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NS Electric Traditional Bass Sets

The Traditional Double Bass set is constructed and tensioned similarly to acoustic bass strings, for a warm tone, feel, and great bowed response. The set includes regular double bass tuning strings (G, D, A, E). Additional 5th and 6th strings, a low B and a high C, are available as singles.

NS Electric Contemporary Bass Set

The contemporary Double Bass set produces a brighter sound and is lower tension than the Traditional Double Bass set. The set gathers regular double bass tuning strings (G, D, A, E). Additional 5th and 6th strings, a low B and a high C, are available as singles

Have you been looking for a new string option for your NS Design NXT or CR-model bass, but didn't want to use full-size strings (by wrapping them around the bottom of the bass and up to the keyhole slots?) GHS has created a new option for you!

The folks at GHS Strings consulted with Gollihur Music (and sent us prototypes for testing) as they engineered and executed this new option for the NS Design Upright Basses. The goal was to come up with a "modern hybrid" - almost a "Spirocore" for the NS bass; a string that could be bowed well, but would have a big, powerful pizz tone.

The result is... well, I'll let GHS describe it to you: "a string with a deep and focused fundamental tone, suitable for those needing both contemporary and traditional sounds."

Nickel-Iron Alloy is wound over a round core wire and then micro-ground for a smooth, upright bass feel, and a surface that is quite bowable. The strings have a pleasantly "beefy" physical profile, but wind easily onto the stock tuners on the NXT. Tension is "middle of the road" - not light, but not too heavy either. Overall, it's just a new sonic color to add to the palette of options for the bass. I find that it nicely cozies up between the two "NS Electric" (by D'Addario) options - not a truly "Traditional" sounding string, but rather one that provides nice definition and some edge without being too "zingy."

For EUB Double basses

Spirocore strings have a flexible multiwire spiral rope core. They offer a longer period of musical vibration and significantly reduce inertia. Spirocore strings are equally effective when playing arco or pizzicato. They are highly responsive and long lasting. Spirocore strings, widely recognized as “the reference standard” are renowned for their distinctive tone and playability.


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NSFW617, NS Electric Contemporary Bass HIGH C - £23.00

NSFW611, NS Electric Contemporary Bass G - £25.00

NSFW612, NS Electric Contemporary Bass D -  £29.00

NSFW613, NS Electric Contemporary Bass A - £30.00

NSFW614, NS Electric Contemporary Bass E - £32.00

NSFW616, NS Electric Contemporary Low B -  £35.00

NSFW610, NS Electric Contemporary Bass String 4 Set  - Special Offer £119

NS617, NS Electric Traditional Bass HIGH C - £23.00

NS611, NS Electric Traditional Bass G - £25.00

NS612, NS Electric Traditional Bass D - £29.00

NS613, NS Electric Traditional Bass A - £30.00

NS614, NS Electric Traditional Bass E - £32.00

NS616, NS Electric Traditional Bass LOW B - £35.00

NS610, NS Electric Traditional Bass String 4 Set - Special Offer £119

Thomastik Spirocore 3/4 strings for NS Design/BSX basses £150

GHS Crossover NXT 4 strings £59

GHS Crossover NXT 5 strings £79

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