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Dace, UK - GRBass At Carbon 112 combo - 01/06/2022

Thanks Guys for suggesting the GR AT800 combo

Blown away with its performance and can’t believe how light it is

Both my 69 p bass and MM stingray sound great through it

Amp arrived really quick well packed

Top service and advice

To top it all sold my Mesa walkabout combo today

Thanks again Dave

John in the, UK - Sandberg Supreme bass- 22/05/2022


Just to let you know that we gigged with the new Supreme for the first time last week.What can I say but absolutely stunning with a balance and versatility  that I  have never had with a bass over a long number of years.My other basses May feel a bit neglected in the future

Catch up soon.



Prince in the USA - Pre-owned Pedulla bass- 14/05/2022

Hi, guys,

Got the bass safely today-Friday the 13th-yeah, I was a little worried. Ha! It is my number one now. Ergos, tone, playability, balance...all are top notch. I may have overpaid a little for it, but it appears to be a closet queen. It is in excellent condition and 17 years old. Wow.

I am using it in the studio tomorrow for some live recording and a video shoot. (Sorry, had to pull the Infelds and put on some roundies.) Thanks very much! I love it!


Prince Ricker

Wouter In Belgium Accessories - 11/05/2022

Hi Marcus/Marc,


I was able to set up the bass with the Hipshot double lever Extender, the S-locks,… and I installed the following strings (E to C): The bass sounds/plays incredible, I don’t understand how they can build it for that price.


Best regards,



Alex in the, UK - Vanderkley MNT110 - 02/05/2022

Hi Mark,

Thanks for a cracking deal with my part ex 115MN6. The 110 didn't disappoint this weekend. Still loads of deep bottom end - perfect for old timers 😄

Steve in Australia - pre-owned Manson Bass - 13/04/2022

Mark and the team

It’s here and it’s superb .

Thx so much for getting it to me quickly and in perfect condition

Regards from the Antipodes

Steve Abigail

Andrew Bull, UK - - 08/04/2022

Dear Bass Direct Ltd

Just a quick note to say ,my order arrived today and just to say a big thank you

kind regards

Andrew w Bull

Kimmo, Finland - Purchase bass - 08/04/2022

Hi Mark

Got the Lyte bass today at last (and as expected due to known customs delays informed by Interparcel/Parcelforce). The Lyte Violin  (Sienna/Honey) sunburst looks nicer than in the photos of your web page (in nature it has not so yellowish body center) and reminds me more of the Lyte I already noticed early 90's thirty years a go; I'm 73 years old now. The look and sound is right as expected and brings me back memories like the Hofner Violin bass 500/1 1964 reissue I bought from you 2020 (I owned the original Hofner Violin 500/1 1964 bass 1965-1966.

Thank's again Mark for giving me the possibility to get the the Fender Precision Lyte; it's worth the paid price!

Kind regards,

Kimmo K Kolari

Michael Brennan, New Zealand - Custom Order Maruszczyk bass- 07/04/2022

thanks Mark and team

Kiru, UK - Pre-owned Fender Precision bass - 29/03/2022

Bass just arrived, and plays beautifully. Neck is set very nicely with a good medium action. I love the slightly faded original finish. Thanks very much, i look forward to getting to know this instrument!

Dan, UK - Mayones Cali 4 bass - 28/03/2022

Hello Mark,

I would just like to say a big thank you to you. You were extremely friendly and patient as we discussed the Cali 4 bass by Mayones. After hearing your excitement and enthusiasm for them and having also read some reviews I purchased one which arrived extremely well packaged 24 hours later. I couldn’t be more delighted with my purchase. An instrument that I can play even sat in my wheelchair that gives me all the fun and more of a full size bass in a guitar that is a more manageable size. Your customer service was amazing. I cannot recommend your shop or the product highly enough. Thank you. I will be back for some more stuff of that I have no doubt.

Mark Stubbs, UK - Sandberg Superlight TM4 - 21/03/2022

Hi Mark


Just a quick note to let you know how brilliant this bass is. It’s so light it has transformed my neckache and it play and sounds beautifully. Thanks for the recommend!! 👍👍

Stephen, UK - Pre-owned Alembic bass - 21/03/2022

Hiya,   just to say Thank You for the Stanley Clarke Alembic bass I received  today.. . Really blown away with the sound and condition,   amazing !!

Elliot Black, UK - Repair to amplifier - 22/03/2022

Evening Mark, 

Perfect, that’s why you lads are the best! Couldn’t ask for better customer service. 

Thank you so very much! 

Until next time



Michael Foley, UK - Maruszczyk Jake - 15/03/2022

Got my Jake Sea Foam Green 32” this morning. It’s a fantastic instrument, great sound and well set up,straight out of of the box. Faultless service from Bass Direct.

Thank you 

Stephen Spain, UK - 2 Custom order Sandbergs - 23/02/2022

....its coming up for a year since i got my first Sandberg from you . Just wanted to let you know that i smile everytime i pick it (or it's 4 string brother) up . They are always on stands rather than in cases so they are always handy for impromptu noodling . Besides, they are definitely the prettiest things i own .

After playing mostly guitar in the last 5 years or so they rejuvenated my love of the big bottom and, for the first time in decades, i am actually improving as a player to boot ; definitely a win/win situation .

Before i discovered Bass Direct - entirely by chance - i had not even heard of Sandberg, or Maruszczyk or most of the other confections that you stock and after being consistently unimpressed by Fender (or at least the ones i could feasibly afford!) I was thinking my only choice was to dig deep for a Stingray .

I still remember the first time i set foot on your hallowed ground , The Temple Of The Low End ; no guitars, keyboards , drums or any other frivolous crap (😃), just rows of beautiful bass . Then , on your kind invitation (after enquiring what i was looking for) i tried a few and BAM ! - I suddenly had that same feeling i had when i tried a friend's Stingray in 1993 ; that these were SO much better than what i was used to (in itself not bad....thank you, Yamaha ) .

It only took me half an hour to decide that it had to be Brand S . Sorry, Maruszczyk ; you still kick ass , though.

What would i change about my Sandbergs ? Absolutely nowt . If there is a better bass out there then i don't need it .

I'm not a material person by most standards ; i own very little and couldn't care less but my Sandbergs have definitely brought joy into my life at a time when it was needed .

Cheers, Mark 🙂👍

Phil Alcock - La Bella 760FL Short Scale - 24/02/2022

Arrived yesterday, fitted, and bass sounds much better for decent strings. Great service.  Thanks guys

Mario Kramer - MTD Kingston Bass - 01/03/2022

Hi Mark & Ashley, 

Well the big day has come. I received the bass. today Looks great!

I want to thank you for taking good care of it. 

kind regards,

Mario Kramer 

Danny Evers - Origin Effects Super Vintage BassRIG - 02/03/2022

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery. It came in time for me to test it at practice last night and its easily the best thing Ive added to my rig in a long time. I cant imagine playing live without this preamp ever again. Fantastic bit of kit. Its got the sound I've been trying to get for years.



Rick O'Leary - Hofner 125th Anniversary Violin Bass - 08/03/2022

Hi Mark,

Received my guitar this afternoon, and got to use it tonight in a session with one of my bands.

It sounds great.

Our drummer especially loved the tone.

The tone is that great Hofner thump that I love.

The action is really good too, and to my preference.

My other ones were a little too high, and I had to have my guitar tech adjust them for me, but this one is perfect.

The bridge pickup is fine, but I've got to get my guy to check the neck pickup.

It has to be turned up pretty far before you get any volume.

At full and almost full volume is adequate, but zero sound til you crank it a fair bit.

The finish is virtually perfect (as is my preference).

The front, sides and neck all look great.

The back has only some fine surface scratches from minor buckle rash, but overall it's virtually perfect.

No major issues like with the Wine Red.

(unfortunate that one didn't work out).

And your paperwork for the second guitar was perfect too; no customs charges this time as should have been the case, so thanks for ensuring that worked smoothly for me.

Thanks for getting it to me so quickly too Mark, that's much appreciated as well.

I have four (4) Hofners now, and I'll keep checking your website to see what else you get in from time to time.

Here's a picture of my current "inventory" with the latest one now included.

(IAs you can see, I created extra work for myself, as I had to adjust the positions of the guitar hangers and pictures, so now I need to repaint where I filled the prior holes...the good news is, the room needs a fresh coat overall anyway). 

Thanks again Mark!


John Thompson - Replacement Faulty La Bella String - 08/03/2022

Good morning Ashley and Mark

String received from Labella, sounds perfect. 

Thanks for sorting that out for me, excellent CS from both you and Labella. 



Ian Ellis, UK - Spector Euro RST bass - 04/03/2022

Dear Mark

Thanks for your time, patience and advice this week helping me choose the right Spector bass for me!!

Having got back home to North Wales yesterday and giving it some stick, luckily my neighbours are away for a few days!!

I know I made the right decision.

Thanks a lot

Ian Ellis

Andy Worthington - Spector RUDY SARZO bass - 03/03/2022

What an amazing bass, an amazing tonal range and superb build quality.

What else’s can I say?

Oh yes let’s not forget ……… fantastic service from the team at bass direct.

Richard Tems - Hofner 500/2 Club Bass - 31/12/2021

Hi Mark,

Just to confirm the Hofner has arrived safe and sound today. Absolutely beautiful instrument, plays wonderfully and sounds exactly as I'd hoped it would! 

I notice that the output volume from the bridge pickup is quite a bit lower than from the neck, but I can also see the bridge pickup height is comparatively much lower, so hopefully just something that can be resolved by tweaking the pickup height if needed. At the moment though I'm loving it just as it sounds straight out the box so I'm in no hurry to alter it. I may experiment over the next few days if I get a chance.


Thank you so much for your assistance and promptly replying to my emails over the last few days, it's been a great experience and I shall be sure to recommend Bass Direct whenever the opportunity should arise!


Hope you have a very happy new year! 

Kind regards, 


James Grant - GR Bass AT 410 & Genzler Magellan 800 - 03/01/2022

Hi Bass Director Mark!

Had the chance to do a few gigs, take a few pictures and jot down my thoughts on the Genzler Magellan 800 and GR Bass Aerotech 410 cab. Hopefully useful for the website.

I visited Bass Direct in November ’21 with the express intention of trying out the GR Bass Aerotech 212. When I arrived I was given a warm welcome (and a coffee after my long drive up from Bournemouth). I took my Epifani Piccolo 600 and two Epifani DIST 1x10 cabs which I’ve been using since 2016. I’ve always liked a ‘one trip’ lightweight rig where it’s a amp in shoulder bag and something in each hand. Before this I was lugging an Eden rig (two 2x10 cabs and a WT head - a heavy rig that!) and several rigs before that of varying weight and insanity.

I knew I wanted a new cab because the Epifani DIST 110 cabs ‘bottom out’ (the back of the loudspeaker’s voice coil literally hits the back of the magnet enclosure making a most unpleasant sound) when fairly playing loud (only about 300Watts worth) and when a chorus is turned on. But I was super happy with the Epifani rig until…

Anyway, back to the shop - the GR Bass Aerotech 212 was not for me, just not a nice sounding midrange with what I found to be unpleasant 2-5KHz region - certainly not the ‘hi-fi’ sound I was looking for. So, I was shown a 4x10 - which made me laugh, it’s ridiculously nice sounding at every ‘in-store’ volume I tried. It made my previously treasured Epifani rig sound, frankly, poor. Having the GRBass Aerotech 410 at home and on gigs it really has unlocked the lower 3 notes on my 4 string’s E string - F# to E are like brand new sounds, makes me happy when I’m playing! Also, it’s insanely light - passes the one trip rig test, although I have to watch my knuckles when passing through doorways it’s wider than in feels! I was reluctant because the Epifani looks so neat and the aesthetics of the GR Bass gear is not my taste at all but I’m used to it now and the sound quality/weight more than makes up for the look of the thing.

At home, it passes the domestic test (see pic!) and serves as a lampstand. Important stuff!

Gigging - it can go LOUD it goes louder than my ears can handle at 2m distance, in a 400capacity venue playing rock/pop/soul/funk covers I had the cab doing more than the PA - it sounded so much better than the (massive) house PA system! LFMM - Don’t put a phone on top of it when playing loud, the phone will end up on the floor, even in grippy case….

For classy concert in an old church, the MD and I decided that the feel of the low end on the otherwise ‘clean’ stage warranted it’s presence. A perfect accompaniment to IEM - all the feeling of real low end even at very low volumes.

For a tiny trio in the corner of a pub - it’s nice and compact and sounds rich and full. I was worried it’d look silly on tiny gigs but, as you can see - blends right in.

Every gig I’ve done it’s been just the ticket.

Now then, the Genzler Magellan 800 amp. I was NOT planning on buying a new head. However, it has a lot less hiss than my previous head, and the fan is essentially silent. The ‘A’ Contour is a slice of magic - I think the head is doing an ‘always on’ high pass filter around 30-40Hz and the contour seems to interact with the low filter (as well as doing the usual mid scope) in a way that makes the low end phat, very very phat. I may never use the dirty channel but I like that there are sonic options there. I generally only really use EQ to counter room resonances or boost frequencies that the room is sucking out. But that Contour, it reminds me of a better ’enhance’ which the Eden WT heads have (which I think are super!!). So the Genzler - it’s great on a jazz bass (using DR Fat beams). And sonically (all flat) I think it’s slightly better sounding than the Epifani, which is easily the best head I’d ever owned til now. And pretty much no hiss or fan noise. The Genzler is really nicely built and looks fab.

So, I spent much, much more money than I was planning - and I didn’t buy the thing I set out to try, but this is why a real shop with real stock is fabulous, and Bass Direct have a great variety on display and in the warehouse. I’m so grateful that they allowed me to make a LOT of noise for a few hours and carefully listened to my opinions and found me a perfect fit that I may not have considered previously. The following day I realised I should have bought the matching soft cover for the cab (it’s insanely light, but it’s a bit bulky and easy to scrape against doors etc) - I sent an e-mail and it was with me one working day later, that’s good service!

Thank you gents!

Bernt Biberg - Kala California U Bass 5 Fretless - 11/01/2022


The Kala arrived yesterday.

Picked it up at the post on my way to rehearsal with a local acoustic quartet.

Played it all evening and everybody smiled :-)

By the way; its a 2019, you had it listed as a 2015….but I already guessed it was the last version judging by the pictures on your website.

Great fun !

Matthew Pearson - Sandberg VM5 - 28/01/2022

VM5 arrived this morning, cracking bass as always. Thanks for all of your help, look forward to receiving the pickguard in due course.

Going to try not to buy any more basses for a while but might be back later in the year for one of those new Stingray position ones.... :)


John Paul Hayward, UK - Spector Squid Bass - 01/02/2022

Bass arrived safe and sound at dinnertime. Plays great, thank you very much. 

Sent from my iPhone

Tray, USA - Jerzy Drozd Mastery 4 Fretless - 06/02/2022

Bought a Jerzy Drozd Mastery 4 Fretless from this shop. Had these guys pass it off to a master luthier for some ghost frets to be put in. I can't speak highly enough about the ease of purchase and craftmanship. This bass is amazing. Five friggin' stars! Order from them--you won't be disappointed. Had it shipped to the US with no issues. Awesome all around.

Neil Marshall, UK - Spector Euro 5 LX - 07/02/2022

Just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for a quick and efficient service.

Bought Friday, received Monday.


Matt Street, UK - Warwick Adam Clayton - 08/02/2022

Hello Mark and apologies, I should have sent a little mail and yes I have received it. I was going to play it in band situation for the first time tonight but that has just been cancelled! Bummer. I have played it through the practice amp and all sounds good once I set it up to my likings. I wanted it as an alternative sound to my StarBass. It looks superb not a mark as was pointed out in your ad. Lovely guitar all round. 

Thanks for all your help. 


Mark Read, UK - Spector Legend 4 Custom - 15/02/2022



Have just received my SPECTOR LEGEND AMBER BURST, it is gorgeous and plays like a dream!

Thanks for your excellent service and fast delivery, I will certainly be using Bass Direct again!


Mark Read

Glynn in the UK - Hipshot Ultra light tuners - 29/01/22

Hey Mark,

Just a quick note to say thank you (and to your colleague) for your help today choosing my Hipshot tuners.

I have completed the installation on my 96 Jazz Deluxe 5 string and the units work very well. More importantly they look very classy and have cured the neck dive issue.

Having bought a couple of basses and some amplification from you in the past, I will definitely return and I am happy to recommend Bass Direct.


Nick B.


Juan in the USA - Sandberg Superlight TM6 bass - 25/01/22


I received the bass yesterday and am beyond happy. Thanks so much for your service and assistance.

Kind regards,


Chris in the USA - Hazlabs pre-amp - 24/01/22

Hi Mark,


Hope all is well.  I finally got around to installing the HAZ in my Spector Euro 4 LT.  I really didn’t think the bass could sound any better, but the HAZ has made a huge difference in the tone and volume.  I’m blown away and very happy with the purchase.  Anyway, I created a diagram to show where each pickup and the stereo jack connects.  I also added the correct pin order for the pickups and stereo jack.  Hopefully, this will help some of your other customers.  Thanks again Mark!  Cheers!


 Best Regards,


Chris DelGaudio

Dave in the UK - Secondhand Taylor GS bass - 24/01/22

Hi Mark

Extremely pleased with the Taylor gs mini bass and thank you for your prompt and excellent 

Service 5*****️ Plus!

Regards Dave

Jouni in Finland - Dingwall NG2 bass - 17/01/22

Hi Mark, 

FYI I got the request to declare the NG2 on Tuesday night and it was delivered Wednesday morning! 

The bass looks great, needs a bit of a setup and I'm looking forward to trying it out with the band (whenever that is...). 

Thanks for all your help. I hope you have a great year – here's hoping it will be brighter than the two before. 



Richard - Used Gallien Krueger - 13/01/22

Purchased twice from bass direct and was so easy… I had a few requests and were met impeccably thank you guys much appreciated… if and when I need anything I’ll be back

Regards Richard

Michael - Hofner Strap - 11/01/22


The Hofner bass arrived safely this afternoon. Looks lovely. Only the Germans would design something that requires an advanced mechanical engineering degree to fit a guitar strap. My local Guitar Center will fit a traditional fitting for me.  I can’t thank you enough for the great service.

My best wishes and thanks.


Michael C.Taylor

Glynn in the UK - Genzler Array 10-2 cabinet - 01/01/22

Hi Mark,

Was lucky enough to have 3 gigs this week and decided to use the above combination on each. Small/ medium halls.  Sound each time was superb and great comments from the band.  This is my go-to set up now and so light.  Masses of power and low-end on tap and I think the angling of the cabinet really works.

If you need to use this as a testimonial then please do.

All the best,

Glynn Murray


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