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Chowny bass SWB 1

New X pickups, ebony fingerboards, 2 band EMG eq

Ash                              SOLD

Tobaccoburst               SOLD

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Traditionally ‘short scale bass’ has largely been associated with student basses and limited, muddy tones – but not any more

The SWB-1 Standard is a professional, modern-sounding short scale bass affordable to everyone.

The SWB-1 Standard is an incredibly flexible bass and suits any style of playing – from growly traditional through to scooped, hi-fi slap tones and everything in between. Available passive or active (with genuine EMG EQ system) and in solid ash or mahogany, fretted or fretless there’s an SWB-1 Standard to suit everyone. The angled pickups make for a more natural transition from low to high strings – the low strings stay nice and focused whilst keeping the higher strings fuller-sounding.

The 30.75” scale & beautifully slim yet substantial neck feel instantly easy & natural to play without stretching. The high mass chrome bridge provides 18mm string spacing which aids faster, easier playing without feeling too unfamiliar when coming from the 19mm spacing used on most bigger basses. The simple yet elegant body shape is extremely comfortable with it’s smooth rounded edges. The nut width is 39mm.

The SWB is strung with D’adarrio EXL 170 nickel round strings.




Trans Blue


Gator Progo case.


Signature Bass

My goal was to create the perfect short scale bass, great enough for professional use, but within reach of everybody.
Scott Whitley

The Fuzzster from Chowny is an incredible-sounding bass fuzz pedal. It delivers a versatile range of filthy tones thanks to its 4 easy-to-use controls, offering great tweakability to find the perfect fuzz sound. Its affordable price-point makes this a pedal that punches well above its weight.

Meaty Tones:

Super thick and meaty tones are provided by the Fuzzster, with its Fuzz control letting you dial in just how much gnarly distortion you want. The Tone control lets you brighten the fuzz tone and bring out more treble, so if you want a razor-sharp fuzz that can cut through any mix - crank this control!

Control Your Sound:

The Sustain knob adds more depth and can let your notes sing for far longer. So if you want long, bellowing notes to hold the low-end of the mix, just turn this up for never-ending sustain.

The Clean control is a really cool feature of this pedal. This allows you to blend in your original unaffected signal to sit alongside the fuzz. So if you want some clarity from your original tone to maintain definition in your playing, yet still want some dirty fuzz to punch through, just use this control to blend between the two!

Here's what Chowny say about the Fuzzster Bass Fuzz Pedal:

New to the Chowny range is the Chowny Fuzzster Pedal.

Commissioned and designed specifically by UK Boutique Pedal makers, and manufactured by us to provide a great fuzz tone for bass.

Features levels for Fuzz, Tone, Sustain and Clean Level. Requires 9V DC in.