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Euphonic Audio were one of the originators of compact high power heads and lightweight cabinets, all designed and made in the USA. This new range takes the range to a new level and incorporates all the original ethos and unique features with some new upgrades and improvements.

Bass Guitar Magazine "The solid state circuitry delivers an uncompromising note attack that's fast and consistent right across the board."


iAMP Pro 1200W - £1250.00

Unmatched size, versatility and POWER!!!

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Powerful singers through more powerful PA systems. Heavy handed (and footed) drummers. Guitarists with 5' stacks. Your keyboardist? That goes without saying. There are bands that play at concert volumes, even if the concert is a practice room. That's why we make the Pro. It gives you EA's sonic accuracy with enough juice on tap that we could have rated it in horsepower.

The Pro is more than just high fidelity and higher power. It's got the studio-grade, semi-parametric preamplifier that's toured the world with the world's best. The beauty of this control machine is that you can run it flat for super-natural sound, choose any of four precise presets for a quick on-the-fly fix, or delve into the EQ for surgically-precise, frequency tuning that can bring out your soloing tones, or help tame a nasty room.

But that's only half the story - these presets and EQ points were dialed-in by performing bassists so every one of the settings makes musical sense.


•Inputs: Configuration: 1 channel, Active and Passive 1/4" input jacks, Input Gain LED level indicator, 1/8" stereo mini-jack and volume control for auxiliary audio input device

•Input Impedance: 50K ohm input impedance on active input,  1Meg ohm input impedance on passive input

•Controls: Input gain, 4-Band EQ, Master Volume, Mute switch, Effects Level, DI Level, Speaker On-Off

•EQ: Lo, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, and Hi all with boost/cut and variable frequency controls (Lo-Mid and Hi-Mid have half/fullOctave Q switch)

•Effects Loop: Series Post EQ with independent level control

•Other Features: Output Limiter with LED indicator

•Outputs: Two Speakon speaker, 1/4" Stereo Headphone, 1/4" Tuner/Line Out, XLR balanced DI (pre or post EQ)

•Protection: thermal and overload

•Line Voltage: 100/120 - 240 volts selected by internal fuse

•Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB

•Power Output: 1200 watts @ 4 ohms 600 watts @ 8 ohms

•Size: 3.5"H x 14"W x 9"D

•Weight: 9.0 lbs.

Perfect with the EA 210 and 410 cabs or the Bergantino HD210,cabinets and Vanderkley MNT112, MNT210, LNT212, LNT410 cabinets.

Bass Guitar Magazine Review 2010

This solid-state bass head from EA promises both power and portability. Matthew Oakley plugs in.

Euphonic Audio were founded in 1981 by John Dong and Larry Ullman, who were convinced that they could create superior home speaker systems for the high-end audio market. In 1995, influenced in part by Larry’s other life as a bassist, EA turned their entire focus to the art of reproducing the complex timbres, transient attacks and dynamic range of bass instruments, with Larry’s demanding prerequisites for superior tone and portability, coupled with John’s expertise in speaker and cabinet design, proving invaluable. Three years later the original iAMP was born courtesy of EA’s chief designer, Gary Gibilisco. EA launched their first compact bass head, the EA iAMP Micro 300, in March 2006. Now in its second generation, the new line of EA iAMP bass heads – the Micro, Doubler and Pro – feature boosted power sections along with several new features.

The iAMP Pro that we have here is lighter and more powerful than any previous iAMP model and comprises a studio grade semi-parametric preamp and four well-voiced presets.


The iAMP Pro preamp section consists of specially selected low-noise, high-bandwidth surface mount components mounted onto an epoxy glass circuit board. Each component is individually checked by an

automated testing system. This is all housed in a robust, lightweight metal chassis. The front panel follows the signal flow from left to right, allowing you to adjust the parameters at each stage, from the input section to the tone-shaping section to the output section.

Let’s start with the input section. There are two inputs catering for both active (low impedance, 10K ohms) and passive (high impedance, 1 meg ohm) basses alongside a third stereo input. The larger gain control has a

corresponding red level indicator to tell you when the input stage is being overdriven. The toneshaping section has four presets;

deep (+6 dB @ 50 Hz)

contour I (-6 dB @ 500 Hz)

contour II (-8 dB @ 750 Hz)

bright (+8 dB @ 7.5 kHz)

Each has its own on/off mini switch. For more detailed tone shaping you can cut or boost specific frequencies via four adjustable sliders, used to centre the frequency, and four corresponding rotary cut/boost controls. The sliders are labelled

low (+/- 18 dB @ 40–180 Hz),

low mid (+/-18 dB @ 180–1kHz)

hi mid (+/- 18 dB @ 800–8kHz)

high (+/-18 dB @ 1–8kHz).

Additionally you can set the bandwidth of the low-mid and high-mid EQ to full or half octave.

Next up is a master volume control, headphone and tuner jack sockets and an output clip LED. When the output clip LED lights it’s just an indication that the amp is at full power – a built-in limiter will prevent the amp from sustained clipping. An XLR DI output (the ground pin of the XLR connector is permanently lifted from ground) with an output level control and post/pre-EQ and DI on/off mini switches complete the output section.

Having the send and return sockets on the front panel makes it easier to plug in effects pedals rather than having to reach around the back of the amp, and the effects level control comes in really handy on a cramped

stage, allowing you to dial in as much effect as you want from the front panel. Looking at the rear of the amp we can see a pair of Speakon connectors, a power switch and AC input.


Plugged into a 4x10 cab, the iAMP Pro produces a classy and decisive bass sound that really complements the tone of your bass. It’s not quite as hi-fi as some high-end amps, and the solid-state circuitry delivers an

uncompromising note attack that’s fast and consistent right across the board. It’s easy enough to simply plug in and get a great sound relatively quickly, and while the EQ section might look a bit complicated at first, you’ll soon grasp how it works once you start playing around with the different controls. The angled sliders give a good visual representation of their function, making it a little more intuitive to use.

The EQ bands are all sensibly and usefully voiced and ideal for selecting specific frequency bands to fine-tune your sound, or dialling out any problem frequencies. At high-gain levels the EQ is less effective, but you won’t need to make too many changes, thanks to the strength of the iAMP Pro’s basic sound. In fact, you can easily start to overcomplicate things if you’re not too careful. The four on-board presets are equally well voiced. The deep setting really fills out the bottom end, contour I makes for an articulate fingerstyle tone with less mid-range ‘honk’, contour II removes the upper mid range for a pronounced top end that’s ideal for slap playing, and selecting the bright preset gives the top end a significant boost. You can always use both EQ and preset sections together, setting the desired tone with the EQ and then enhancing the core sound with a preset.

Despite its solid-state circuitry, you can achieve a valve-inspired tone by engaging the deep preset and boosting the lo EQ @ 180 Hz, the lo mid @ 640 Hz and cutting the hi EQ @ 4 kHz.


With a comprehensive tone shaping section the iAMP Pro has the capacity to achieve a wide range of powerful and inspiring bass sounds. Features like the front-mounted effects loop are hardly revolutionary but show great awareness of the needs of gigging players. Likewise, by connecting a CD player or drum machine to the amp’s stereo input, plugging in a set of headphones and hitting the mute mini switch you can easily enjoy a private practice session. The build quality is impressive and the overall package is incredibly portable. The EQ and presets may be lost on the average bass player who only needs one good sound, but for professional gigs, where the reliability and versatility of your gear is of the utmost importance, the Euphonic Audio iAMP Pro is very impressive.


Plus: Decisive bass sounds with extensive scope to vary your tone.

Minus: The detailed EQ section may be lost on the average player.

Overall: A lightweight amp that boasts a great range of features and plenty of power.


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"I love the clarity of EA gear and customer service is top-notch."

-Carl Edwards

"I have used EA gear for a while now, and it is the best amplification gear I have ever played."

-Adrian Juras

"I wanted to improve my sound so about a year ago I decided to find a really solid sounding smaller cabinet with even tone and presence throughout the spectrum. I tested a fair number of higher end cabinets from various manufacturers. After trying a couple of EA cabinets, I immediately bought an NL210. Utterly fantastic! It's not so much that I love the sound of this cabinet but that I love my sound through this cabinet!"

-Bruce Kirk

"Love your stuff. The sound is amazing, I get more, tighter bottom out of a pair of your vl-210s than I did out of a 1x18 + 4x10 stack. Yet still with super clean mids and highs. Your cabs make my bass sound more like a studio recording rather than a typical live setup. Never even looked at another cabinet since I got yours."

-Randy Streicher

"EA gear is like a wolf in sheep's clothing, small, light but loud, it is mind boggling, it blows away everything else. Euphonic Audio is to sound what Apple is to computers."

-Einar Aarnes

"Your new series III NL210 is the greatest improvement in upright bassdom since the spirocore string. Finally a cab that: Needs no EQ and sounds perfect, is loud and light, tweeter is balanced and integrated with no harsh clack, lets me concentrate on the music instead of the gear! John, you hit a grand slam with this cab. Between the NL210 and my Wizzy 10 I can handle ANY gig at any volume with sound quality beyond any other cab on the market."

-Peter Tillotson