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Customer feedback

Submitted on the 15th October 2019 by Glynn in the UK who purchased a Bergantino HDN112 cabinet

Hi Mark,

First report back on the HDN112 back home is excellent.  I set it up alone without the HD112 to compare and it sounded just the same but 7 and a half kilos lighter!!.  Yet to gig it but looking forward to it.  Testimonial release if you want:-


“Tried a Bergantino HDN112 (neo) today at the shop with my GenzBenz Streamliner 900.  Took my excellent HD112 (ceramic) to compare.  Mark tweaked the amp to quarter cut the mids at 2.5 and the difference between the two cabinets was so slight except the neo was 12.5.kg not 20kg! As such, I bought it but still kept the ceramic!!! Both such lovely cabinets so I can cover any weight issue now.  Thanks, as ever, to Mark and the team.”

Submitted on the 21st August 2016 by Den who purchased A Bergantino BiAmp

Hi Mark,

I thought I'd put my thoughts in writing to you about my Bergantino B/AMP. I purchased it from you just over a couple of weeks ago to match up with my existing Berg' CN210 and CN112 cabinets. As soon as l plugged it in and connected everything up, the experience l had immediately was out of this world. I've never owned or tried a system like it and that includes a wealth of so-called high end and boutique gear. The sound coming forth was like the most perfect hi-fi sound imaginable and that was before I'd switched on the appropriate profile for my cabinets.

Once I selected the CN322 profile, the sound became even better. I am absolutely over the moon as I thought what I wanted in Bass amplification didn't actually exist. I so craved for a system that substantially amplified my beautiful basses without a distinct colouration of tone, just purity, sweetness and accuracy.

I could be cheating by owning two magnificent Roscoe basses, both of which are truly sublime in their individual tonal characteristics. OK, they are a great benefit, but when plugging in a Bass Collection, 'Portrait' Jaco fretless, the sound even from that budget bass is wholesome, lively and rich in tone. I was seriously considering upgrading the pickups and adding a pre-amp, but l don't need to. The amp has done it for me...

I don't know what else to say other than the purchases of the Bergantino gear has be a revelation for me. Well done Mark for pointing me in the right direction!!!

Cheers mate and kind regards.


Submitted on the 28th October 2015 by Pete who purchased a Sandberg Panther 5   bass and Bergantino HD210 and NV115 cabinets

Hi mate


I’m so chuffed with the gear I had from your super duper shop today. Thanks for putting up me with me plucking away for so long. I’ve already recommended you to all my fellow bassists in staffs.


Thanks again



Submitted on the 2nd February 2014 by Ivor who purchased a Roscoe CS4 + bass

Hi Mark

Did the gig at the Genny B in Melton Mowbray on Saturday and the new Roscoe was unbelievable, I've never played a better bass in 50 years. It is so well balanced and the neck is a dream.....and the sound........well what can I say......just the best ever.....why did I wait so long to buy a Roscoe....the rest of the band also said it was the best sound they'd heard coming out of the Bergantinos.  Thank you Mark, I'm a happy man.

Ivor Jones

Submitted on the 13th September 2013 by Edward who purchased a  Bergantino CN112 cabinet

Hello Mark,

the Bergantino is one exceptional cabinet. Haven't  yet used it on a gig, but am very impressed with the quality and sound for such a small light box.

Thanks, Edward

P.S. Will see how it works out with one, and maybe purchase a second one from you in the near future.

Submitted on the 2nd August 2013 by Luke who purchased a Bergantino NV115 cabinet

Hi Mark,

                    Thank so much for your advice for my recent purchase of the Bergantino NV115. I absolutely love it. It is so warm and clean and is a perfect combination for my Thunderfunk amp and Ken Smith Bass. I was going to use an Eden cab for my gigs this weekend but I can now safely say that the Bergantino NV115 is the perfect solution for the Rnb, Jazz and Gospel music I will playing and will be my main cabinet of choice. Thanks again for your very sound advice.



Luke Drysdale

Submitted on the 26th June 2013 by Tony who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 600 amplifier and  Bergantino CN2112 cabinet

Its been 3 weeks since i purchased the amp & cab, i was fortunate in that i had Mark & the shop to myself for a couple of hrs on that day. Once he knew what sort of player i was & the music i played he gave me great advice. I have used the kit 2-3 times a week since then and have been very pleased with it. I have even started using my 71' P Bass again because through this kit it sounds wicked! thanks again Mark

Tony from Cheltenham

Submitted on the 5th June 2013 by Ivor who purchased a Dingwal ABZ 4 bass and Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and  2 x Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark

Just thought it was about time I got back to you and said how much I am enjoying playing the Dingwall bass through the Genz Benz and Bergantino's I bought from you earlier this year. I've played inside, outside, small and large gigs and they just perform brilliantly. Been playing bass for 50 years now and I can honestly say its the best set up I've ever had. Thanks.


Ivor Jones

Submitted on the 18th May 2013 by Tony who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and Bergantino CN212 cabinet

Took my Bergantino CN212 that I picked up on Friday to rehearsal tonight. It was truly epic. Easily the best cab I've ever heard or played through. Thanks for sorting me out with the cab Mark and thanks for your invaluable assistance. Happy chappy in B90! :-)

Submitted on the 15th May 2013 by Bazza who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle amplifier and  Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Wow! To say I'm enjoying my new rig is one of the biggest understatements in the history of mankind. I've now used the Shuttle and the Bergantinos for two practices with two different bands and a gig for a third band - and they sound awesome. It is amazing how much I can actually hear which just got lost before (which is not always a good thing I know, but it is helping me improve my playing so much already). 

This improvement in sound has really boosted the sound of the bands which in turn spurs everyone else on. And the sound is even being noticed outside the practice rooms - last night the people who run the rehearsal rooms were asking about the bass rig while we were packing up as they sounded so good in their office. I can't wait to get the pickups/preamp in to keep moving that sound forward.

Thank you so much for helping to open my ears and start to improve my playing in the process.

Submitted on the 11th March 2013 by Paul who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and  Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark,


I thought I should give you an update on the STM900 / HD112 combination I bought from you a few weeks ago. I’ve used it at home (it’s become my practice rig!), live accompanying an acoustic guitar, and at rehearsal with acoustic / drums. It’s a great combination – and I can’t believe how much clarity it has even when run very quietly. The sound carries so much more ‘weight’ than I was expecting, but along with the weight is clarity so that every little string rattle is picked up, and low slides just sound incredible.

Just out of curiosity, I took the Streamliner into my rock band rehearsal and ran it into my old Trace Elliot 4x10 cabs. It performed really well, has more ‘punch’ than my valve amp, and my guitar player actually preferred it. I still prefer my big valve amp in that situation, but it’s brilliant to have the option. Paired with a Berg 6x10 I think the STM would sound incredible.

I also ran it live where the venue provided (and insisted I used) an old Laney 2x10, and that highlighted just how much difference a new, modern cabinet makes.


Thank you for spending the time with me. I left with a fantastic, upgradeable system that’s small and light enough to be stolen by a small Vietnamese child on a scooter.


I also learned a bunch of things about bass kit in general.




In the words of Arnie…”I’ll be back!”



Submitted on the 5th February 2013 by Pink who purchased a Bergantino HD112 cabinet

Hi Mark !


TY for a wonderful deep cabs !!


see you soon 'cause surely'll buy another HD 112 for finally to define my sound ( 4ohm)


best regards Mark,

PIno Rega

Submitted on the 28th October 2012 by Tim who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and  Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark


Tried the Streamliner the other night at rehearsal and was nothing short of amazing, I was worried it wouldn’t cut the mustard against the tone from my Mesa Walkabout but it did with ease. The sound from the streamliner is different but in a really good way, its much more rounded and the balance across the strings is much better or flatter compared to the Mesa which in the mix sounds fantastic. I usually need a compressor to flatten the sound but with the streamliner I set everything flat plugged in and played all night, the only tweaking was from curiosity to see what else it could do but the sound I like for finger funk was perfect from the off.

Thanks for your guidance


Submitted on the 16th October 2012 by Rob who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and  Bergantino HD210/HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark,


Just a quick thank you again for your help with sorting out my bass and amp.

I’ve been playing with the genz benz head and through them speakers just sounds awesome.


My Warwick (now restrung) sounds amazing. As does the Fender. Its so easy to tweak the sound and get it right. I am already playing better as I can concentrate on the music and not the horrid sound.


I can’t wait till the weekend where I get to go out and play it.


Kind Regards

Submitted on the 28th September 2012 by Tim who purchased a pair Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark


Thanks for spending so much time the other day and not getting impatient when I purchased the HD112’s, they are magnificent, huge sound and the clarity that people talk about is amazing.

Even my 5 string Jazz deluxe, sounded great to me but then I think almost anything will sound good though these speakers.

Many thanks



Tim Day

Submitted on the 28th September 2012 by Phil who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and  Bergantino HD210 cabinets and a Dingwall 5 string bass

Hey Mark,

It's been a while since I bought this great rig from you, but I thought I'd leave the review until I'd gigged it a few times.

All I can say is this combination of Dingwall, Genz Benz and Bergantino (the Holy Trinity), produces the best sound I've ever got from any rig, at any price! There's so much headroom - more than I'll ever need - and so clear and warm without being muddy or harsh. Also, my fingers aren't blistered by the end of the gig!

I get great comments from band members and audience alike, saying they can actually hear what I'm playing.
I've since bought from you a Berg EX112 to go with the 210 - brilliant addition.

Thanks again for the advice Mark,


Submitted on the 8th September 2012 by Steve who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2MAx amplifier and  Bergantino HD112 and HD210  cabinets with Auarlex gramma pad.

Hi Mark,
Sorry its taken me all this time to write to you but I've been so busy and also wanted to get to know the equipment more.

First of all thank you for all the help, your advise was first class.

The rig is out of this world, so compact and its looks amazing and very classy, the shuttlemax is a dream come true and now that I have made a few minor tweaks I just let the natural sound of the instruments shine through (and they do) also I don't think I've have the volume above number 3 yet (so much power).

The bergantino are awesome, extremely compact and well constructed with such a sweet sound and plenty of umph, they aren't the lightest cabs but they are built to last.

As for the Auralex Gramma, its now a constant in my equipment list. I cant believe how much it helps, not only does it help with the awful boominess we cant get from stages but it lifts the cabs up (much better than a beer crate).

I cant tell you how over the moon I am with my purchase and although it was expensive its worth every single penny

Kindest regards


Submitted on the 23rd July 2012 by David who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 and 2 x Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Hello Mark,
having had chance to put the 'Mini Rig' through it's paces, I couldn't be more pleased. After many years of lugging various 'Anvil' heavy high power amps & 'Monolith' speaker cabinets, it was a joy to stroll into the venue with my 'Man-Bag' Amp & Bass, followed by My Wife with a 'Berg' in each hand - Genius!
The Sound with the Jazz is classic Old School - mid range 'Honk' & chest compressing low end.
A Wonderous place you have there, a veritable Tardis of all things Bass, infact...A Great Day Out For All The Family.
Once again, thanks for the advice, and I'll be in-touch when I need that Corporate Gig Bling Bass!
Best Wishes,
David (Llandudno)

Submitted on the 12th March 2012 by Glynn Murray who purchased a pair of Bergantino HD112 cabinets and a Genz Benz Streamliner 900

Hi Mark, just got round to letting you know how pleased I am with the GenzBenz Streamliner 900 and the two Bergantino HD112 cabinets.  I have only needed to use the one cabinet out so far with great results. The headroom is comforting and audience reaction to the sound is "what a lovely sound" which is all we bass players need to know after our own (many) personal hours of researching, asking about and trying out gear.  I would describe it as having' weight' to each of the notes that I play with a pleasant warmth. As you know I use an Alembic Orion so can get a good sound out of virtually any decent amp but this is different.  I am using my bass guitar settings flat now and with minimum adjustment from flat on the amp - this gives loads of flexibility.  I can only see the need to use the 2nd cabinet if I was needing more sound distribution in a (much) louder band or maybe just to have my sound a bit nearer to me in gigs where I stand up all night in front of the rig - even so at 20kg per cabinet, it is hardly a heavy lift.


A personal word (or six) of praise for Mark who seems to know within a very short space of time what sort of player you are and what gear will suit. Although he is a very good salesman and running a business, I never felt pushed into making any decision and, if anything, felt steered away from a clearly unsuitable option.  Surely he must tire of being asked the same stupid questions from paranoid bass players? - apparently not!  Good luck to you - nice to have an understanding professional bass ear available when needed.




Glynn Murray

Submitted on the 16th January 2012 by Anil who purchased a Bergantino HD212 cabinet.

Hello Mark ,


Hope all is well.


The Bergantino HD 212 is a killer , I think I will have to lift it somewhat on a case but the sound is very clear and direct!


Thanks ,

Anil Panday

Submitted on the 22nd January 2012 by Mal Williams who purchased a Bergantino NV610 and a Genz Benz STM900 amplifier

Hi Mark, Mal W Here from Liverpool!


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner the rig I purchased, but with Christmas and all, I guess time just flew with me.


Firstly it was a shame that I did not get to spend much time with you, what with my dads car breaking down and all, however I still feel you made my experience of purchasing items from you extra special, you commitment to all things bass was very evident, even to my dad who is Tight!!!!!!


My first opportunity to use the rig live was in late December, can I say, Wow I was  blown away by the power of the thing, however as we only had a line check I realised I had the overdrive button pressed in all the way through our set!!!


Our second gig was last week, and as I had numerous opportunities in rehearsals to hone my sound, I must say I was Blown away even more, by the sheer Scale of the sound from the GB STM900 and Berg NV610!!!! It has added a whole new dimension to the band, which is incidentally a three piece!!!

This has now gave our band a whole new dimension and has caused a real stir with the local music scene!!!!


As we are now ready to go into the Studio next Month, I can rest assured that my sound is at it’s best presently for what I need!!!!!



Thanks again and take care



Mal Williams

Submitted on the 15th September 2011 by Dave who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner and Bergantino AE112 cabinets

Thanks Mark,

Great advice on both the amp and cab.

I was so impressed with the first cab i bought another one.

Couldn't have been more helpful. Delivery exactly when he said it would be and no hassle deal.

If only all shops were up to this standard.

Highly recommended and a genuine nice guy too.

Cheers, Dave

Submitted on the 29th August  2011 by Sam who purchased a Bergatino AE210 cabinet

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Mark for taking time to got through the benefits of three cabs that I’d shortlisted. He connected up a similar amp to the one I had recently purchased and I played through two sets of cabs, alternating between the two to search for that sound I wanted. I finally very briefly tried the third cab. I’d shortlisted. The sound I was looking from came from the Bergantino AE210 cab, which with my Genz Benz Streamliner is a fantastic combination.

Submitted on the 28th May 2011 by Christian who purchased a Bergantino AE210 cabinet and Genz Benz Streamliner 600 amplifier

My Trace Elliott amp blew up (literally) at Cheltenham Town Hall a couple of weeks ago. Big bang, smoke, the whole rock show. Unfortunately we are not a rock band so it was rather inappropriate. Fortunately we have a fantastic sound engineer who had me up and running through the monitor system immediately and the show rolled on. I play bass for singer-songwriter Emily Maguire and we are currently on tour with Dennis Locorriere around the U.K.

  My search for a new bass amp led me to Mark at Bass Direct near Warwick. Wow, wow, wow!!! It was like walking into an Aladdin's Cave for bass players. Very rarely do you get the opportunity to surround yourself with the best of the best. Most shops, by necessity, are packed full of entry-level and mass-produced gear, with one or two top end guitars and an amp stashed away somewhere. Not here.

  Mark could not have been more helpful. I thought I had done my research on what I wanted but it wasn't until he started setting up bass systems, some I had never even considered, that I realised what was possible. After an hour and a half of playing through various combinations of amps and speakers we found that sound I had been searching for. The one that no amount of fiddling with guitar knobs or graphic equalisers could create. It was a done deal.

  Sound-check at Solihull Arts Centre that night was an absolute joy. The gig was fantastic, and I'm still grinning two days later. For the first time in too many years I'm actually looking forward to carrying my amp into the gig and powering it up so I can surround myself in Bass. Thanks again Mark.


..... oh yeah, what did I buy? A Bergantino 2x10 speaker with a Genz-Benz Streamliner 600 amp, gig skinz and speaker cover.

Christian Dunham


Submitted on the 25th May 2011 by Pieter in Belgium who purchased two, Bergantino AE410 cabinets

Hi Mark,

Finally got the chance to fully use the AE410's in all their glory. Driven by a Powersoft poweramp (2 x 700 watts) and an Eden Navigator it was very impressive. Clean power with a studio-like sound. Obviously I will rarely need the full power but nevertheless the band and I are delighted!

Thanks for the excellent service

Pieter Smits

Submitted on the 23rd April 2011 by Angus who purchased a Bergantino AE112 cabinet

Mark, hey sorry for delayed email - my term time address is in Glasgow so i had to come home to pick up the cab. its AMAZING! best cab iv ever played through.

thank you for great service, I'll buy from you again :)


Submitted on the 28th March 2011 by Ian who purchased a Bergantino HS410 cabinet

Feb 2011

Hey Mark, it is a real shame that Jim is stopping his ceramic cab ranges. This cab really rocks out big time. It has a fullness and detail in the mids that the neo cab's just cannot match. Tone is balanced perfectly from top to bottom, and even my wife loves it. This is the ultimate 4x10 cab for bass tone junkies!!

Many thanks again


ps will be back for another amp upgrade soon

Submitted on the 30th June 2010 by Steve Wildgoose who purchased a Bergantino HT112ER


           I did my first gig with the Bergantino HT112ER cab last night, and it was superb! All traces of mud have vanished from the sound - the low end is solid and clear, and the high end is sweet and open. All this plus I'm don't have to struggle with lugging that wretched 4 x 10 anymore! The Berg wasn't cheap, but it's definitely worth the money - yet more proof that you get what you pay for.



                  Steve Wildgoose

Submitted on the 27th March 2011 by Chris who purchased a Mayones Jabba 4, a Roscoe CS4 bass and Bergantino HT/EX Cabinets and an EA Micro amplifier

Hi Mark;

Its been a while. However, I did say I would let you know how i got along with the gear. The bergantino cabs are incredible. Time and time again they just give out pure sound!!! Still as amazed by them as the day you showed them to me. The Mayones gave me just what I wanted after getting used to it, very good for function work, able to switch between disco and rock very sounds so easily. The Roscoe took a little longer to get used to how the sounds worked. However, its now my main bass for original work. Managed to find a great scooped slap sound and a brilliant Paul Turner style finger funk, and while it may be a slight cliche there is more bass in that bass than anyone could ever need :) !!! Thanks again for your time. See you again next time I need new gear!! 

Chris – 27/3/11

Submitted on the 3rd November 2010 by Chris who purchased a Mayones Victorious 5 string bass and Bergantino HT/EX112ER cabinets with a Mark Bass F1 amplifier

Hi Mark,

 Just a quick note to say thank you for “dragging” me into the 21st century last week after spending the time with me to allow me to choose my first 5 string bass.

The Mayones is  certainly a great guitar, I am surprised you do not see too many being played in the UK, they don’t know what they are missing!!! too may stalwarts like me playing Stingrays I guess.


Also, thanks again for sparing me the time earlier today on the phone to discuss the next stage , a new rig, your opinions are greatly appreciated.




Submitted on the 4th April 2010 by Mike Birch who purchased a Mark Bass LMIII amplifier and two Bergantino AE210 cabinets.

Hi Mark


Having read through some of the testimonials and thought it was time I finally did mine :)


Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how pleased I am with my current Rig.  I’ve gone through a few with our Mark (GB Shuttle 6.0/Neox 112T, Shuttle 3.0-10T Combo, Neox 112T and a TC Classic and Neox 212T) and I have to say for each iteration Mark has been fantastic with the patients of a saint!  I recently joined a Rock covers band and needed to increase my rig size as I was left with the Shuttle 3.0T Combo which wasn’t going to cut it.  Mark new exactly what I needed it was only me that couldn’t see it! 


Mark suggested a Little Mark III and an AE210 as the combo I needed and he wasn’t wrong.  He did let me try other cabs namely the AE112 and AE410 until we hit on the AE210 as being the perfect combination.  Mark even helped me sell my GB Combo so I could purchase the LM3.  Sufficed to say I went home happy and then ordered another AE210 for a Massive sounding 410. 


Mark has been superb throughout and I can’t recommend him enough.  It’s been more than worth the 5 hour round trip.  Marks sales tactics are deadly – he doesn’t do anything!  Just lets you try out as much gear as you like and then you find yourself loading up your car with stuff you said you would not buy :)


The LM and Bergs are a truly awesome combination and the tweeter controls in the Bergs are the best out there.  These cabs are worth the price and can’t be beaten IMHO.


Thanks again Mark, I look forward to my next visit

Submitted on the 20th March 2010 by Gareth who purchased a Mark Bass F1 amplifier and an HT112ER and an EX112ER Bergantino cabinets.

Hi Mark

I have been so busy I haven't got round to saying Thanks for sorting out my Bergantino cab for me. So A Big thanks from me. Your customer service has been 1st rate and I would happily recommend you to any one interested in buying bass gear as your advice is first rate also.  I used my Mark bass F1 and bergantino HT112 and EX112 rig on saturday night for its first full outing as a rig. The sound was sublime and many people commented on the full bodied tone from the rig, which I was rather pleased with. Even the Mrs thought it was really good (despite grief when buying it).The amp was barely ticking over on the night, had bucket loads spare and headroom. The other bands bass player we were playing with used a hartke 4x10 and gallen krueger head combination, not even in the same league in my humble opinion. Loving my purchase, really glad I didn't go with the EA stuff as the f1 bergantino combo definitely suits what I do better. Just goes to show it was worth the trip to Warwick.

Thanks again and will be back when I next need something/ have some spare cash.

Keep Well



Submitted on the 13th December 2009 by Ian Aldridge who purchased a TC Electronic Classic 450 amplifier and a Bergantino AN112 cabinet.

Firstly I would like to thank Mark for all his help/advice/patience! Coming to your shop really opened my eyes to the difference in quality between the run of the mill bass gear kept at local music shops, and the quality boutique gear that you keep.

I have spent years trying to get good tone, having tried most of the well known bass brands, I had just about given up.

When I turned up at the shop and explained what I was looking for Mark plugged me into the TC classic 450 with a Bergantino AE112 cab. The tone blew me away, I knew this was the rig for me! I used the rig at church today and it was just incredible. The eq was set virtually flat with just a little bass boost, and the volume never went over 1/4! The lows were tight and defined, no boom whatsoever, clear highs, and grity mids. Perfect! This cab has only had approx 4hrs use, can't wait to hear it in a few weeks time.

This cab/head is a brilliant combination if you like a rocky fingerstyle tone, don't slap so can't tell you how good it is for that.

Top tip, go to the shop and see for yourself just how good this gear really is, you will be seriously impressed.
Ian Aldridge

Submitted on the 28th November 2009 by Jesper  who purchased a Bergantino NV610 cabinets and a Nordstrand NP4 pickup.

Greetings from Copenhagen.

Thanks for the excellent service and super fast response and shipping. Problem free and smooth delivery.

After dealing with Mark a few times i must say that he has the best service on the internet.

It seems only the best gear finds its way to his shop.

Love the NV610 cab as well as the Nordstrand NP4 pickup i bought last year.

I'll be back.

Submitted on the 27th November 2009 by Tim Martin who purchased a MoMark 800 amplifier and a pair of Bergantino AE210 cabinets

Hi Mark,

Got the Mo-Mark & Berg rig home and it is just awesome. Easily the best rig I've ever owned or played through. As I kept saying to you yesterday I just can't get over the detail and depth of the sound. No muddiness or boominess, just pure guitar tone. Glad you liked my Ibanez SR5005e, which sounds fab through the new system. And the light weight of all the components, too. My back loves me again!

I arrived in store with rather old-school ideas and left a) with a massive grin on my face b) with all my notions of bass sound readjusted and c) with a rig at the cutting edge of the 21st Century!

Your product knowledge and attention to detail is second to none, my friend, and you kind of "knew" what I needed when I didn't know myself. I had the sound in my head and you sorted it for me! Just waiting on the rack and MB rack ears then we're good to gig! I can feel my playing improving already.

You can rest assured I will return when I need anything bass-related. I've recommended you to a pro bassist of my acquaintance who's after a new touring rig. Just turn him away from the "dark-side" and he'll be forever grateful, I'm sure (as will his road crew).

BTW: Just noticed Cliff Hugo is a Mark Bass endorsee -we played a UK show with Carl Verheyen & Cliff a couple of years back; what a great player and thoroughly nice guy (with whom we've kept in touch)!

Kind regards,

Tim Martin
Aberdare, South Wales.

Submitted on the 6th October 2009 by Stretch who purchased a TC electronic Classic450 amplifier and a pair of Bergantino AE112 cabinets

Greetings from Somerset, Mark and thank you for your hospitality on the 13th. I'm really enjoying working with this amp: old school sound in a compact and classy package. I didn't think it was possible.

I'll be looking at other TC Electronics and Bergantino products and I'll certainly be back to Bass Direct.

For anyone looking to buy new bass gear I recommend Mark very highly indeed. Everything he stocks is the real professional deal and he knows his way around it.

Talking of which - I couldn't help noticing that you're stocking the Rocco Prestia 450...

I'll be in touch


Submitted on the 17th September 2009 by Steve Rowe who purchased a Mark Bass LMIII and a Bergantino HT12ER and EX112ER cabinets


I'm going to have to send the amp back I'm afraid. As one of the guitarists in my band pointed out - the master volume only goes to 6. It needs to go to at least 10 ;-)

Just kidding - it was great at rehearsal, I flattened the EQ and didn't need to touch it all night. It took me a while to become familiar with the VLE and VPF; those two controls alone offer a bewildering array of sounds, most of which are very musical in their own way but eventually I hit on the right balance and the perfect bass sound started punching through. As the evening progressed things got even better because the sound seemed to get deeper, I'm guessing because the drivers were starting to loosen up?

My concerns about it not being loud enough for the rock band were answered. It took on a loud drummer,  two loud guitars, keyboards and voice with the gain at 50% and the master volume at 2! At one point I whacked the volume up a bit with the VPF and VLE turned right up and something started rattling. I thought something was wrong with the rig at first, but it was just the pictures on the wall :)

It probably had about 1.5 hours of use on Wednesday. Unfortunately I have no gigs this weekend, but I'm looking forward to gigging it next week, where I can really start to become familiar with all it can do, and from what I heard on Wednesday it can do considerably more than the Ampeg 810 and the Ashdown I had.

I'm very happy with it, and must confess to being amazed at how such a small rig performs so well. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Mark. You were right; it's an Aston Martin ;-)



Submitted on the 4th September 2009 by Paul Brown who purchased a Mark Bass F1 Amplifier and a Bergantino cabinet HT112ER

Hi Mark

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks again for your excellent service and enduring patience whilst I tried most things in the shop only to come back to the answer you had already presented at the start. I am absolutely delighted with the mark bass amp and bergantino 112 cab. Tried the rig at band rehearsal and was extremely impressed with the responsiveness and full tone which continually improved over the night as the speaker began to run in. On the second front I was a little apprehensive just having the one 112 speaker cab in the band situation, but this was clearly misplaced. The speakers room filling capability was staggering and I only needed the amp to run a smidge over 1/4 vol on the dial. We had a few people listening in on the rehearsal and they commented on how the bands sound had improved ( doesn't get any better than that!). In summary it did everything you said it would! 

Thanks again one really happy customer!


Submitted 26th August 2009 by Paul Brown who purchased a MoMark Amplifier and a pair of Bergantino cabinet (HT112ER, EX112ER)

Thanks for all your help and advice last week, and for putting up with me sitting there for 3 hours trying different things! Used the new rig on Saturday and it was excellent, the tone and warmth is exactly what I've been looking for, something that's been missing from my previous set up. All the band noticed the difference too, not just in sound check but through the mix too. Cheers again. Paul (Sutton Coldfield)

Submitted 23rd August 2009 by Steve Powell who has purchased a Mesa Boogie M9 Amplifier and a Bergantino NV412 cabinet

Hi Mark

Would just like to say I used my Mesa/Berg rig in anger last night for the first time. What an awesome combination. Had a superb thick punchy sound with lots of clarity. I could tell the rest of the band were happy by the big grins I was getting in the middle of songs.

Thanks for all your help and valuable information in my journey to get 'the bass sound that was in my head'. It's now a reality.

I would recommend Bass Direct to anyone with a passion for bass.

Cheers Steve


Submitted 30th May 2009 by Martin Wakely who purchased a pair of Bergantino AE112 cabs

Hi Mark,

The rig is complete at last!  I've already reported how pleased I am with the F1 and Clover Aperion, now the two Bergantino AE112's complete the system.

Fantastic sound, and so portable; what more can I say! Thanks for you time and advice.

Cheers, Martin Wakely

Submitted 28th May 2009 by Jonathon who purchased a Bergantino IP112ER with a Summit DT100 preamp in March 2009

Hi Mark,

The Bergi and the Summit are great and have done lots of work with them already from pub gigs to orchestral type stuff! Totally fab - am attempting to convert people as I see them.

The members of the new covers band I've recently joined for fun (all seasoned pros) looked at the Bergi and said 'that's small, it'll never be loud enough', and then when they'd heard it said 'that's so good! Can't believe such a good sound comes from that little box!'

So yes, very happy!

Many thanks


Submitted 23rd May 2009 by Bjorn who purchased a Bergantino AE410 with a Mesa Boogie M6 head in January 2009

Hi Mark

I bought a Berg AE410 from you in January and I´m very pleased with it. The best loudspeaker I´ve ever owned and I´ve owned plenty trough the years



Malmo, Sweden

Submitted 30th April 2009 by Alistair Wells who purchased a Bergantino HT112ER with a Mark Bass LMII head in April 2009

Hi Mark,

Received the amp/cab yesterday and I am really chuffed with it, it has a excellent sound. Had a bit of a jam with a friend last night and the bass sounded and rich with a firm presence I hadn’t experienced before with my playing. To say it’s a huge step up from my 120 watt Behringer combo would be an understatement! I was sitting on the fence a little bit whether my level of playing justified the outlay, but now I have played with the rig I know I have made the right choice and have all the tools I need to take my playing to the next level. I’m really looking forward to band practice on Friday and playing my first gig on Monday.  Thanks a bundle for all your advice, no doubt you will be hearing from me (maybe literally with how loud the rig is) in 2-3 months time when I add an ER112EX to the equation :-) Have a great day and thank you!


Submitted 11th February 2009 by Ian Robinson who purchased a Bergantino HT112ER and EX112ER with a Mark Bass LMII head in January 2009

Hi Mark, a big thank you for all you help and advice with the purchase of my new rig. The Mark Bass LMII sounds superb through the Bergantino 1x12 cabinets. The service you provided was second to none and it was great to spend a Friday afternoon trying out all the combinations of amps & cabs and speaking to somebody who really knows what he's on about. I gigged it for the first time last week and the rig was faultless, the rest of the band commented on the clarity of the bass sound....

Thanks again


Kenilworth, Warks


Submitted 11th February 2009 by James Kennedy who purchased a Bergantino NV215 and a Mesa M6 carbine head in January 2009

Hi Mark ,hope all is well. The Summit Audio just arrived today ,a very big thank you !As for the Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine Head :What an amp,loads of power ,massive headroom! The pre sets are an excellent idea and could pull one out of a tricky sonic situation when under pressure. They also serve as a great point of departure for some tone sculpting. However,I loved the flat setting and the effective simplicity of the controls to dial up a great tone .It is hard to see how anyone could get it wrong tonaly with this amp. It is indeed a solid well built work horse but it does have ample scope for clever sound sculpting. The Bergantino NV2x15 is simply the best bass cab I have ever used .I love old school sounds and this cab delivers them by the truckload without ever losing clarity. Together these two pieces of kit give me my dream set up. The cab is a delight to move ,despite it's weight. It's centre of gravity is such that it simply tilts back into my estate car's boot. The handles are perfectly placed as are the castors. It is a two person lift up stairs though so I have to stay on good terms with band mates !I would also recommend the cover that comes with the cab ,it is of the same exceptional quality. I mainly play Dub Reggae but I have used this set up  in other settings as well ,it is amazing with my Tony Franklin Fretless strung with Thomastik flat wounds .It sounds extremely funky too, albiet in an old school way ,which suits my needs and taste perfectly. A big thank you Mark for your service and kindness. Your recommendations were spot on ,delivery was prompt and I am one very happy customer. I can assure you that your shop will be my first port of call for all Bass equipment related matters, James Kennedy (Bassist ,composer and arranger with Dub Reggae band Avatar and studio/ session bassist ). P.S. I will let you know how I get on with the Summit Audio in the studio shortly .

Submitted 21st January 2009 by Simon Naish who purchased a Bergantino AE410 in June '08

OK I've waited a while to really get over the 'honeymoon' before commenting. I've gigged with the AE410 plenty in the last few months and can honestly say it has given me the best live bass sound I've ever had on every occasion.

As 410's go this is my ultimate cab, although physically small (the only 410 I know of that fits in the boot of a 3 series BMW) the sound it produces is immense, the attack is immediate, the punch is sublime. Yet with just a move of my plucking hand toward the neck it will happily reproduce the deepest lows practical in a live situation.

The combination of Marbass sa450 and ae410 is sublime I cant recommend it enough!

Mark, thanks for giving up an afternoon of your time to me whilst we went through all the options and discussed in depth the merits of them. Also thanks for letting me enjoy all those fabulous basses, I'm still GASing for a Roscoe Century :)

Well worth the trip, even from far away Brighton!

Submitted on November 16th by Steve Amadao, who purchased a Bergantino HT112ER cabinet

Hi Mark,

Just a note to say I used the HT112 for the first time with Ian Parker's band on an acoustic but full band gig in a small venue last night and the sound was unbelievable! Such a small cabinet but it filled the room. I used it with my little Mark II and my flatwound strung 69 P bass. Such warmth form this little cabinet. I recommend everybody try one (or two!)

All the best,


Submitted on September 11th 2008 from Sean Nicholas who purchased a pair of Bergantino AE210 cabs and a Mark Bas LMK amplifier


You have a unique set up and it's the first time I've ever been out to a "music shop" and had a totally positive experience. Spending the time with the customer as you do, gives the opportunity for the punter to really know if the gear is right for him and your enthusiastic, informative and non-pushy approach is exactly what is needed.

The Bergantino cabs I bought are simply astounding. I now cut through and project in my band like I couldn't even dream about and all without being too loud. The Markbass LMK is a hugely versatile head and would be indispensable even it was four times its weight; the fact that it's 2.9 kg and the size of a set-top box makes it so easy to live with.

Sound-wise, it's very plug and play, EQ knobs all set flat and a bit of tone shaping with the VLE and VPF and you're away. The two channels of the LMK make it a very versatile choice for gigging and speaking of versatility, having two 2x10s makes this rig great for pubs and small clubs using one cab and for when you're feeling crazy you can hook up both of them!

Keep up the good work, Mark and I'm sure I'll see you again before long.

Submitted on August 10th 2008 from Nick Hopkinson who purchased a Bergantino AE112 and a Mark Bas LMII

Hi Mark,


Just got back in and wanted to drop you a quick line.  The rig was superb, it made the world of difference and I could really hear what I was playing.  It cut through the mix superbly.  My bass (Fender Performer) sounded fantastic, even the bum notes!  The rest of the band were equally impressed commenting that our overall sound was much clearer tonight.


One interesting thing.  I normally DI but only because our drummer wants to hear the bass in his monitor.  Tonight we didn't need to because the sound coming out of the back of the Berg was as clear as a bell.


There have been many times over the past couple of months when I've considered whether I'm actually a good enough bassist to warrant spending £1k on a rig.  Tonight I really think that it was money well spent because I just sounded so much better.


All the best,


Submitted on July 29th, 2008 by Simon Cox who purchased a pair of Bergantino AE112s

Hi Mark,

Here's a picture of the Mark Bass LMK and Bergantino AE112's in action with my band 'The Jellied Reels'.

Cracking sound both for the Shuker and EUB ..

Brilliant! Thanks for all of your help and guidance in choosing them.



Submitted on June 11th, 2008 from Joseph Cartwright who purchased a Bergantino IP310 and a Skjold Custom '92.

Even after playing the new rig extensively for the last month, in both live and studio situations, i am still blown away every time I plug myself in.

The Bergantino and summit combination give me a better sound than i could previously get in the studio in every live situation and allow the true tone of the Skjold to be heard.

The 92 is by far the most versatile bass I have ever come across, it seems to sit perfectly in any style and really blows everything else I have come across out of the water.

Your service was second to none and I am very grateful for your honesty in finding me the perfect rig for my situation.

The new rig will be available to hear shortly at
www.myspace.com/haich on the track C'est La D'or (NOT on lillywhite!)

Thanks again.

Submitted on May 2nd, 2008 from Robert Whelan who purchased a pair of Bergantino AE112s.

After using these cabs on a couple of pub gigs with a loud guitarist and heavy drummer, I am pretty pleased with the purchase. I can carry them with one hand and not break a sweat, and still hit you in the gut with a open E.

Mark demonstrated these cabs and the powered version, both sounded great, but I like my old valve amp, so went for the unpowered version. The service I received from Bass Direct was second to none.

The bass players holy grail of Light, portable and powerful.

Submitted on April 24th, 2008 from Max Novello in Milan, Italy who purchased a Bergantino NV610

Jim, Mark I'd like to thank both of you.

Jim, you make the best bass cab I've ever used in 15 years, and I've owned/tried so many I can't even remember.

Mark, you're a great seller, dealing with you has been a  pleasure.

Best regards from a very satisfied consumer!


Submitted on April 20th, 2008 from Mike Greenwood who purchased a Bergantino HS210 and Bergantino HS410

I've bought a lot of bass gear in my time and have heard just about all the hype I can handle. I've also been disappointed many times by the poor performance of so called 'high quality' equipment, particularly at volume. All I can say is that the Bergantino cabs are just superb, the build quality, the clarity and the tone are just superb.

Another real advantage is that the Talkbass Bergantino guys are just great. All the advice and guidance is available, all you need to do is ask. Jim Bergantino himself is also very approachable and will answer questions readily.

I've also got to mention Mark's service, at last someone who gives an honest opinion, warts and all. Really good to have a UK based bass equipment vendor that tells it like it is, sells quality gear and will go the extra mile.

Quick question Mark, has the chap next door put his shelves back up after that time we tested the Berg cabs..!?! Take care and see you soon.

Submitted on April 19th, 2008 from Hans Visser who purchased a Bergantino IP112ER and HT112ER

I was very anxious when I ordered the IP112ER in combination with the HT112ER on 04 February 2008. Now after ten weeks I know it was worth waiting, when I received the stack last week. Before I ordered the Bergies I was playing on Glockenklang amplification. It was not bad, but when you have once tried a Bergantino, there's no way back.

I played through an Alembic F-1X pre-amp with my two bass guitars. One is an Alembic EVH 5 string, and the other one is a Status S2 5 string. Both instruments sounded overwhelming, and each bass kept its characteristic sound. The tweeter in the Berg displayed the crispy high tones of the Alembic, and the Status sounded as a "Da Bomb". Every frequency of these two basses are recognizable trough these cabs. Even on a low level you can recognize every tone you play. You cannot afford making mistakes anymore, because you are hearing everything through a Bergie. The sound in combination with the weight and the finish of the cabinets, is a reason for every bass player to try a Bergantino for at least 1 time. After this you know what I mean.

Then there is also the nice contact with Mark, who is always at your service. Also the advice I got from mister Jim Bergantino himself says enough about this amazing brand. I'm happy to be one of the first bassplayers on the continent who is playing trough the ER line of the Bergantino IP range. So Bergantino "keep the bass alive".

Submitted on April 12th, 2008 by Chris Wynn who purchased a second Bergantino HT112

Hi Mark,


At last! I’ve managed to use both Bergy boxes in anger and I have to say that it has actually exceeded my expectations. The clarity and definition is almost frightening but it is still full of character and certainly not sterile sounding. The rest of the band even asked if I could roll some of the bass off as it was a bit overwhelming for them. I tried (as you do) the amp absolutely flat out, in the interests of science of course, and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of distortion, a good amp/cab combination I guess. I am one happy Bergy bunny. Thanks for helping to make it happen.


My very best wishes,



Submitted on April 11th, 2008 by Guillaume Cretton who purchased a Bergantino AE210



I have received the cab this morning (a bit late, but now I know it takes around 5 days to ship from United Kingdom to Switzerland). I have tried it during my lunch pause (I live a few meters from my working place) with one of my colleague, another bassist who plays since he was 14, almost 27 years of playing Rock, blues, funk and jazz. The cab was driven by a small Eden WTX 260 I recently bought.


My friend and I were amazed by the qualities of this AE-210 : small,  light, wonderfully engineered, built and finished. And it's sound...Simply the best we have ever heard in it's class and even better than many 4x10", a high fidelity sound for a bass player ! I understand why I have read so many good reviews on Bergantino products (which helped me decide to buy without trying, for the first time) !


We will strongly recommend Jim Bergantino's products to the other bassists we know and wish him a lot of success.


Thank you for your good advices and congratulations for the quality of the products you have chosen, I will of course keep your details for future business, if the GBP does not get to high !


Kind regards,



Submitted on March 27th, 2008 from Dorian  Sutton who purchased an HT112ER and a Mark Bass SA450

Dear Mark,

My band Sheelanagig have been recording a live album and we are off on tour to Ireland tonight so everything has been a bit hectic!

I have to thank you for selling me such a fantastic amp and speaker set-up.  I was a bit concerned after having so little time to try it all out but so far it has performed amazingly well in some pretty tough situations including:

A short tour with Elephant Talk, including a couple of VERY loud gigs in a huge bar in Cheltenham during race week.

Playing background music with a jazz quartet in a posh hotel in Bath

Recording a live album with Sheelanagig in Bristol, as well as playing at 2 weddings in rooms with very difficult sound (one in a giant fireplace in the banqueting hall at Caerphilly Castle!)  Sheelanagig also played on an open air stage in Cardiff at the weekend that had a near gale blowing across it and I still managed to make myself heard.

All the musicians I have played with have been very impressed with my new set up.  It is remarkably hi-fi and natural sounding as well as being hoofingly loud when necessary, and the parametric mids on the Mark Bass head have already saved my ass in a couple of really honking rooms.

I will be recommending this set up to all the upright players I know who are sick of their GKs!


Dorian Sutton


Submitted on March 15th, 2008 from Ari Dyan who purchased an AE210

Hi Mark

hope you are well. The cab arrived the following day that you shipped it - thanks for sending it so quickly.

It is a fantastic cab indeed. I have to say I was cautious about the reviews, since I've had an Epifani 310UL and 410UL that I didn't like and sold - I was afraid that the Berg would sound similar because of the neo speakers. But that's not the case at all. I didn't like the lack of accuracy in the bass for the Epifani. It sounded "pillowy" to me... for lack of a better term. And the mids were growly but the hi-mids too harsh... slap was really too aggressive.

The AE210 addresses these two issues perfectly... it's plenty loud, the bass is really there and it has tons of punch in the midrange, with just that amount of aggressiveness that I like, not too much. I am rediscovering all my basses through that cab and I've decided to sell my old HT210/HT115 stack..

I haven't made up my mind if I'll go for an AE410 or not. (EDIT - He did :-) )



Submitted on March 7th, 2008 from Chris Stuart who purchased an HS410 and GBE750

Its absolutely awesome mark, i've found the sound i've been craving for so long!!!!!!

Submitted on Feb. 23, 2008 from Frits Jochens who purchased an IP112

Hello again

I am playing double bass exclusively and the combination of a Realist pickup + Fishman pro EQ platinum bass preamp + the IP 112 is truly unsurpassed. So all that has been written about the IP112 certainly works for my double bass as well!

Kind regards, Frits Jochems(in Belgium)

Posted on Feb. 18, 2008

“ Hi Jim, I should start by saying that I, like many other bass players, am a tone junkie. I have played Ampeg head/cabs for years now, my sound and tone was always good but it just wasnt the sound I had in my head. I finally got the basses/head down to Fender usa jazz and a early 1970's Ampeg SVT. I was playing through Ampegs svt610 and the sound was great..but it just wasn't "it". A friend recommended I give the NV610 a shot and promised I would turn cartwheels when I heard the difference. So I toted my Fender 75 Jazz RI and my 71 SVT down to Rockin' Robin Guitars here in Houston. They were busy as they always are(its a great shop w/a TON of vintage gear..check them out)and I ask if I could play the Berg 610 through my head. They said "sure, no problem". I hooked my amp up and was prepared to, well honestly, be disappointed. I have heard so many people say "oh..you need this cab..or this cab" and I was prepared for the worst. I let the tubes heat for a minute and slowly turned up the volume to about 3 o'clock. The tone and shape were nothing less than amazing. I made a few adjustments to the head's mid's and bass and played for about 2 min just amazed. I thought "well it sounds good at 3 o'clock lets give her some gas and see what she has" I turned up to 12 o'clock and the distortion that came out was god like! I knew instantly I had found the tone! I am a very hard slap/pop guy and I always...always make speakers(10's) "pop" when I slap. Well not this cab. I even hit the strings as hard as I could directly over the neck P/U and it was just tone...nothing but tone. I packed up my stuff, whipped out the card and the NV610 was mine. The final test came at rehearsal last night when I plugged in my 2nd fender jazz that is tuned to C# G# C# F#, The open 4 string always sounded "flabby" and "loose" with every cabinet I had played through. I hit that low C# and the Berg NV610 just thundered out the note with PERFECT tone and clarity! This cabinet took everything I threw at it and never had any tone less than god like. Thank you Jim ! From a new life long Berg owner! ”


Sent 16th February 2008 from Steve Bird who purchased a Bergantino IP112/EX112 and Summit TD-100


Thanks for the superb service and advice regarding the Bergantino/Summit rig that I have recently purchased. I have owned a lot of top quality amplification including Eden, EBS and Mesa and this latest rig is the most suitable for me to date. The combination of the Summit with the IP112 and EX112 allows for a great flexible setup which suits my situation in a wedding band perfectly. The sound quality is almost unbelievable as you know.

Steve from Birmingham :-)

Posted on Feb. 15, 2008

“ Just got an AE210. I am loving it! Awesome engineering! ”

Posted on Feb. 15, 2008

“ Hello Jim! I own a number of your smaller cabs and have always enjoyed the pure, deep, accurate tone they provide. However, I've never really considered your larger offerings due to my requirement and preference for a cab to be at or under 60 pounds (so that I can easily manage steps, high stages, etc. on my own). When I saw the AE announcement, I immediately put in an order for the 410. The AE410 is FANTASTIC... right around 60 pounds, and with the 'thinner than normal' 16" depth, it is just a dream to schlep around. The tone is punchy and clear, but with plenty of low end and sparkle if you want it, and the 4ohm impedance and high SPL make it very loud and forceful sounding with my small, moderately powered SS heads. The spray on covering is a step above anything else out there... like a high end touring PA cab... impressive! This is a WONDERFUL cab, and I can imagine the 210 is a killer also. Very, very impressive entry in the 'loud and light' category. Thanks! ”

Ken Jung

Posted on Feb. 15, 2008

“ After owning and playing dozens of rigs, I can say that I've finally found the perfect cabinets. They are lightweight, reliable, and sound so rich and full. There is no tone that I can conjure up that my EX112s cannot produce. Thank you, Bergantino, for putting your patience and expertise to the test in creating the finest cabinets available anywhere - at any price. ”

Sent 12th February 2008 from Paul Adams who purchased a Bergantino HS410 and Genz Benz Neopak

What can I say about this rig? After a month's worth of gigs I can honestly say that this is the best sounding amp I've had the pleasure of using. The Neo-Pak sounds great with very little colouration to the tone, is a breeze to carry and the blue LED's can blind the audience at a hundred paces! The Bergantino cabinet is a perfect match for the head, giving me a clear, full-range, hi-fi sound. My Roscoe LG-3005 is a happy bass indeed!

Mark, thanks a lot for sorting me out with this set up. Your help was much appreciated,and I'll no doubt be in touch soon.


Sent 10th January 2008 from Paul Drew who purchased a Bergantino HT112, EX112 and Mark Bass LMII

Hi Mark,


Well, what can I say other than I am extremely impressed with both the LMII & the Bergs!   


The Bergantino HT112 & EX112's are just as you describe them - like powerful Hi-Fi speakers - clean, natural tone, and very loud for their size.  The construction is second-to-none and will stand years of use (the covers are top-notch too).  They even smell nice! 8-)  Great products. 


The Markbass LMII works really well with them.  Punchy and focussed without being sterile sounding.  I found the front panel to be very intuitive and straightforward in operation.  I was able to dial in a range of useful tones within minutes.  The VLE & VPF controls are very player friendly and make it easy to get a great sound.  At the moment I'm leaving the EQ flat, VLE 1/6, VPF 1/2.  It's also remarkably light.  An ideal combination with the Bergs, particularly as together they are so portable. 


It is certainly the best sounding rig I have yet played through.  My Ashdown/SWR set-up sounded good, but these are in a different class.  All my basses sound wonderful through them, particularly the active ones.  The characteristics and subtleties of each instrument are all there.  And yes, the Roscoe does sing!  My old EMG'd P bass doesn't know what's hit it either.  



Sent 4th January 2008 from Chris Kelly who purchased a Bergantino HS410

Hi Mark,

Happy new year to you too. Absolutely loving the HS410. It fits in the car with ease, its light enough to carry by myself and most importantly, it sounds incredible. Definitely the best cab I've used so far for double bass. I'm powering it with an EA Iamp 600 and it sounds very tight and defined with a super smooth top end, not at all synthetic or harsh sounding like the other cabs I've tried. I'll definitely be micing the cab next time I'm in the studio (something I'm usually not too keen on). I've also tried it with an old Ashdown ABM800 with my vintage Fender P and it sounds glorious. I'll have to make a trip out to the shop soon to pick up a HT112 to replace my GK micro bass combo for small gigs.


Chris Kelly

Sent 4th January 2008 from Nick Clarke-Powell who purchased a Bergantino HT112 and Mark Bass LMII

Hi Mark,

It sounds fantastic. It’s very transparent and works very well with my Nash J bass and upright. The Nash is a superlative bass and really speaks big-time through the gear. Amazing tone, lots of power and incredibly light. Very happy.

Best and Happy New Year!



Sent 26th December 2007 from Peter Rikkers who purchased a Bergantino IP112 and EX112


At last my search for the ultimate compact bass rig is over. Having heard, played and owned a lot of gear over the years, the IP112 outclasses them all. The tone is very full and clear but without hi-fi hollowness so the tone is not only great but it cuts through in a band setting as well. This is even without the EX112, of course the IP/EX combo moves more air and with this combo I'll be loud enough in any situation I play in and still have plenty headroom.

All my instruments sound great on it, j and p bass, upright, active and fretless and at every sound level.

Thank you Mark for the smooth communication and great service.

Peter Rikkers, the Netherlands

Sent 21st December 2007 from Joe Purcell who purchased a Bergantino NV610


Thanks so much for helping me choose between the NV610 and the NV215. The time you took out of a very busy trading day at Music Live to really help me make the decision was fantastic.

Thank you also for going above and beyond to get my cab to me before you went on holiday. I genuinely appreciate your customer facing attitude.

The cab is awesome. It’s totally what I’ve been looking for but what I’ve not previously been able to justify. It sounds great with my band (and I’ll update you on our details soon), and they all love it – especially the drummer.

The NV610 is a fairly sizable and weighty beast, but I’m so sold on the Bergantino sound that I’m going to be looking for a HT112 next year.

Thanks again, Mark.

Joe (Bradford / Leeds)

Sent 16th December 2007 from Chris Wynn who purchased a Bergantino HT112

Hi Mark,

Just got back from the first real outing with the Bergy in the wilds of Wiltshire with "Not Dead Yet" and I have to tell you that it far exceeds my expectations! A deeper bass than might be expect from such a small box and a punchy, tight but "fruity" tonal quality. I had to stop playing a couple of times to see if it was me playing or my imagination. This is one hell of a cabinet and the price tag now seems irrelevant. I would heartily recommend this cab to anyone dissatisfied with their sound with the added bonus that you can actually lift the thing!

Great to see my old friend Harry O'Shea's seen the light too.

Best wishes,

Chris Wynn



Sent 12th December 2007 from Dave Elliot who purchased a Bergantino HT112


The cab came about 5 minutes after my last email! Apparently DHL are out doing really late-night deliveries what with it being Christmas time. Anyway, the cab sounds fantastic! I'm using it with an old Gallien-Krueger 400RB-IV, and it sounds excellent. Very punchy, warm sound, and the tweeter is actually pretty usable; was expecting that i'd need to turn it off but it's great.

I stayed up until about 3am last night running through a load of my bands songs, along with some modern rock stuff like Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age etc. and it handles more modern, scooped mid tones just as easily as older mid-heavy tones (well, as mid-heavy as the GK can get). I was also surprised by how loud it can get without sounding 'boomy' in the lowend; I was expecting for this to max out at lower levels, but i can really get the house shaking with the master volume set to full.

The cab's really got my interest piqued in playing music again, it's so much fun to just play older songs that i was bored with now, everything just has a new energy to it. It may be a little early to say, but i'd have absolutely no qualms about getting the EX112 if it sounds even better; just need to get cash sorted out! :P I'd also just like to say thanks for the extremely prompt delivery time; a week exactly, including cheque clearance, is fantastic, and i'd gladly order from yourself again.

Thanks again,

Dave Elliott

P.S. The Comfort Strapp is super comfy, and takes the strain of my six-stringer off my shoulder; I was able to stand and play for an hour and a half straight last night; that's the first time i've done that since i first got the bass!

POSTED 10th December 2007 from Nils Munk from Denmark who purchased a Bergantino HS410

Hi Mark.


Now I have tried the HS410 during the weekend, and I just have to say WOW…J


This is what I expected and some more. What a great cabinet. I could hear it immediately when I turned it up in the rehearsal room Thursday. Clear, punchy and with a sweet top, to. I usually prefer to run things flat on the amp and then boost a little from the Sadowsky preamp and then add some fatness with the gain and this is just the tone I´ve been looking for..and with other cabinets I´ve owned I always turned the tweeter down because it got too “zingy”, buy not here, I have the tweeter flat to!


Then I got gigs Friday and Saturday, Friday in a big difficult hall, with 2 guitars and drums and PA support, But no problems here, I could keep the bass clear and punchy with no problems. I also got a lot of compliments from my band mates about the cab.


Saturday was a little more intimate with 1 acoustic guitar, 1 electric guitar, bass and no PA support and it just sounded great. In this setting I could just hear every little detail much more than I'm used to and had a little smile on my face the whole evening. Even our singer was blown away, during the first set he made some mistakes because he was so “into” how great the bass sounded.. and this comes from the singer (you know how they are… J).


So I have to say; this is the best cabinet I´ve ever owned and I´ve owned a lot..


I also have to say thank you Mark for your quick responses via email. It hasn´t really been a big problem to buy the cab from another country because you have been very nice to deal with.. (apart from the fact that I couldn´t hear it in person before I bought it..).

Posted on Dec 3rd 2007 to Bassdirect from Harry O'Shea

Mark had the cabs I wanted to try (Bergantino NV610 & 215) set up & ready to demo when I arrived. I'd sort of decided on the 610 before I tried the cabs, but after a relaxed & helpful try-out of both cabs (with Mark playing at one stage, while I A/B'd the cabs & listened), I went for the NV215. What an excellent cab it is - I've been playing bass for 35 years, have been through a lot of kit, and the only cabs I've had that came close to the 215 were a Eden 410XST & a Epifani UL410. On balance, I'd take the Bergantino over either cab. The Bergantino has great balance & warmth. It has colour in the sound, but without overwhelming the sound of the basses being played through it.

The 6" driver was a revelation - you are simply not aware of the high frequency output in the way that a horn would portray it. As the 6" driver attenuator is brought up to unity gain, all you are aware of is a broadening of the tonal range - superb. A player who slaps all the time may prefer a HF horn, but for anyone else, the 6" HF driver is a winner.

The biggest revalation was how good it made my head sound (Epifani UL502). My previous cab was a Epifani UL310, used with the UL502 head - meant to be a great match, but in a year of ownership I wasn't terribly impressed. I found myself having to EQ the hell out of the head to get rid of a quite unpleasant upper mid harshness that was apparent with any bass played through this set-up. I wasn't sure if it was down to the head or the cab, but plugging the Epifani head into the NV cabs told me straight away. Now I can use the Epifani head pretty much flat, and get about the best tone I've ever had.

I've only gigged the Epifani/Bergantino twice since getting the NV215, but I can say I've never been happier with my sound.

Posted on Nov. 22, 2007

“ I just played my first gig with my new IP112 and HT112 cab using a Demeter HBP preamp. Before I get lost in descriptive terms about tone and responsiveness, let me just say how impressed I am with the sheer volume. And not just volume, but clear, full range volume that didn't have the usual hot/dead spots...really amazing. The weight and portability are unbeatable and that goes along way in prolonging the career of working players like myself. I can safely say that all my club dates and church gigs can be covered using this rig. And now I'm not lifting anything over 45lbs. Now I want to qualify this by saying that I was hesitant to change my rig in the first place since I've been an avid HT322 player for a few years now. I might be premature in saying this after only 1 session, but this setup sounds and feels as good...no better than my HT322s. The EQ and DSP settings Jim has chosen are superb. I ran my preamp totally flat and the tone was wonderful. Okay, so we all know that Jim is a genius but the IP series changes everything. Easier to transport, fast setup, incredible tone and power, and the ability to hear all the subtle differences of different basses and preamps. I am hooked! ”

Posted on Sept. 22, 2007

“ Jim, as I've come to expect what you promise.. you deliver. I've been using the IP310 for a month now, both in contemporary and jazz venues. This is by far the Cleanest, LOUDEST, most versatile sound that I have played on or performed with. I cannot say enough about this combination. I am presently playing two to three times a week, and regardless where I am playing this baby will cleanly dismantle the foundation if asked to! While I still love my HT 210's, they are defiantly staying home and the IP will be where I m playing. Thank you again for taking the time to talk with me, explain your thoughts, and offer suggestions. I cannot be any happier to be playing your IP cabinets. And everywhere I play the talk is Bergantino. ”

Best regards, Kraig Quisenberry, Seattle

Posted on Sept. 5, 2007

“ Just read your statement about amps. Amen! I have been gigging with my IP-112/EX-112 combo steadily for the last year and absolutely love it. At a recent gig, I set up and was checking out my rig and the monitor engineer exclaimed "Now that's what a bass should SOUND like"...LOL! I gather the guy in the band before us didn't have a great tone. Anyway, thanks for the great rig, it rules on all gigs big or small. ”

Sincerely, Bob Burrows

Posted on July 30, 2007

“ Good day Jim. I must take this opportunity to thank you. Just recieved my first two Bergantino cabinets and they are the most responsive, articulate and smooth sounding cabinets I have ever heard. My set up includes an HT112 and HT122S. Most trypically I am having to battle the low end rumble created by a PA with dual 18's on each side. Your cabinets have "NO" problem cutting thru. They also respond evenly throughout all frequencies. I can finally hear all the stuff I was doing that other cabinets couldn't articulate. Flat out, I love my "Berg's"! And... all this huge sound... fits on the front seat of my 2 door Saturn coupe. Haha. Finally a bass cabinet that sounds like "butta" and isn't insanely obtuse. Thank you, Jim. ”

Posted on Aug. 19, 2007

“ I've played the HS4x10 now for a week and holy crap! The cab stays clear at high volumes not to mention its freak'n loud! For instance I played our show and was could hear me more than fine (we are loud!) and the next band pulls up the notorious ampeg 8x10 cab only to realize my cab hands down has a better sound and more presence! I've been searching for over two months for something to bring the sound I want to the table. Thank you Bergantino. My only problem is I couldn't buy two of them... give it time though. An HS8x10 would be untouchable!!! ”

the newest Bergantino fan -Travis Loudin of colorandlight

Posted on Aug. 28, 2007

“ EX112 massive, focused sound from such a small cab perfect for the upright, it sings. ”

Thanks, Stephan

Posted on Aug. 28, 2007

“ I just picked up a Sick Tolex NV215 to match with my Aguilar DB750. This combo is Dubtastic. I am always changing my gear but one thing that never changes is that I use Bergantino Cabs!! ”

Thanks, One Love - Joey "SQUID" Lombardo

Posted on Oct. 9, 2006

“ I recently purchased the HT122S/HT210S stack to cover the bigger gigs my HT/EX112 stack wouldn't do. First gig I used them on I was quite impressed. With a footprint not much bigger than my smaller stack they put out an incredible amount of volume with very good tone. I used them with the HT122S on the bottom and the HT210S on top, the way anyone would normally think to set them up. As good as they sounded there was something about them that sounded like a slight mismatch between the cabs that bothered me a little. I remembered someone telling me that on the old HT115/HT210 rig Jim would recommend putting the HT210 on the bottom, so I decided to try that with this rig. HOLY BEANO BATMAN, my GAS is OVER!!! Swapping the cabs around transformed these cabs into the most beautiful sounding rig I've ever heard in my life! Every thing I want to hear from my bass is there with such evenness and smoothness I can't believe my ears. I'm using a Walter Woods Ultra and an EA iAmp 800, and on both amps I am able to run them nearly flat with great results. I've been playing over 30 years with 20 of those as music with my only source of income. I am very picky about my tone and portability is also a factor in choosing my gear. The list of gear I've been through over the years would rival the infamous Tom Bowlus. I can not describe the feeling of finality that came over me, that my gear search is over and I can now get on with my life! THANK YOU JIM BERGANTINO!!!!”

Mark David

Posted on Nov. 24, 2006

“ I've been a musician for over 30 years and owned and/or played through most everything there is out there on festival and club stage backline. The Bergis are definitely on the top of the list in tone, clarity, response, consistency (in different environments), and durability. I'm a proud owner of an HT322. I owned five rigs when I got the Bergantino last year. SWR, Eden, Trace, Aguilar, Ampeg. Now I'm down to just my Bergi and I see a couple of HT112 in my near future. It's always a pleasure to hear and feel exactly what your playing and to be able to convey that on stage. Thanks for an excellent product!! Also, there is a certain amount of prestige that goes along with the name. Whenever I whip my Bergi out, cats go "WOW, this guy must be serious" .. ”

Posted on Jan. 9, 2007

“ I'm running an Eden WT800B bridged mono into a 4 ohm Bergantino HT322. This rig has thunderous lows which are clean and punchy with no distortion, and crisp transparent highs which are very smooth with no harshness. All in all a top notch rig. I'm very impressed with the HT322, especially with the warmth and booty the 12" driver adds. I was considering an Aguilar DB750 because of its exceptional warmth and midrange. I'd be interested in hearing any comments or experience related to Aguilar DB750 vs Eden WT800B through the Berg HT322. ”

Posted on Jan. 13, 2007

“ I just picked up a Bergantino HT 112. Well done! While perhaps not the deepest sounding 1x12 cab out there, it may be one of the truest. Very useful tool and the size and weight are very manageable. I see myself playing many, many gigs through this little wonder. It will certainly replace the other small cabs that I have been 'getting by' with for upright bass. Please keep up the amazing design work and quality products! Thanks! ”

Greg Nergaard, Chicago

Posted on Jan. 29, 2007


-Young NYC jazz bassist

Posted on Feb. 3, 2007

“ You make the greatest cabs ever. Please bring the HT115 back!!! ”

Posted on Feb. 17, 2007

“ I use an Aguilar DB750 into a Bergantino HT322 - Complete bass nirvana. I noticed you have no more passive speakers listed under "Product Line". I'd like to see the HT322 and NV610 come back. Both are amazing speakers and for those of us who have found the right amp head (Aguilar DB750) we need passive speakers. Bergantino speakers are amazing! ”

Posted on Feb. 27, 2007

“ Mic up an HT112 and you will never want to go direct again! Big sound without big lbs. The tweeter is indeed transparent - musical and not harsh. Oh yeah - it even smells good. Great work Jim!! ”

Kevin - Virginia Beach, VA

Posted on Mar. 12, 2007

“ I've had my IP212 for several months and dozens of gigs and couldn't be happier. Thanks again Jim, for taking my sound to a whole new world. Keep up the outstanding products and service. ”

Brian Battles - Plymouth, MA

Posted on April 3, 2007

“ I recently purchased a preowned NV610. I use the cabinet with an Orange AD200B amp. I'm truly amazed - I've never before been so satisfied with the sound I hear on stage... ”

Casper Poulsen - Denmark

Posted on April 14, 2007

“ I have all kinds of rigs GK800RB with Hartke 215 and 210 at the Church. Then I have SWR head and 4x10's at my partners house just in case we rehearse at his house. Then I have an Eden 210 combo and Eden WT800 along with the 4x10 and the 1x18 cab but 2 years ago I bought the HT322 CAB from Rudys in NY and I played it a few times and stuck it back in the garage. But a few months ago I built a studio and I needed a rig for practice so I pulled it out and dusted it off and I tell you I'm now trying to sell all my Eden, SWR, and Hartke cabs. In fact all I use live is the one cab and it kills. I pulled the Eden off the group van and put it in my partners Garage and I put the WT322 on the van for my live gigs. I play Gospel so some times I'm a big Church and sometimes it's small. But as of yet I have not heard any cab that can compete against the Bergy 322. I can't wait to hear the IP product. I'm waiting to hear the suggestion of what to add to my rig for the bigger Churches for more bottom. Thanks for your creativity. ”


Posted on April 21, 2007

“ These are the most impressive cabinets I've ever encountered in my 40 years of playing bass. I'm using a HT112 and a EX112 with a Euphonic Audio iAMP800....what a potent combination.....crystal clear, articulate and a "cop this attitude". And...the whole rig fits into the boot (trunk in the USA) of my small Hyundai hatch. The best thing to hit Australia for us bass players. Keep up the great work. ”

Pete Cairns - Newcastle, Australia

Posted on May 2, 2007

“ Hi. I'm a bassist regularly working- 2 or 3 x per week- in Hobart, Tasmania, Aus. I recently purchased an NV610 after selling my SVT410HLF (not coz I didn't like it; it was just cumbersome!). Boy am I GLAD I got this cab-thanx to a lotta folk on TalkBass recommending it! I've never heard my bass sound so GREAT- clarity, punch, U name it its got it! And it's lighter than my old 410!!!!! I power it from a Fender 300PRO all tube amp & it's THE BOMB!! Never have I heard my bass sound this good! ALL TUBE AMP + NV610 = Bass ecstasy!!!!!!!”

Rod Lowe

Posted on May 11, 2007

“ Recently purchased the HT/EX112 rig. WOW! These cabs are possibly the most defined, punchy and overall great sounding cabs I have ever tried! Couldn't believe the volume coming from such a small rig. Even at low volumes, everything is so clean and full. I have never heard my higher notes like this before! Of all the cabs I had previously tried I discovered that the higher notes on the bass seemed to die away and did not sustain very well. This is simply not the case with the Bergs. Massive, punchy, clean and even tone. Just awesome. I congratulate Jim and Collegues on these products. Simply amazing! ”


Posted on May 17, 2007

“ Hi everybody and Jim. I bought one of the Bergie's, HT322 and it sounds great, I run it with a Mo'bass and I don't have to put much volume to sound good. Actually I just have one "complaint", I'm a church kind of guy and I don't gig that much and even though I've got my horn tweeter blown away and I'm about to buy the replacement or the repair kit. Anyway, thanks for the cabinet and keep up the good work. ”

Carlos Rizzon

Posted on June 3, 2007

“ I just got back from Willies in St. Paul, MN. I spent literally two hours playing through your NV610. I brought my Mesa Bass 400 (non-plus) and used their assortment of basses. '60 Jazz, '58 Precision, New Jazzes, and a Ric'. WOW! Your recommendation was right. Tube amps SMOKE through this cab. The tube OD is more tight and defined through the 610 than the 322. If I get the gig I'm hopin' to land, the next 4 months will be filled with tone bliss! GREAT STUFF JIM! ”

Tom Kelly - Minneapolis, MN

Posted on June 3, 2007

“ After hearing about these cabs from another Bassist, who insisted that I come to his studio to hear in person, how great this tone was, I was sold on the product. The most difficult thing we had to do was decide on a configuration. I've been using a Trace Elliot head through an Eden 4 X 10 and a single 15" for larger rooms/outdoor stages. After an hour and half purchased the IP212, using the Trace head as a pre-amp to bring up the highs for the smaller rooms. Took it out today on a sound stage for a rehearsal and the players, (100 years experience combined) swore it was the best Bass tone they had ever heard. Keep up the great work, fan for life. ”

Bruce Crossley - "Ayanna & the Exiles"

San Diego, California

Posted on June 4, 2007

“ Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know that after checking out the IP112+EX112 stack, I was totally sold on it! Whatever you put in that IP112 works like a charm, the combination of the sound (exactly the sound I hear in my head) and the portability of the stack, is nothing short of amazing. Dave Beasley of the Groove Shoppe and myself were laughing at how ridiculously loud the stack was with no distortion whatsoever. Thanks for making it possible to have a bass rig that does not kill my back, and sounds like it's the size of a refrigerator....pure genius! I was wondering if you have any recommendations as far as a suitable preamp? Right now, I'm using my very compact Raven Labs preamp, and it sounds great, but is lacking a low impedance output for the house mix. Jim, you make a really fine product, I look forward to shocking a few people with this rig! ”

Thanks, Chuck

Posted on June 7, 2007

“ Well Jim, I went back to Willies the next day and traded my HT-322 in for the NV610. I'm glad I did, my rig sounds great! I also had the chance to try the IP112 along with both the HT112, IP112, and even my traded HT-322! As far as my next "Clean" powered rig, I know exactly where I will be going. It's a great time to be a bass player! ”

Tom Kelly - Minneapolis, MN

Posted on June 23, 2007

“ Hello, I have purchase two HT212 cabs for backline of our PA system. We run the keyboards, electronic drums and bass guitar through this rig. Awesome sound. We use a Crest CA9 power amp and Demeter HBP1 pre for the bass. The bass is a MTD735-24 and this rig handles every bit of the frequecies played through it. You could definitely sell these speakers as high end PA system speakers too. Thanks and keep up the great work, bless ya. ”

John Hyman-Bowie, Maryland

Posted on July 9, 2007

“ Well, I'm not sure what I can add that hasn't been said over and over. I've been trying to get a rig that would do full justice to my Alembic Rouge 5 string for about 3 & 1/2 years. My approach has been pretty much "buy 1 or 2 of everything and see what sounds best". I don]t even believe the collection of bass amps and cabs that are all over my band\'s studio and my home studio (and 2 or 3 closets). When I discovered Aguilar's 112 cabinet a few months back, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. All that sound and not much weight. Then I bought a Bergy HT-112 last week from Guitar-X here in Denver and ran the two together with a Thunderfunk 550 for a weekend gig and I joined the ranks of the Bergantino cult. Although the Aggie 112 is still an excellent speaker, it couldn't match the Bergantino 112 in any respect, especially the amazing clarity. All I want to know is, where were these speakers back in the '70s and '80s when I hauled a dual SVT rig around for 12 years and played 2 to 5 nights a week? Now it's off to eBay to sell most of the stuff I've collected and buy more Bergantino cabinets. I've been playing since the '60s and my equipment search is over. For those wanting to know what to drive their Bergie's with (and can't afford a Walter Woods) try the Thunderfunk 550. It's amazing as well. ”

"Zeke" Adams - Denver, Colorado

Posted on July 15, 2007

“ I posted on 03/18/05 regarding my NV215. Since then I purchased the NV425, and I get to wire both of them to my Aguilar DB750 on occasion. It is rather beholding standing in front of 3-10s and 3-15s at 2 Ohms through one of Aguilar's best amps ever... especially cabinets designed by Mr. Bergantino. I can keep the volume relatively low, and I still move a huge volume of air. Simply amazing! BTW... glad to see the NV610 and NV215 back on the market, Jim. I was one of those who was surprised you took the NV series into hibernation in the first place. I'm considering adding the NV610 to my collection... ”

Posted on July 27, 2007

“ Tal Wilkenfeld's sound is superb. She uses Bergantino. Must be goood. ”

Posted on July 30, 2007

“ Good day Jim. I must take this opportunity to thank you. Just received my first two Bergantino cabinets and they are the most responsive, articulate and smooth sounding cabinets I have ever heard. My set up includes an HT112 and HT122S. Most typically I am having to battle the low end rumble created by a PA with dual 18's on each side. Your cabinets have "NO" problem cutting thru. They also respond evenly throughout all frequencies. I can finally hear all the stuff I was doing that other cabinets couldn't articulate. Flat out, I love my "Berg's"! And... all this huge sound... fits on the front seat of my 2 door Saturn coupe. Ha ha. Finally a bass cabinet that sounds like "butta" and isn't insanely obtuse. Thank you, Jim. ”

Posted on Aug. 19, 2007

“ I've played the HS4x10 now for a week and holy crap! The cab stays clear at high volumes not to mention its freak'n loud! For instance I played our show and was could hear me more than fine (we are loud!) and the next band pulls up the notorious Ampeg 8x10 cab only to realize my cab hands down has a better sound and more presence! I've been searching for over two months for something to bring the sound I want to the table. Thank you Bergantino. My only problem is I couldn't buy two of them... give it time though. An HS8x10 would be untouchable!!! ”

the newest Bergantino fan -Travis Loudin of color and light

Posted on Aug. 28, 2007

“ EX112 massive, focused sound from such a small cab perfect for the upright, it sings. ”

Thanks, Stephan

Posted on Aug. 28, 2007

“ I just picked up a Sick Tolex NV215 to match with my Aguilar DB750. This combo is Dubtastic. I am always changing my gear but one thing that never changes is that I use Bergantino Cabs!! ”

Thanks, One Love - Joey "SQUID" Lombardo

Posted on Sept. 5, 2007

“ Just read your statement about amps. Amen! I have been gigging with my IP-112/EX-112 combo steadily for the last year and absolutely love it. At a recent gig, I set up and was checking out my rig and the monitor engineer exclaimed "Now that's what a bass should SOUND like"...LOL! I gather the guy in the band before us didn't have a great tone. Anyway, thanks for the great rig, it rules on all gigs big or small. ”

Sincerely, Bob Burrows

Posted on Sept. 22, 2007

“ Jim, as I've come to expect what you promise.. you deliver. I've been using the IP310 for a month now, both in contemporary and jazz venues. This is by far the Cleanest, LOUDEST, most versatile sound that I have played on or performed with. I cannot say enough about this combination. I am presently playing two to three times a week, and regardless where I am playing this baby will cleanly dismantle the foundation if asked to! While I still love my HT 210's, they are defiantly staying home and the IP will be where I m playing. Thank you again for taking the time to talk with me, explain your thoughts, and offer suggestions. I cannot be any happier to be playing your IP cabinets. And everywhere I play the talk is Bergantino. ”

Best regards, Kraig Quisenberry, Seattle