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Cort GB66JJ Natural

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This is Cort’s modern take on the GB series bass for J-bass enthusiasts with 70’s inspiration. Newly added active electronics and Duncan Designed® pickups enables bassists to explore a wider range of sound spectrum, while keeping the aesthetics as classic as possible. The highly sought-after roasted maple neck and fretboard provides enhanced stability as well as a more vintage look and a bolder tone.

Actual bass pictured below, click on images to enlarge;

Ergonomic Soft Maple Body

Ergonomically designed offset body offers great comfort when playing seated or standing, and the soft maple body, while less dense than hard maple but still much more dense than mahogany, provides an ideal balance between clear bright and bold thick tone.

Roasted Maple Neck & Fingerboard

By treating hard maple in an oxygen-free oven at a high temperature, the wood stabilizes and develops a golden-brownish look for enhanced stability as well as a more vintage look and a bolder tone.

Duncan Designed® Pickups

Designed by world renowned pickup expert Seymour Duncan, the Duncan Designed® JB-101 pickup set offers high definition sounds across the tonal spectrum while keeping the specs true to its J-bass style origin.

Active Electronics

GB64JJ is enhanced with a 9-volt battery powered active preamp system that enables bassists to explore a wider range of tones with its Blend and 2-Band EQ controls, and can be either engaged or disengaged with a push/pull volume knob.

Ergonomic Neck Joint

Designed and implemented to facilitate easy access to the upper register of the fingerboard, the new Ergonomic Neck Joint increases playing comfort while reducing stress on wrist and fingers. Now you can solo away and reach the highest notes with greatly improved comfort and playability.

Vintage Style Bridge

The timeless vintage-style bridge offers solid stability and tone transfer without any frills or hassles while providing the classic tone and look that the j-bass styled basses are known for.




Soft Maple


1 1/2" (38㎜)


Roasted Maple


Roasted Maple

Radius: 9.45"(240㎜)




34" (864㎜)




Open Gear Tuners


Vintage Style


Duncan Designed® JB-101


1 Volume, 1 Blend, 2 Band EQ

w/ Active-Passive Push-Pull




D'Addario® EXL165


Tel: 01926 886433

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