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DC - 2 power splitter £4.99

DC - 4 power splitter  £7.49

DC - 6  power splitter £8.99

DC - 2 90º power splitter £4.99

DC - 4 90º power splitter  £7.49

DC - 6  90º power splitter £8.99

ICY-30  Y signal splitter lead £7.99

EBS 1.5M Pro Speakon-Speakon lead £20 - out of stock

EBS PCFDLS28 TRS patch lead £20

EU shipping (outside UK) on orders £4

Tel: 01926 886433


DC Power Split Cables

With the power split cables it is easy to distribute the power from an AD-9 to more than one pedal. The split cables are available in one-to-two, four or six (DC-2, 4 or 6) configuration.

Also available with 90º ends

Interconnection Plugs
Specially designed interconnection 1/4”-plugs allow you to tighten up your pedal board and to connect to other pedal brands. (Asymetric above, symetric below)

Flat patch cables NEW!

The new flat patch cables from EBS are tailored to make possible to reduce space on your pedal board, while maintaining the flexibility of using cables. The flat design also reduce the risk of cable jams, and keep your setup neat and clean.

Available models:
PCF-10, 10 cm
PCF-18, 18 cm
PCF-28, 28 cm
PCF-58, 58 cm

New TRS Version available;

PCF-DLS28, 28 cm - £6
PCF-DLS58, 58 cm - £7.50

Also now available with gold plated connectors!

The EBS ICY-30 Insert Cable for use
with the Billy Sheehan Signature Drives

Connect the 1/4" Stereo Contact of the ICY-30 to one of the Loops (Clean or Drive) on the Billy Sheehan pedals to add external effects, equalisers or on/off switches to either the Clean or the Drive channel of the Billy Sheehan pedal.

The cable works for any other item that make use of a y-type insert cable too, of course. 30cm

The EBS Triple 'S' Speakon Cable (SSS-1.5)

 EBS heavy duty Neutrik Speakon cables are perfect to connect your amp to an EBS cabinet, or to use when linking cabinets together. Length: 1.5 m