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Creation Audio - The MK.4.23 BOOST PEDAL


£160 FREE UK shipping

£140 Including EU shipping

Export price £127.17

From zero to +24 dB of transparent boost
No tone coloration
No signal distortion
No phase reversal
True bypass with quiet switching
Built by hand in the U.S.A.

Truly transparent, flat EQ volume boost for any instrument with a 1/4 inch output:
Electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, violin, keyboard...

The most transparent clean boost pedal on the planet

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The MK.4.23 gives you from zero to +24dB of crystal clear boost to dial in to your liking. Noiseless boost with no signal distortion, zero tone coloration and quiet switching when you engage the circuit. YOUR TONE, only more of it without adding the noise typically associated with an increase in gain.

We also think you'll like what you see. The sleek, 16 gauge stainless steel body and white LED's quite literally reflect premium materials and craftsmanship that will attract as much attention as your tone does. The small footprint and pedal board friendly design of the MK.4.23 means that you can add mega punch to your effects arsenal with minimum impact on your pedal board or gig bag space.

Use the MK.4.23 as a straight forward boost pushing your amp, as a gain tool in front of your pedals, as a volume boost after your pedals or even in your effects loop on your amplifier for killer power amp boost!

The MK.4.23 can also be used directly to mixers/recorders with high fidelity results. World renown producer/engineer Michael Wagener uses this unit at his WireWorld Studio. A few of the albums Wagener has produced with Creation Audio Labs gear include the latest from Skid Row, Kings X, Fatal Smile, The Rasmus, Crooked X...

Due to the high end, pro-audio components the MK.4.23 Boost is built with, this pedal must be used with a 9v tip negative power supply. If don't already have a power system on for your pedals, we have an ultra-quiet 9v power supply available in our online store.

Dimensions: 3.25" wide x 4.75" long x 2.5" tall (at top of the knob)


Tel: 01926 886433