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Bassics AH900

£475 + £10 shipping

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  2. Pre-owned 2018 amplifier in great condition.

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AH900 Amplifiers

The ultimate amps for studio quality tone and superior "super quiet" functionality.    

     What was the inspiration to start Bassics Amps     

Malcolm turned his hand to the world of bass amplification because throughout his career he had always thought that the bass player was considered the ‘poor relation’.

As an engineer, he noticed that many bass players were amazed at the sound a studio engineer could get that their equipment simply wasn’t capable of.  By understanding exactly what is necessary to bring out the best in a bass guitar, Malcolm is able to incorporate that in his design. This includes extremely transparent and noise free pickup amplification and equalisation (tone control), specifically tailored for bass.

     •     850w into 4 ohm

     •     500w into 8 ohm

     •     Three band EQ

     •     EQ bypass button

     •     Studio quality compressor

     •     Input Gain

     •     Master Gain

     •     Mute button

     •     Headphone Out (3.5 mm & 6.35 mm)

     •     Headphone Level Control

     •     Aux input 3.5 mm

     •     Aux Input Level control

     •     Speakon Outputs (with centre jack) x 2

     •     FX Send & Out 6.35 mm I/O

     •     DI Output with Pre/Post toggle 

     •     Frequency Range 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 1db

     •     Fold-up Tilt Legs

     •     Dimensions: 27.5 cm (10.8”) w x 20.5cm (8”) d x   6.5cm (2.5”) h

     •     Weight: 1.8kg (3lbs)   


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