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Cort GB75JJ Sea Foam Green Pearl, Used 2020 stock bass

£299 + £12 UK shipping

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  3. A pre-owned bass in 9.9/10 condition with gig bag

  4. Weight: 4.1kg/9lb 2oz

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The Alder body provides a perfectly balanced tone while gives a slight boost on high mid range. It's one of the ideal tonewoods for bass guitar and used by many guitar makers since 1950's.

CANADIAN HARD MAPLE NECK - The Canadian hard Maple neck provides power and stability as well as contributing a warm, beefy and punchy tone with a strong upper midrange. Dense and rigid yet with just the right amount of tactile flexibility, it responds sensitively to your picking attack and slapping techniques with plenty of articulation and power.

VOICED TONE PICKUPS - The new Voiced Tone J-style single-coil pickups perfectly complement the big robust acoustic sound of the bass with modern clarity, transparency and vintage warmth. Painstakingly developed by Cort’s engineers by drawing on decades of pickup winding experience, the Voiced Tone pickups feature the highest-grade components and winding techniques to allow the natural character of the guitar to be faithfully delivered to the amp.

OMEGA BRIDGE - The bridge on a bass is a big deal. This is where the energy of the big vibrating strings is transferred into the body, playing a critical role in shaping the overall sound of the instrument. The Omega bridge is constructed of solid steel and machined with the highest level of precision for the utmost in functionality as well as sonic integrity.

HIPSHOT ULTRALITE TUNERS - The Hipshot Ultralite tuners address one major issue on many classic and modern electric basses: the weight which causes the instrument to be neck-heavy and not balance properly whether the player is playing sitting down or standing up with a strap. These tuners greatly reduce the weight while offering the superb level of tuning precision and stability.

ERGONOMIC NECK JOINT - Designed and implemented to facilitate easy access to the upper register of the fingerboard, the new Ergonomic Neck Joint increases playing comfort while reducing tendon stress and awkward wrist and finger positions. Now you can solo away and reach the highest notes with confidence as well as greatly improved playability.


CUTAWAY - Double Cutaway

BODY - Alder

NUT WIDTH - 39mm

NECK - Canadian Hard-Maple

FRETBOARD - Rosewood (305mm Radius)

FRETS - 21 Frets

SCALE - 34"


TUNERS - Hipshot Ultralite Tuners

BRIDGE - Omega Bridge

PICKUPS - Voiced Tone VTB-ST pickups

ELECTRONICS - 2-band EQ w/Passive-Active Push-Pull



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