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Distortion, Fuzz, Overdrive pedals

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  1. Earthquaker Bellows fuzz pedal - boxed VGC £95

  2. Ampeg SCR pedal - DI, Overdrive pedal, VGC, home use only £150

  3. Darkglass X7 , Overdrive pedal, boxed VGC, SOLD

  4. Darkglass B7K Ultra , Overdrive pedal, boxed VGC, SOLD

  5. Rodenbrg GAS-707N - NG , Clean Boost pedal, boxed VGC, £89

  6. Markbass Vintage Pre , Overdrive/preamp pedal, boxed as new, £325

  7. Darkglass Duality , Fuzz pedal pedal, boxed VGC, £140

  8. MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz- Fuzz pedal pedal, boxed £40

  1. Gojira Drone Muff - fuzz pedal £60

  2. Darkglass Vintage Deluxe , SOLD

  3. EHX Big Muff Deluxe Pi- boxed VGC SOLD

  4. Tech 21 Red Ripper , Overdrive pedal, SOLD

  5. Darkglass B7K Ultra , Overdrive pedal, SOLD

  6. EHX Bass Blogger- distortion boxed VGC £40

  7. Aguilar Agro - Distortion pedal, boxed, VGC - SOLD

  8. Boss DS-2- Turbo Distortion pedal VGC £50

  9. Ibanez TS9B- Bass Tube Screamer pedal VGC £80

  10. MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe- fuzz pedal VGC £90

  1. Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi - VGC - £50

  2. Markbass MB Mini Dist, VGC - sold

  3. Source Audio OFD  , VGC - £99

  4. Marshall GuvNor, VGC - £70

  5. MXR M85 Bass Distortion, VGC - £100

  6. Darkglass Vintage Microtubes  - VGC - SOLD

  7. Deluxe Bass Big Muff - £69

  8. Joyo DR J Sparrow Driver - £44

  9. Rodenberg GAS 728B+ Bass Drive/Boost/boxed - £150

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Get Ampeg amp tones without an amp! The SCR-DI a DI box and preamp with a built-in Scrambler overdrive circuit. Players looking to ditch the amp can use it to get great-sounding amp tones straight into a PA system or audio interface. If you prefer to have an amp in your rig then the SCR-DI can open up new tones and functionality allowing you to send your signal to both an amp and another location.

Classic Ampeg Tones

If you look at the face of the SCR-DI, you'll find it closely resembles the controls on an Ampeg amp. There's a volume control as well as the familiar three-band EQ consisting of Bass, Mid, and High for precise tone shaping. Like the amps, the SCR-DI features an Ultra-Hi and an Ultra-Lo switch which you can engage to quickly add extra high- or low-end emphasis.

The SCR-DI features the Scrambler overdrive circuit for that classic warm, thick Ampeg overdrive tone. The sound of an overdriven Ampeg amp is iconic, and with the Scrambler you can get that growling overdrive tone without having to buy a very loud, heavy, and expensive vintage Ampeg amp. The Scrambler controls include a blend knob for blending the dry and effected signals for an overdriven sound that retains clarity and definition.

DI and Preamp

As the SCR-DI is both a DI and a preamp it offers an impressive amount of functionality whether you use an amp or not. This pedal features both a 1/4" output, a balanced XLR output, and an unaffected 1/4" Thru output so you can send your signal to an amp, mixer, PA system or an audio interface. With the SCR-DI you could send one signal to an amp or PA, and one signal to an audio interface so you can perform live and record at the same time.

Other features include a headphone output for silent practise, and an aux input with level control so you can play along to backing tracks.


  1. 1Legacy Ampeg preamp and 3-band tone stack circuits

  2. 2Dedicated XLR balanced line out with ground lift

  3. 3Affected 1/4″ output

  4. 4Unaffected 1/4″ thru

  5. 5Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo circuits

  6. 6Footswitchable (sold separately)

  7. 7Bass Scrambler™ overdrive

  8. 8Separate drive and blend controls

  9. 9Die-cast zinc chassis construction

  10. 10Durable metal switches

  11. 11No-slip rubber feet for solid stage performance

Earthquaker Bellows

The EarthQuaker Devices Bellows is an interesting pedal that is neither overdrive or fuzz. At lower drive levels you get classic amp break up sounds similar to what you would here in the tweed era. Turn it up a little bit more however and you get in to really dirty and gritty fuzz tones that work great for both vintage guitar and bass vibes.

Simple Controls

One of the great things about having such a dynamic range in a pedal is its ability to get a wide range of tones even without a lot of controls. With just Level and Drive controls you can easily set up your rig with this pedal set to your max amount of gain and just clean everything up or get inbetween sounds with your guitars volume control.

Here's what EarthQuaker Devices say about the Bellows Drive Pedal

The Bellows is a back-to-basics, transistor-based dirt device. This two-knob wonder has a whole lot of character for such a simple, unassuming pedal. It straddles the line between amp-like grit and fuzzy saturation to create a remarkably vintage, tweed-type tone. Similar to the volume control of a "non master" amp, the Drive determines how hard the signal hits the input. At lower drive levels it's a little wider and grittier. Resist the usual urge to dime it and keep the Drive low for mellow, amp-like break up. Slowly bring up the Drive and you'll eventually end up in blown out fuzz land, having passed a bunch of useful distorted places in between. It's pretty much every era of rock n' roll in a box. While designed for guitar, Bellows also handles bass extremely well at growling low and scorching high levels. And if you're a guitar player that fancies themselves a bass player- then forget it, this is your favorite dirt pedal. Each and every bellows is made by a bunch of bearded dudes and a couple ladies in the comedic drama section of Akron, Ohio.


  1. 1Level: Adjusts the output level by setting the bias voltage of the transistor. A small amount of noise while dialing this in is perfectly normal.

  2. 2Drive: Controls the input gain of the device for different levels of dirt. You'll find that it is thinner and more clean counter clockwise and thicker with more growl clockwise.

  3. 3Power: Please use a standard 9 volt DC power supply intended for musical instruments with

  4. 4a negative center 2.1mm barrel or a 9v Battery

  5. 5Current Draw: 8ma