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Bergantino AE210 plus cover

£450 + £10 UK shipping

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Second hand cab in superb condition with fitted/padded covers.

  1. For several years the new generation of Neodymium speakers have been adopted by bass players across the globe. However there has always been a compromise in the tone that these cabinets produce, with the combination of lightweight drivers and often, lightweight cabinets, have meant a lightweight sounding cabinet! Bergantino use the same 19mm void free AAAAA grade Baltic birch cabinet that are used in all the other Bergantino cabinets and Bergantino's exclusive Neodymium drivers. This, combined with superior design, has created a range of "Neo" cabs that come as close to the sound of traditional high grade ceramic drivers as has been achieved before. At last, lightweight cabinets with a heavyweight sound!

Bergantino AE210 - list £799

Revised for 2011 the new vertically oriented AE210 now has a smoother mid-range response that before, and has a surprisingly big sound which is in part due to the large rear porting. Like all Bergantino cabinets, the sound is well balanced and clear across the frequency range. The highs are clear and transparent but never course, the mids are present and punchy but not overpowering, and the the lows are full but not boomy. A punchy yet warm cab with surprising output.

A compact, lightweight, punchy cab with a big sound.

Model AE210 specifications:

  1. 2 x 10" Custom Neodymium Driver with 7oz magnet and vented pole pieces

  2. high intelligibility 1" tweeter

  3. custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control

  4. power handling - 400 watts rms

  5. frequency response:40Hz - 15kHz

  6. sensitivity: 100db • 1 watt/1 meter

  7. 2 x 1/4" and 2 x neutrik connectors

  8. impedance: 8 ohms

  9. dimensions: 22 3/4" W x 18" H x 12 1/2" D

  10. 55.9cm x 45.7cm x 31.75cm

  11. weight: 40lbs/18 Kgs

  12. Padded/fitted cover £60

  13. Delivery to Mainland UK - £10

  14. Delivery to Mainland EU from £30

  15. Please call or email the shop to buy this cabinet

  16. This cab works well with high power amplifiers from 400 - 800w at 8Ω

  1. AE (Advanced Engineering) PASSIVE SERIES

Having design speakers cabinets and drivers for some of the worlds leading manufacturers, Jim Bergantino has over the past few years been putting his vast knowledge into one of the most acclaimed range of bass guitar cabinets available today. This new generation of Neodymium speakers finally addresses the shortcoming of regular "Neo" speakers and offer you the clarity, definition and bottom end you have come to expect from Bergantino bass cabinets.

The new AE range use only the highest quality tweeters, they are the same as in the HS series cabs, and studio quality "transparent" cross overs for detailed smooth top end. There is a new birch cabinet design that utilises the same 19mm "void free" Baltic Birch as all the other Bergantino speakers but with a new highly durable spray on finish. The cabs also feature durable bottom feet and top recessed feet docks (on the AE112 and AE210) to aid stacking cabinets .

"Bergantino cabs: hear more of your bass, all of the time"

Padded fitted covers are available for all these cabinets and all cabinets come with a three year guarantee against faulty parts.

All cabinets have a three year guarantee against faulty parts.

Quality padded/fitted covers for all Bergantino speakers are available - pictured here on the right.

Left) The back plate showing tweeter level control, from fully off to +6db,and speakon and jack inputs


Right) The new corners standard on all new AE cabinets


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