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Brand: D'Addario XT


D'Addario says this is the 'most technologically advanced string ever created' - a bold statement...  but, when you play these you'll understand what they're talking about!

XT is an amalgamation of string technologies including a microscopically thin hydrophobic treatment on all strings, high carbon NY steel core, and fusion twist ball end fastening, resulting in a string that lasts 3x longer than a regular set while maintaining the tone and feel of a brand new standard set. This intense combination of high-carbon NY steel core wire with the extended lifespan treatment across the full set boasts class-leading break resistance, pitch stability, and long-lasting performance.

XT strings are designed both for professional players who need to ready to play at any minute, demanding instant performance; and also players who just want to play and don't want the fuss of changing strings.


  1. 1extended life-span treatment that preserves the natural tone and feel of newly-made strings

  2. 2made with high carbon steel found in NYXL and Nickel Bronze for enhanced break-resistance and tuning stability

  3. 3thin, hydrophobic coating protects every string in the set from the corrosive effects of sweat & humidity

XL Nickel Round Wound - EXL

D'Addario XL Nickel Electric Bass strings are world-renowned as "The Player's Choice" amongst bass players of all genres and styles. All XL strings are precision wound on our exclusive computer-controlled machines, ensuring each string has excellent into nation, clear fundamentals, and unparalleled consistency. The nickel plated steel wrap wire is known for it's distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation and delivers a universally appealing tone for all playing styles. D'Addario SXL Bass strings are designed for use on Steinberger double ball end basses.

ProSteels Round Wound - EPS

ProSteels are D'Addario's brightest and most magnetic bass strings. A specialised steel alloy delivers harmonically rich, brilliant high-end coupled with deep, tight lows that work in tandem to create the coveted Piano tone" steel players crave. Great for both articulate fingering or aggressive picking, ProSteels give you that little extra edge and punch you need to cut through the mix.

EXPPBB170 Acoustic Bass EXP 40-100 Long Scale

An micro-fine layer of EXP Coating is bonded to the phosphor bronze wrap wire which is then wound onto the hex-shaped core wire. The result is a built-in barrier against the corrosion and wear that can quickly sap the life out of your strings and your sound . EXP strings have a natural round wound feel and extra-bright tone that lasts three to four times longer than traditional bass strings.

Phosphor Bronze Wound

D'Addario Phopshor Bronze Acoustic Bass strings are acclaimed worldwide for their great, long-lasting tone. Phosphor Bronze was introduced to string making by D'Addario in 1974 and has become synonymous with warm and bright, nicely balanced acoustic tone.

Chromes Flat Wound - ECB

D'Addario Chromes Flatwound Bass strings are famed for their smooth feel and warm, mellow tone. The strings are wound using an outer flattened, "ribbon" wire which is then polished to an incredibly smooth finish. Chromes deliver a deep, rich low bottom end that make them "the" flat wound choice of Jazz, R&B, and Pop musicians.

Half Rounds - ENR

D'Addario Half Round bass strings are wound with pure nickel, then precision ground, leaving the outer surface smooth and "semi-flat," while retaining the flexibility of round wound strings. They retain round wound brightness and sustain thanks to our exclusive "heat treating" process.

The ETB92 black nylon tapewound set offers the ideal combination of warm, deep tones with an ultra-smooth feel. This set offers a vintage tone ranging from the “thump” of an upright bass to the focused depth of traditional flatwound strings. Fits long scale basses with a string scale length of up to 36 inches.

Designed to produce a deep, warm tone with smooth feel, D’Addario Tapewound Bass strings are wound using a flattened black nylon which is polished to an ultra-smooth finish. These long-lasting, well-balanced strings are expertly engineered to provide optimal tension and are gauged to fit properly on standard bass saddles and nuts. Tapewounds may be used on fretted or fretless basses and are designed to deliver a vintage tone ranging from the thump of an upright bass to the focused depth of traditional flatwound strings.

•Engineered to provide optimal tension and gauged to fit properly on standard bass saddles and nuts

•Flattened black nylon wound for a warm, deep tone

•Fits long scale basses with a string scale length of up to 36 1/4 inches

•Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance

•String Gauges: Wound .050, .065, .085, .105

•Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh


EXL170 D’Addario XLs Nickel Wound

EXL170 are D’Addario’s best-selling bass set and the standard for most electric basses. D’Addario XLs offer the ideal combination of bright, booming tone and comfortable feel, the most versatile and universally appealing set for all playing styles.


D'Addario XL Nickel Wound Electric Bass strings are world-renowned as "The Player's Choice" amongst bass players of all genres and styles. All XL strings are precision wound on our exclusive digitally-controlled machines, ensuring each string has excellent intonation, clear fundamentals, and unparalleled consistency. Each string is wound with a nickel-plated steel wrap wire known for distinctive bright tone with excellent magnetic output delivering a universally appealing and versatile tone for all playing styles.



EXL170BT D’Addario XLs Nickel Wound Balanced Tension

D'Addario EXL170BT Balanced Tension bass guitar sets are comprised of mathematically optimized string gauge combinations, resulting in greater control and playing comfort. Combined with the distinctive bright, booming tones of XL nickel wound strings, each set offers greater dynamic control and a more consistent feel between strings for evenly balanced bending, fretting, plucking and slapping.


In a standard EXL170 regular light gauge set the tension on each string varies, this means that players must adjust their technique depending on which string they’re playing. By altering the gauges included in the EXL170BT set D’Addario have been able to create a set with more even tension across all strings, thus giving the whole register of the instrument a more consistent feel.



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EXL 17” scale set for Grosmann - 4 string Nickel 25/45/65/85  £22

EXL 170 BT - 4 string set. Nickel 45/60/80/107 £23 - out of stock

EXL190 - 4 string set. Nickel 40/60/80/100 £24

EXL160 - 4 string set. Nickel 50/70/85/105 £24

EXL165 - 4 string set. Nickel 45/65/85/105 £24

EXL170-5 - 5 string set. Nickel 45/65/80/100/130 £30

EXL170-5 Super Long - 5 string set. £32 - Dingwall/Spector fit

EXL170-6 - 6 string set. Nickel 32/45/65/80/100/130 £34

EXL Roscoe set 5 string set. Nickel 45/65/85/105/125 £30

EXL Roscoe set 6 string set. Nickel 32/45/65/85/105/125 £35

EXL 020P Nickel Plain High F# string £5

EXL 032   Nickel Wound High C string £5

EXL 125   Nickel Wound Low B string £6

XTB 45105 - 4 string set, extended life 45/65/85/105 £33.50 - NEW

XTB 45100 - 4 string set, extended life 45/65/80/100 £33.50 - NEW

XTB 45130 - 5 string set. coated 45/65/80/100/130 £39.99 - NEW

EPS 190 - 4 string set.stainless 40/60/80/100  £23

EPS 165 - 4 string set.stainless 45/65/85/105  £23

EPS 170-5 - 5 string set. stainless 45/65/80/100/130  £30

EPS 170-6 - 6 string set. stainless 30/45/65/80/100/130  £32

EXP 170-5 - 5 string set coated nickel 45/65/80/100/130 £39

EP PBB170 - 4 string set Bronze 45/65/80/100 £29

Chromes Flatwound ECB 81 45/65/80/100 £44.99

Chromes Flatwound ECB 81/S short scale 45/65/80/100 £44.99

Chromes Flatwound ECB 82 50/70/85/105 £44.99

Chromes Flatwound ECB 81-5 45/65/80/100/132 £59

Half round nickel ENR 70 40 - 95  £33

Half round nickel ENR 71 45/65/80/100 £33

Half round nickel ENR 72 50/70/85/105 £33

Half round nickel ENR 71-5 45/65/80/130 £46

D'Addario XL Nickels are standard fit on bass guitars by; Roscoe , Xotic, Mike Lull, MTD and G&L bass guitars.

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