switch avoids problematic ground loops onstage.


EBS are renowned for producing high-quality bass equipment, and the Classic Session 60 is no exception. It’s easy to use, looks great onstage, and sounds fantastic as soon as you plug in. Its size and portability, not to mention the balanced XLR output, make it ideal for studio sessions, rehearsals, smaller club gigs and will prove popular with upright bass players. Given its size, we were really surprised at the amount of power on tap and felt confident taking the Session 60 along to larger venues. Useful features like the stereo input and headphone socket will appeal to students and teachers alike, while the tilt-back design makes for a very handy personal monitor onstage. Overall, a well-built, affordable and versatile bass combo. Highly recommended.


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