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Neil in the UK - Maruszczyk Bass Strap - 20/12/21

Many thanks, received today. 

Very impressed by the quality of the strap. 

Cheers, Neil

Steve in the UK - Sandberg VT4 custom order - 17/12/21

Thanks Mark. An early Xmas present to myself.

Thanks for your patience with me and your prompt replies 

Kind regards. Steve.

Danny in the UK - Mayones Cali 4 - 16/12/21

The cali 4 is fantastic. Did a video this week so thought id send it your way incase you fancied seeing it in action. Cheers again, loving it! 

Bass just turned up! Not had chance to play it yet but the build quality is insane. Very impressed. If I didnt have a 6 string already on order from ACG id be ordering from Mayones. Thanks a lot for all your help Mark, appreciate it loads!


Leon in Canada - Hofner 500/2 Club Bass - 12/12/21

Hi Mark, 

I received the bass and am absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you for the thoughtfulness in lowering the declared value, because I surprisingly had to pay duties this time rather than just the taxes. The whole process was worry-free with top notch communication. Definitely one of the smoothest international purchases I've made.

Wish you a Happy Holiday,


Geoff in the UK - Genzler 350 Combo - 05/12/21

I went to Bass Direct yesterday to find a replacement amp which will give me the best results for my Overwater and Sandberg basses but more importantly give a realistic acoustic sound to my NS upright electric.

I had an amp in mind, and Mark was super helpful. He could have sold me what I'd gone there for, but recommended a far cheaper and equally suitable Genzler instead.

It's a great setup and I'm very grateful to Mark. He's very knowledgeable.

I'll be back when I next need anything bass related!


Dave in the UK - Sandberg Marlowe DK bass - 01/12/21

Just to let you know bass arrived safely today.

All good.

Leaving to settle in the heat for a bit as it's obviously been out in a cold van overnight and when i opened the case the it got hit with condensation.

Feels great to play, action a little high for my taste but an easy fix. Looks amazing.

Many thanks for such a fast delivery.

Silas in Indonesia - Dingwall Hellboy D Roc - 30/11/21

Hey all,

The bass arrived yesterday... had lots of things happen through the process, multiple delays and etc.. but glad its here.. thanks again for everything... your patience and understanding =))



Mark in the UK - Maruszczyk 55 P - 27/11/21

Picked up my Maruszczyk Jake 55 4p today from Mark at bass direct.

What can I say. The bass feels, sounds & looks fantastic.

Customer service from Mark was brilliant. I whole heartedly recommend bass direct & the amazing choice of bass guitars, amps & accessories.

Thanks again Mark.

Simon in the UK - Spector Bantam bass - 23/11/21

Hi Mark,


Thank you very much for sending out the Bantam, which I received today. Lovely bass, and it plays super smoothly. I haven’t had a chance to try it out plugged as I’m waiting for a new amp head but I’m sure it will be excellent. I’ve not owned a Spector before but I think it’s the only short scale they’ve done apart from a signature model and I prefer the relatively neck on these compared to other short scales. I find 38mm necks too narrow and the Bantam has the sort of solidity I prefer in a bass as I play long scales as well.

Den in the UK - Roscoe bass - 21/11/21

Hi Mark, 

It's about time I said some stuff about my 3 sublime Roscoes, all of which are Centuries:-

1) Century Custom 5 consisting of a 5 part laminated body across its thickness. The main body is mahogany with maple, wenge, maple, and a 2 cm thick top of burl amboyna with a maple, purpleheart neck, and wenge fingerboard. This bass is renowned by my friends and musical colleagues as being the finest looking and sounding bass they've ever known, and I totally agree. It has top-of-the-range Bartolini soap bar pickups plus a range-topping Bartolini preamp. It is certainly the bass that I'll never ever sell!!! When contacting Keith B Roscoe himself for advice as to its replacement value for insurance purposes, he quoted, $7,000 USD plus! It is an absolute work of art and sounds sublime in every ensemble situation, live and studio.....

2) Century Standard Plus 5. This has a totally mahogany body with a satin tobacco burst finish with two Bartolini MM pickups, fully switchable, and a top-of-the-range Bartolini preamp. It has a 3 part maple neck plus maple fingerboard. Obviously, this bass isn't the absolute standard of the one above, but nevertheless, it's still absolutely brilliant in all situations and sounds and plays incredibly well. I couldn't envisage parting with this either.

3) Century Standard 4. This is still utterly wonderful despite it being the cheapest at around £2,000. It's made from Spanish cedar in total with a red translucent finish, a 3 part maple neck, and a pau ferro fingerboard. As with the other two, the pickups are top specification Bartolinis, and the preamp is the top of the range, Bartolini. This 4 string is an utter joy to play, so easy, and it really has a warm natural tone, the Spanish cedar being responsible.

I adore all three of my Roscoes and will never part with any of them. The B strings on the fives sound incredible as do every other note across all the fingerboards.

I have to thank Mark Stickley so much for recommending me to Roscoe in the first place way back in 2011/2012, when I bought my top-of-the-range Century Custom 5 through the post. When opening the case, my jaw dropped because of its sheer beauty.

This is a bit long, but I had to put it out there in the public domain!

Kind regards to Bass Direct, the store where more of my cash is spent than anywhere else!!! 

Den Finch.

Pete in the UK - Modern Vintage MVP bass - 18/11/21

Hi Mark, hope you are well. Just to say the Modern Vintage bass I bought is really good, sounds amazing, plays beautifully.

Regards, Pete Nixon.

Alexander in the UK - - 18/11/21

Dear Ashley

Max at Pyramid Strings has been a star. He has replaced the two strings and I fitted them last week with out problems. I have also played two gigs since fitting them and I am very pleased with them.

Thank you for your help and assistance.

Alexander Harper

Mark in the UK - Part exchange for Musicman Stingray bass - 15/11/21

Hi Mark, the Stingray arrived this morning and is fantastic.Thank you so much for making this such a stress free and straight forward deal.



Mark in the UK - Spector Euro RTC 5 bass - 15/11/21

Hi Mark,

The bass just arrived, and it's certainly a beauty! Really pleased with how it plays, the fretboard feels nice and fast and the weight of the bass is quite a change from what I'm used to! I may need to adjust the action on it, but this bass has certainly not disappointed me!

Thanks again, Mark

Paul in Canada - Maruszczyk Elwood 35” bass - 10/11/21


I got the bass this week - it really is a beauty!

I love the bass - fantastic tone! The B string is nice and punchy, not fuzzy at all.

regards, Paul Budgell

Yamashita in Japan - Spector Strap - 09/11/21

Dear Bass Direct Limited

The item arrived safely yesterday.

I haven't sold it in Japan and I've been looking for it for a long time

I am very happy.

It's thicker and cooler than you can see in the picture.

I liked it very much. I will use it carefully.

Thank you very much for this time.

Mike in The UK - Yamaha bb734a bass - 07/11/21

Hi Mark.

I hope you are well?

Just have to say about this bass I bought from you recently. It's incredible. I took it to a band rehearsal, I'm a long time guitar player that has just taken up bass, and for 2hrs 45mins, I felt the power of being a bass player, and this bass was solid as a rock. 

There's no doubt in my future that I'll buy again from you but this Yamaha will take some beating. It's my first bass and I've been bloomin' lucky!

Thanks again


Stephen in The UK - GR At Carbon bass Cabinets - 06/11/21


Thank you, just had a quick and load test. Awesome. Great clarity and range including the 5th string. The weight of the cabinet is unbelievable for what it can put out and handle.

One thing to let you know, nothing to do with the cab as such. The courier left it outside our house during the day, I am not sure how long it was there for. I can see it was a signed for service so I appreciate you sent it on the correct type of service. I just thought you should know and give the company a bit of a kick.

Thank you again looking forward to my next gig with it.

Zak in The UK - Bergantino Cabinets - 05/11/21


Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting my cabs shipped to me today, on time and very well packaged. I couldn't really use them to any great extent in my flat but I'll be testing them out fully tomorrow night on a gig, but I'm already extremely pleased with them. They seem to be a huge step up from my epifani 1x15 that I've had the last few years. 

Thanks for the great service!


Nigel in The UK - Sandberg Knobs - 05/11/21

Hi Mark,

Just received the Sandberg knobs you sent to me - really delighted with them, thanks for your help. Very impressed with your customer service and thanks for getting them over to me so quickly.



Nigel in The UK - Bass Collection Bruce Thomas - 04/11/21

Hi, Mark.

Just a quick message to say that my Bass Collection Bruce Thomas Profile Bass arrived today and I couldn't be any more pleased with it...!

The cardboard carton was safely and securely packed to within an inch of its life (in the past I've received couriered instruments, from other outlets, that were anything but safely and securely packed, so thank you for that). 

It looks gorgeous, plays effortlessly and sounds amazing...!



Martin in The UK - Modern vintage mvp4 bass - 29/10/21

Hi guys

A quick line to thank you, Mark and Will, for your time and help in selecting the right bass for me.

To be able to spend time in the shop demoing and comparing so many basses was great. I'd not really considered the Modern Vintage brand before, but their MVP4 P bass is fantastic. Have already rehearsed and recorded with it and it just sits perfectly in the mix.

Fantastic shop and service!

Darren in The UK - Dingwall D Roc 5 bass - 29/10/21

Hi Mark.

Firstly I'm blown away with the D-roc 5 string. Sounds epic in a band mix and I've adapted to the fan frets really quickly. Plus it looks awesome.



Tim in The UK - Sandberg Bass - 26/10/21

Received the bass today. Really great service again and delighted with the quality of the setup right out of the box.

Great job and I will be back soon !, Best Regards, Tim

Terry in The UK - Maruszczyk Jake 5 (custom order)  - 21/10/21

Just like to thank Mark and the team for making it easy to order my custom bass from Maruszczyk, thanks guys can't wait to get my dirty little mits on it.

Andy in The UK - Cort 150 Combo  - 21/10/21

Just to say thanks for your prompt service, I got the amp the day after I ordered it. It's a bit of a beast, I have had to put the gain on two and the master on three and also turn down the volume control of my bass. During the 1990's I had a Trace Elliot 2X10 Combo, then and Ashdown 1X15 Combo. These were both over 25kg so I changed to a Warwick CL that was similar to the Cort. It was 150watts into it's own speaker and the bands I was in often had to ask me to turn the volume down. I can see the same thing happening with the Cort. I am very pleased with it and at its' price point seems silly value for money, the quality of sound and the amount of pure bass it puts out is amazing for the money.


Mark in The UK - Sandberg Custom bass  - 20/10/21

Hi Guys, just to let you know . . . .

The Sandburg Custom Buckeye is now safely tucked up in it's new home in Newmarket.

Nice instrument.

Thanks for everything.

Kind regards, Mark.

Phil Mulford - Hofner Strings - 17/10/21

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the speedy dispatch of the Hofner bass strings. 

I really appreciate your great service. 

All the best,

Phil Mulford.

Peter Young - Secondhand Vanderkley 210LNT - 09/10/21

Hi Mark,

Cab arrived as planned. Had a quick play at home but can’t really do it justice in the house but sounding great (and looking ace). Looking forward to rehearsal on Thursday. Thanks for the excellent service 👍



Alex Gray - Darkglass Alpha Omega 900 - 12/10/21

Hi Mark,

Arrived this morning and I’m hooked already.

Looking forward to unleashing the Ric beast tones.

It’s a great deal and thanks for the trade in too.



John Evans - Spector Hardshell Case - 15/10/21

Dear Mark,

Thank you ever so much for the fantastic speed of service delivering my Spector NS bass case.

The case arrived before 9.00 this morning if perfect condition.

Thank you very much.

Dai Iawn Diolch!!

Kindest regards


Robert Nayler - DR Black Beauty 45-105 - 16/10/21

Dear Bass Direct,

I thank you for a fast and efficient service.  The strings arrived today, less than 24 hours after I had orderd them.


Rob Nayler

Dave Hanson - Dingwall NG3 6 Ferrari Green - 07/10/21

Good afternoon,

Just to confirm that the NG3 arrived here today (!) in good condition.

Absolutely thrilled with it, thanks for getting it sent out so quickly!

Kind regards, Dave

Balázs Szent-Ivanyi - Cort Element Bass and Cort Combo - 07/10/21

Dear Mark,

I'm the guy who bought the Cort bass and amp from you last week, and you've also fixed my old Ibanez. Just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the new gear, plays and sounds great - it's really given me a push to practice more. Thanks for recommending Cort, and not trying to sell something more expensive to me:))

Thanks, Balazs

Mike Hebron - Sadowsky - 05/10/21

Hi Mark.

A quick note to say the Nash was collected this morning and I have just received the Sadowsky.

Many thanks and great service as always.

Best wishes.


Michael Holt - Yamaha BB734A Matte Black - 06/10/21

Hi. Bass arrived safe and sound. Seriously good. And it's surprisingly light too! Sounds great with my little Mark Bass amp. Best get back to working now . 😀. 

Thanks again and will see you soon.


Dave Miller - Genzler Magellan 800 - 02/10/21

Thank you Mark,

Arrived Friday lunchtime.  Love it, although I’m not sure my neighbours do!

 I have practice midweek so really looking forward to getting her up to war volume.

Thanks again for the great service, I will be sure to recommend you.

Best Regards,


Neil Daniel - Fender Precision Bass - 27/09/21

What an experience!!!!

Thank you so, SO MUCH!

I absolutely love my 1st Fender. It is truly a work of art. I can't put it down.

Fantastic addition to my collection. 

Great service from start to delivery.

My thanks also to Ashley for the updates.

Lawrie Macmillan - Secondhand Lakland Joe Osborn - 09/09/21

Mark, the Joe Osborn is great! Thank you. Lawrie 

John Miles - Sandberg California II Nighthawk Plus Matte Copper - 09/09/21

Hey Mark!

Yeah man, everything is amazing with my purchase! The bass is fantastic!! Cuts through & punches so good!! 

John Miles

Mike Lond - Kala Journeyman U Bass - 10/09/21

Hi Mark

Quick note to say the Kala Journeyman has arrived safe and well.

Forgot it comes strung with roundwound strings - a nice contrast to my other poly stringed ubasses!

Looking forward to taking it out tomorrow night to gig (remember those??)

Sounds great through my PJ Double Four - thanks for the quick and efficient service and delivery!



Dan - Commission sale Spector Euro 4 LX Black - 10/09/21

Hi Mark,

The money for the sale of the bass has hit my account- many thanks.

Can I just say it has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure dealing with yourself and Ashley at Bass Direct,  from the very start and sourcing the bass for me through to its sale last week.

You will definitely be my first port of call when I am in the market for another bass and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

Thanks and Kind Regards, Dan

Ronny Babiloni - Dingwall D-Roc 5 Custom - 14/09/21

Hi Mark,

My D Roc finally arrived yesterday, the customs clearance took one and half months, unbelievable... :D

However the bass is a miracle, it sounds great, plays great and looks great!

I'm glad I could experience this, thank you for making this possible!



Ian Hovey - Secondhand Aguilar SL410x - 17/09/21

Hi BassDirect


Received my Aguilar SL410 with Case today.

Many thanks.

Will be at an Audition this evening, so will give it an ‘Airing’

Will take pride of place next to my two SL112’s and TH350 and TH500 ToneHammers


Again, thanks for the prompt service and rapid delivery




Ian Hovey



Mike Hebron - Nash JB-63 - 21/09/21

Hi Mark,

A quick note to say I have received the bass thank you.

It is very different but feels and sounds excellent.

Out of interest do you know what make of strings are on it?

Once again, great service.

Keep safe.


Mike Hebron

Arron Twinney - Secondhand Ibanez BTB 5 Custom - 23/09/21

Guys, you are the best!! Thank you so much for sending the bass over early!! You’ve made my day 🙌 

Roland Blumenauer - Secondhand Reverend Mike Watt Wattplower Bass - 26/09/21

Hello Bass-Direct-Team, 

I want to thank you for the amazing Bass that you send me. It was delivered last friday.

I'm realy very happy with it. This instrument will never leave me! 

I have one last question:

Can you tell me which strings (brand + strength) you have equipped the bass with? They are flattwounds that I like a lot and they are prefect for this instrument. Maybe I put them on other basses too.

Thank you for your short answer. 

Stay healthy!

Roland Blumenauer 

Kassel / Germany

Daniel Hermawan Arifin - Hofner ’63 Artist - 21/09/21

I am from indonesia. This Bass Guitar Shop is incredibly good, This shop surprisingly has a stock of rare Dark Reddish Brown Hofner '63 Artist and it takes only 9 days shipping from UK to Indonesia.

I highly recommend this shop for bass lover from all around the world

Ian Houlding - Willcox Saber HexFX 4-String Phantom Black - 09/09/21

Hi Mark,

It is now - more or less.

No one obviously looked at this bass before or after it was shipped from the USA. It was virtually unplayable - the neck had a bow in it that needed a full turn of the truss rod nut. Once it was straight it was apparent that (at least) the top 5 frets had not been seated properly - there was a gap of over 0.2mm between a straight-edge and the second fret. Once I'd pressed the first fret in properly I then had to repeat the process on the second fret etc, etc.

It's now playable but the 'A' string still rattles if hit a bit hard - I'm going to pass it to my local tame luthier when I have time - I would have probably done this anyway. It might be worth feeding this back to Willcox - maybe they're only competent to make fretless basses :-)

Kind regards,


Steve Richardson - Strandberg Boden Bass 4 Prog - 08/09/21

Hi Mark.

Thanks for all your help on Monday.

This is the first time I’ve been enthusiastic about a bass…..since………er……er……..well, so long ago I can’t remember.

quite frankly, I’m not sure I want to play my other basses…….ever. 

I’m now officially a Strandberg fan.

Its somewhat triggered a personal renaissance, which is much needed in the current climate! 

See you when I come back in to get one of those nice GR rigs!

All the best, Steve 

Paul Protheroe - Replacement part for TC Electronic RH450 - 08/09/21

Hi Mark, thanks for sending the replacement part. Really pleased with the service. 

Best regards,


Glynn Murray - Secondhand Hofner HCT 500/1 Violin Bass - 03/09/21

Hi Mark and team,

Another great purchase – the Hofner used Contemporary 500/1 violin bass is great fun.  Used it on two folk/dance practice nights with lovely comments. I did prefer this model with the wooden sound block to the more expensive hollow body ones in the shop and the condition is superb for used – like new.

Many thanks – use as a testimonial if you like.  (I think it still shows as “On hold” on your website).


Neil in The UK - GRBAss AT212 Slim  - 01/09/21



I bought an At 212 Slim from Bass Direct (UK) just over a month ago.


I am in two bands, and I haven’t used it live yet but I have used it at about eight rehearsals.


I’ve used it with a 35+ year old Laney head, a Bass Terror and a Trace Elliott Elf and five different basses of different types. Every time I get compliments about how good it sounds.


Even though these amps are well under its capacity (the Laney is a fairly puny 150W)  the cab is very loud with not a lot of power going into it. I’ve never been able to get such fantastic sounds before or to have the reassurance of my amps doing little more than tick over but easily keeping pace with a six-piece band.


The AT212 also looks great and weighs not much more than a quarter as much as my Trace Elliot 4x10 combo and much less than my old 2x12 cabs, yet sounds much ‘bigger’. I also have the custom cover, which is nice and well made.


I’d also like to thank Bass Direct who gave me plenty of time and space to try out the cab.


I can’t wait to try out my new rig live – I have four gigs lined up, and hopefully many more to come in the New Year.


Bets wishes and many thanks for a great product.





Macsen in The UK - Preowned Yamaha bass  - 01/09/21


The yamaha has just arrived today and I just have to say how thankful and how thrilled I am with it, it was setup really nicely and fully cleaned and was packed very well, it is such a beautiful instrument and looks even better in the flesh. I just want to say how impressed I was with the speed, quality, and service I received.



Andy Herbert - Secondhand Phil Jones Bass Compact 4 x2 - 31/08/21

Hi Mark

I used the C4 rig this evening at a band rehearsal. Wow it’s a big improvement in clarity and  the mids  really  cut through the mix. Amazing for such a small cabinet. It’s a big rehearsal space and I cranked it up a couple of times and there’s so much power available.

Good to talk today will no doubt be back again. could you send me a copy of the invoice please.


Andy Herbert

Mark in The UK - Genzer Aray 102/350 combo  - 23/08/21

Mark just to say how pleased I am with the Genzler 350 combo and array  - great clarity and definition and really cuts through in the band environment - very good build quality and amp range of sounds is very very useful also headphones and aux in is great and I find the mute button very useful when switching to playing guitar on some numbers - I mainly play Precisions for which it is about perfect - I would highly recommend !! many thanks - Chris

Mark in The UK - Dingwall NG3 5 Gold  - 15/08/21

Hi Mark 

Thanks for your help & advice yesterday it’s always most welcome. The Dingwall is absolutely fab it sounds super through the vanderkley cab. 

All the best 


Steve in The UK - GR Bass AT212 Slim - 15/08/21

Hi Mark,

Just thought I’d drop you a line about my recent purchase of the GR Bass 212 from you. I used it at a gig last night for the first time and came away impressed. Very loud, but very clear. I like a very bassy tone and it handled this no problem with no muddiness at all. Overall I definitely prefer it to the Barefaced Super Twin that I part  ex’d with you, so I’m really pleased with my purchase. On top of all of that it’s smaller than the ST and the weight saving is just amazing!!

These are amazing cabs!

Cheers and all the best,


Nick in The UK - Pre-owned G&L CLF - 03/08/21

Heh Mark 

Received safe and sound. Wow what a quality bass 

Really pleased . Will fire it up later 

Thanks again mate great service 👍



Darren in South Africa - Dingwall NG3 5 - 04/08/21

I just want to say thank you to Mark and Ashley for helping me get my first Dingwall.

I managed to play a bit today and it is an impeccable instrument. 

Thank you again for the excellent service and we will definitely do more business very soon


DJ Yen

Andy in the UK - Baibcz bridge - 03/08/21

Hi Bassdirect People


Just a quick massive thanks for the prompt delivery of the Babicz bridge, wasn't that a nice surprise when I got home? The difference it has made to my old P.bass is immense, just so much more tone, I really don’t know why I didn’t get around to this earlier.

Jean Claude in France - Kala U bass - 01/08/21

Hi everybody at Bass Direct

I am a bass enthusiast from France, handicapped and sitting in a wheelchair. Despite being a complete beginner, I decided that it was not too late to learn to play bass . So I got myself an amp,  a cable and a very good bass (probably too good for a beginner… but I loved the sound, shape and colour !) : a Warwick RB Corvette Classic.

Pretty soon I realised that a regular size (34’ scale) bass guitar was quite difficult to play in my wheelchair : loss of balance; body and headstock, or neck, going in the way of the armrests, and so many other physical limitations resulting in difficulties with playing that I couldn’t foresee 😓

Quite disappointed, I went occasionally through the ads of Reverb (amongst others), looking for alternatives, when I came across your ad.  I didn’t know that such a bass existed : so tiny !  👶🎸

It didn’t look like a real bass guitar, but a cute little toy (with a hefty price tag!). But the ad was very well done, the specs looked quite promising and, after viewing a couple of videos on YouTube, I decided to go for it and I bought it. What do I think about it ? Well, to paraphrase Prince in his song Sister, the Kala California U  Bass “ is everything it’s said to be“…  A midget bass with a giant sound !! 🌊🎵📢(Sorry, not quite politically correct, that one…)

An incredible low end that makes other bass guitars sound like toys : so DEEP, yet so clear… Probably not the best instrument for slapping. But when it comes to bass tones, I can’t see what could possibly beat it. A double bass ? A triple bass ?… 🤔

But seriously, thank you for making me know about that wonderful instrument.

It’s in a class or its own. It sits so easily and naturally onto my lap and in my hands, it’s a joy to play ! A toast for the short and mini scale basses ! 🎸

And when I play better, I can still go back to my Corvette and see what I can do with it, with my new "skills”…

Thanks again Bass Direct. There’s only one little problem (and it’s got nothing to do with you, guys) : due to the tectonic plates of politics, Britain has significantly drifted away from the European mainland, making it much more expensive to shop around in the UK, tax wise. Too bad…

But when that stupid pandemic is over😵, I do plan to stop and visit you in Warwick on my way to Stoke-on-Trent, where my son lives with his significant other.

Best wishes

Jean-Claude Nardone

Alan in the UK - Vigier Excess - 29/07/21

Hi Mark,Ashley..

The Vigier Excess arrived yesterday!!

I am absolutely delighted with it, Plays and sounds truly fantastic, made up to be honest..Thanks for all your help..

Best wishes.


Peter in the UK - USed Fender Jaguar - 28/07/21

Dear Bass Direct

Just a note to acknowledge with many thanks indeed safe delivery of MIJ

Fender Jaguar Bass by DX at the appointed time this morning. Industrial

bubble wrap served well.

I'm glad to say its condition is very much as I expected with no further

blemishes disclosed than those revealed in your illustrations and

discussed over the phone.

As a precaution I have removed the battery for now since I do not yet

know when it is engaged. I'll look for the original spec on-line.

It also fits like a glove an old spare 'road worn' Jazz Bass case thrown

my way many years ago at home.

Many thanks for your prompt and courteous attention.



Rob in the UK- Secondhand Mesa Boogie Head - 27/07/21

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know I got into that 4x10 cab; the amp sounds great! Clear as a bell until the overdrive kicks in... awesome!

Thanks again for the great service and customer care, I hope I can get round to buying a bass off you some day, let me know if you come across any Alembics.

Bye for now ;-)

Rob Turnbull

Louie in the UK- Secondhand Status Bass - 23/07/21

That's alright, thank you for the quick reply.

The bass is fantastic and is everything I wanted so thank you very much once again

Thank you (for one more time haha), Louie

Oystein in Norway - Roscoe Custom SKB4 Fretless Flamed Koa Top, 2013 - 09/07/21

Hi, I have tested the fretless bass a lot last days, yesterday in a band rehearsal - man, this is good, so responsive and only my own ability is the limit of expression. The eq is spot on also

Very happy buyer.

Have a Nice summer

Brgds Oystein 

George Baldwin - Dingwall ABII 5 Olive Green Metallic - 02/06/21

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thank you to you and Ash the other week for all your help with the new Dingwall. 

It’s really refreshing talking to people who really know their stuff - it gave me a lot of confidence over the decision to go for it. It’s an incredible instrument and I’m really glad I did!

Thanks again,


Matthew Pearson - Sandberg VT4 Masterpiece - 04/06/21

Hey Mark

Just had half an hour with it, absolutely love it. There's definitely some kind of secret mojo infused in these masterpiece basses, I know they're not for everyone but for me they are perfect. I'm even more excited for the TT now! :) 

Thanks again for your help


Stephen Spain - Custom Order Sandberg VS5 - 08/06/21

Hi Mark, a quick note to say how delighted i am with my new California VS5 - my first new guitar in nearly 40 years of playing !

I hadn't even heard of Sandberg before i discovered Bass Direct but once i played a few i knew my search was over .

I had high expectations but the VS5 surpassed them ; fit and finish are flawless - far superior to any comparable 'Brand F' - and set up was perfect out of the box.

It's SO pretty and sounds brilliant through a Big Muff ...😃

Thanks again for your smooth, efficient and friendly service- 


Pete Townson - GRBass AT212 Carbon - 06/06/21

Good morning Mark, Ashley,

Got cab yesterday thank you. Bit worried as box damaged but cab was ok. 

Had a quick go last night. Plenty of punch and bass. Frustratingly going to be a while before I can spend some time with it.

The weight is incredible. 

Thank you again. Very happy.


James Reeve - NG3 5 Ferrari Green - 14/06/21

I absolutely love my new Dingwall, best bass I have ever played! Excellent price and fast shipping. Thanks Bass Direct for the brilliant service!


John Birt - Secondhand Vanderkley 115MN6 - 15/06/21

Hi Mark -thanks for sending the replacement stacking corner - it arrived today and is now fitted.

Appreciate the great service.

Best wishes.


Phil Dunning - MIJ Fender Precision Basses - 17/06/21

Just to say thanks for two lovely Precision basses bought by my youngest son and myself within the last couple of weeks. They were the MIJ s/b r/w and a few days ago the aged Olympic white, black s/p and lovely maple neck model. 

The latter had a great set-up straight out of the case and sounds superb, not to mention much mojo…

The MIJ had to have a slight adjustment in action height but now fine, what a bass that is,…beautiful and immaculate condition.

I shall certainly recommend Bass Direct when the appropriate moment arises.

(BTW….The ex Westside rep’ Greig is my eldest son, he has mentioned you to me re’ finding a nice bass. Greig is now at Peach Guitars, Colchester).

Kindest regards,

Phil Dunning.

Bastien Vergnet in France - MTD Kingston ZX5 Trans Black - 22/06/21

Hi Mark, hi Ashley,

I received the bass yesterday and it sounds great!

I will definitely dig it this summer and I am very happy so far.

Thank you for your accurate advices and time, and sorry for being picky with tracking and changing case, etc...

Have a nice week end,

Best regards,


Chris Wright - Sandberg Ida Nielsen Repair - 22/06/21

Hi Mark,

Just a quick note to say thanks for sorting out James’ Sandberg bass. 

We received it a couple of days ago - it’s been set up really well and is playing beautifully.

Thanks again,


Michael Wilson - Bergantino NXT112 - 23/06/21

Hi Mark,

Amp seems to be working great. Sounds amazing! Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your effort over the last few months. I’m so pleased.

Look forward to doing business with you again.

Thanks again.


Chris Beedie - Secondhand Euphonic Audio Wizzy E - 23/06/21

Hi Mark and team

Hope all’s well. The cab just arrived, I make that less than 18 hours total from my first seeing it on your website!! Outstanding, many thanks


Tim Burke - Secondhand Sandberg VS4 Tobaccoburst - 01/07/21

Absolutely outstanding service ! Ordered the bass yesterday afternoon and its here in the morning, next day. Perfectly set up !

Neil Brooker - Secondhand Sandberg TM4 Nighthawk Inca silver - 01/07/21

Hi Mark 

Came into the shop today so didn’t bump into you . Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for the exemplary service as always , and also for the very fair part ex deal . I’m very happy with the Sandberg nighthawk and will be visiting you again soon to look at some GR bass amps . Really appreciate your help . 

Kind regards 

Neil Brooker 

John Hickson - PJB Compact 2 - 02/07/21

Cabinet arrived yesterday . Thanks all at Bass direct . Amazing piece of kit that belies its size . A lot easier on the back than humping an old heavy 112 about . 

Cheers chaps

Simon Walsh - Modern Vintage MVP4-62 Surf Green - 08/07/21

Morning Mark.

The bass has just been delivered & mighty nice it is too,I'm extremely impressed with it,its better than I expected.

Can't wait to finish work & get it plugged in 😁

I don't think Fender can make a P bass this good,the neck is beautiful 

Submitted on the 6th June 2021 by Roughy in Israel

Hi Mark

A few hours ago I received the Fodera. The delivery arrived in excellent condition, I played a bit on the bass and it's an amazing guitar

I wanted to say thank you very much for everything, I really enjoyed  your professionalism, your quick answers and the quick trade

Thank you for everything


Submitted on the 24th May 2021 by Martin in the UK

Hi Mark,

Bass delivered and all is good.

Thank you for the attention you gave to this, it speaks well for your business and I appreciate it.

See you next time.

Best Regards, Martin

Submitted on the 19th May 2021 by Richard in the UK

Mark and colleagues 

Thanks ever so for sending the Hohner B2A to me over the last few days. I received it yesterday and are very pleased with it - thanks for your service and support - look forward to ordering again from you in future 

All the best 

Richard (Halesowen) 

Submitted on the 18th May 2021 by Roger in the UK

Hi Mark,


Lovely to speak to you today and just a quick email to say a huge thank you.


I had recently purchased a Stuart Spector Legend Custom bass used (elsewhere) which whilst it plays beautifully, it sounded horribly weak! Anyway shortly after receiving it I started to notice the preamp was showing an intermittent fault where the volume was dropping in and it was either a case of scrap the bass or sort the electrics out, as it is such a fantastic bass to play I decided on the latter and gave you a kindly recommended a Glockenklang preamp...which I already had in a couple of other basses (from previous recommendations from your good self) and a pair of Nordstrand Big Blade pickups, which I had not used before...anyway they arrived and were fitted to the bass....all I can say is Wow, what a transformation, the Spector has now gone from my least favourite sounding bass to my go to bass for a rock band, a punk band and a covers band, if fact it is my go to bass period, trumping a couple of Status basses and a couple of vintage Precisions and a Stingray! From not being able to do anything this bass now covers everything with consummate ease!


I have to say a massive thank you for your experience to make such a good call on what would work for the bass.


Best regards


Submitted on the 17th May 2021 by Jordan in the UK

Hey Mark, 

I hope that all is well and you had a great weekend.

I just wanted to drop you a message to say the (Gruv Gear Backpack) bag came last week and it's epic! Have had a few people ask what brand it is and that I've shown, so passed on your details. 

Thank you once again for your help. Have a great week! 

Submitted on the 11th May 2021 by Luke in France

Just to let you know that I received the Spector Rudy Sarzo model, I ordered from Bass Direct last week. 

Was a wee bit disappointed at first because I found the sound a little "muffled'" First... Changed the strings... 

Actually it Just needed a wee truss Rod adjustment (& strings height) 😉 

Great Bass, love it ! 

Went alright through the customs... Didn't charge me more than expected 😉 

Thanks for everything ! 

Keep safe and Keep it up dear Mark. 

Many Thanks again 

You Rock @ Bass Direct ! 

Best regards 

Yours Sincerely , Luc, France 🇫🇷 

Submitted on the 10th May 2021 by Dave in the UK

Hi Ash/Mark,

Many thanks for the prompt shipping of the stainless steel inserts for the Hipshot Kickass bridge I bought from you. Here's a little bit of feedback from my playing point of view....should anyone enquire about opinions on it.

I quickly and easily changed it over from the brass ones , (that were fitted as standard )hoping for a brighter tonal character and it has certainly done that. It is now much closer to the Leo Quan Badass replacement that I have on my other MIJ fretless Jazz. It also gives the harmonics and false harmonics greater prominence and clarity .

All in all an excellent bridge ,great value with added flexibility to personalise ....and I still have the string spacing to experiment with too. Happy days. lol

Thanks again,


Submitted on the 9th May 2021 by Kevin in the USA - Hofner 500/1 bass

Outstanding customer service, fair pricing, and Amazingly Fast shipping to the US! I could go on...US Merchants should take note and beware. Thanks again, Mark!

Submitted on the 4th May 2021 by Anthony in Germany

Good Morning,

Just a quick mail to inform you that I have well received the BSX Allegro, everything was perfect. Thank you!

Kind regards,


Submitted on the 29th April 2021 by Shane in the USA


Thank you very very much for all your time, effort, consideration, and for your kindness through this whole trade process. Working with you has been an absolute delight, and better than 99% of my own domestic transactions here in the states. I only wish that I could have made all of my bass purchases from you and your shop. I will let you know when the Z3 arrives; I am very excited and brimming with anticipation.  Please take care and be well, Mark. I sincerely hope that we will work together again in the near future on another bass. After all, a bass player should have a 6 string...right? Haha! 

All my best,


Submitted on the 28th April 2021 by Patrick in France

Hi Mark,

I finally received the bass.

Musicman have really succeeded in improving the sound without distorting the legend and they have managed to make a more versatile and modern bass while keeping the sound of the musicman.

I am absolutely delighted with this purchase. 

I hope the brexit will not hurt you too much because you sell interesting basses.

Thanks a lot.

Kinds regards. Patrick

Submitted on the 23rd April 2021 by Jon in the UK

It (Secondhand Markbass CMD 121H copbo and extension cab) arrived yesterday, a brief in-house road-test

My word, it's superb! Rehearsal tonight much looked forward to. Significant improvement over the TC combo.

Only issue is it confirms a thought that it's time to pass on one or 2 of my basses as they are too radical a departure from my preferred tone.

The amp has been the first step in this process of readjustment.

Thanks for the candid and superbly well informed chat earlier this week.


Submitted on the 23rd April 2021 by Simon in the UK (DIngwall Combustion bass)

Hi Mark

Was good meeting you today. Unbelievably I had to pop into hospital on the way home for another blood test, making the 2 hour journey home nearly 3! All worth it in the end, as this bass is stunning. Already in drop c as well, seems perfectly set up so that's a lovely bonus. I see what you mean by the "dark arts". Though I've only had a short time with it, I can already feel the little extra bits it has over the cort. Like you said, the Cort is still good, but this has something else to it. Definitely gonna be spending a lot more time with it and get more used to the feel. The balance of it is incredible and the strap is lovely. 

Also, really appreciate the shirt. It's tricky to find any Dingwall merch over here, so I'm chuffed to have that.

Thanks again


Submitted on the 21st April 2021 by Robert in the UK

Got the bass yesterday, really nice instrument (NS Design NXT 5a). I will need to practise and learn the finger positions. Thank you for getting me the bass as it’s hard to find a lefty and the service was amazing!

Thanks Rog

Submitted on the 22nd April 2021 by Alper Yilmer in the Turkey

The NordyMute arrived in a week from the UK to Istanbul, Turkey! Quick and reliable customer service, great packaging, and quick shipment! Thank you very much!

Alper Yilmaz

Submitted on the 22nd April 2021 by Chris in the UK

Hi Mark

It arrived today - what a fantastic little thing (EWS pedal)!! It really is one of the most musical sounding overdrives I’ve tried. 

Thanks for such quick postage and see you soon


Submitted on the 21st April 2021 by Nick in the UK

Dear Mark,

It was a pleasure to visit you and the shop today. Thank you very much for giving me so much of your time and attention. I learnt a lot and came away with a great bass. I tried plugging the Sadowsky into everything I have, including an old Trace Elliot combo that I can't quite bear to get rid of. Half of it doesn't even work.

The Sadowsky sounds UNBELIEVABLE through it! It's not something I would necessarily use in what I do (not least because I don't want to cart the Trace Elliot around) but the tone is the fattest, bassiest, most awesome tone I have ever managed to create. You hear it in your legs before your ears. I am like a pig in clover!

By the way, my wife was philosophical. She just said, right - you'll have to fix the old sofa then! Indeed I will...

Best wishes,


Submitted on the 21st April 2021 by Paul in the UK

Spector NS5 XL, Genzler Magellan 800 and 2 Vanderkley 2x10s

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your help today, I just had to say the service is brilliant and the NX5 is my 3rd Spector (2nd American one) but it not only the nicest looking bass I have ever seen it is also the best playing and sounding bass I have ever come across too. I will have to wit a while to really give the amp a blast but I will let you know how it goes when I do. Thanks again.


Submitted on the 15th April 2021 by Russell in the UK


It's well worth the wait. Absolutely beautiful (Sandberg custom bass)  and the first bass I've ever bought that is perfectly setup straight out of the box.


Submitted on the 8th April 2021 by Andy in the UK

I had meant to say:

Bass (Dingwall NG2 6) successfully received, impressively promptly after ordering.

And it's awesome (tone, setup etc. all great). I haven't enjoyed playing so much in years.

Many thanks!


Submitted on the 28th March 2021 by Heribert in Italy

Dear Mark,

5 Weeks after that mail the Spector SpectorCore bass finally arrived. Thanks for all your efforts! Wonderful instrument.

All the best,


Submitted on the 27th March 2021 by Guido in Germany

Hi Mark,

yes of course. The bass (Yamaha BBNEII Black) arrived today Everything is fine and perfect. Thanx again and all the best for you. Have a nice weekend.

Kind regards


Submitted on the 25rd March 2021 by Martin in the UK

Hi Mark

The bass (Sandberg VT4) arrived this morning - I think I’m going to love it 

Thank you for the fantastic and swift service

Much appreciated and best wishes


Submitted on the 23rd March 2021 by James in the UK

Hi Mark,

Well, the Spector USA Forte 5 arrived safely at around lunchtime today (23rd March). Everything in good order and no damage sustained during shipping.

It was absolute torture working all afternoon knowing that it was sat in its case only a few feet away. Within two minutes of finishing work I had it out, tuned up and plugged in. All I can say is WOW!

As an added bonus, it is even lighter than I was expecting, never a bad thing.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know it arrived okay and to thank you once again for letting me upgrade from having the Ethos 5 and Dimension 5 to getting this Forte instead. It was 100% the right decision.

All the best.


James Goldsworthy.

Submitted on the 19th March 2021 by Charles in the UK

Good morning Ashley,

Apologies for my late reply. I thought I'd let you know that the strings had arrived a couple of days ago.

Worth the wait, very pleased!

Thank you for your emails and keeping me up to date, I do appreciate it.

All the best,


Submitted on the 18th March 2021 by Aaron in the UK

Hi Mark

Lovely (Maruszczyk) bass, very well made, slight adjustment to action needed on one string but actually in tune straight out of the box. Super impressed. 

The Walbucker is very “Wal-ish”.

Thanks for all your help and excellent service, which is standard in your case!

Best regards

Aaron Curtis

Submitted on the 18th March 2021 by Dave in the UK

Just a quick email to say the Spector CK-4 arrived fine and a lot quicker than I was expecting! Tweaked to my own preference of action and it plays and sounds great! It is a present to myself for my 50th this year.

Thanks for the great service and great bass!

Dave Lee

Submitted on the 18th March 2021 by Nigel in the UK

I purchased a Spector Bantam and after finding out they had 2 in stock I asked if they could take pictures of them as the maple tops I had seen had varied.

They unfortunately did not have them in the shop but arranged for them to be sent down from their warehouse so I could choose which one I wanted. Fantastic customer service and would highly recommend and use again.

Couldn't be happier with the actual bass either.

Submitted on the 17th March 2021 by Mate in Czech

Hi Mark!

Thank you for your patience and help!

I'm happy now!

Best regards,

Máté (Dingwall D Roc 5)

Submitted on the 17th March 2021 by Cesar in Norway

Hi Mark,

The bass (custom order Sandberg Panther) was delivered safe and sound. Fabulous bass. Thanks very much for sorting it out, greatly appreciated.



Submitted on the 17th March 2021 by Erik in Sweden


Picked up the Hellwood yesterday: super cool looks and sounds nice 😊

Kind regards

//Erik Oskarsson

Submitted on the 11th March 2021 by Cesar in Norway

Hi again!

Just wanted to say thank you for the support on order, just got home from the store after picking them up so I'm a happy camper and can't wait to get started on my custom buffer solution for my board.

I'll definitely will order again from you guys, great stuff!! :D

Have a nice day and stay safe!

Best Regards // Mvh

Cesar Ojeda

Submitted on the 11th March 2021 by Jim in the UK

Hi Mark,

Hope you’re well. Just received my Fodera- wow! I plan on sending a bit of a longer message at a later point but just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help throughout this whole process. It’s a bit daunting (and maybe a little foolish...) to spend so much money on an instrument, so it means a lot to work with people such as yourself and to draw on your experience and knowledge. For now, thank you so much- I couldn’t be much happier.

Best wishes,


Submitted on the 11th March 2021 by Nick in the UK

Hi Mark,


Sorry I didn’t get to say hi yesterday, but thank you very much for holding the Hofner (Club 500/2) for me.

Other than it being a 2016 build I really can’t see anything ‘B’ about it, it’s lovely. The only downside is it causes addiction to playing honkey 60s basslines – which isn’t a bad thing.


Thanks again,


Submitted on the 11th March 2021 by Shaun in the UK


The Bass (Warwick LX4) arrived yesterday. 

Thanks again for excellent service and support. 



Submitted on the 10th March 2021 by Bill in the UK

Thank you chaps another excellent bass (Warwick $$4) from your wonderful establishment.

I really should sort myself out and when it is possible come to shop in person.

It maybe a costly visit for me but ha why not.



Submitted on the 9th March 2021 by Marc in the UK


The bass (Cort B 4 Fretless)  arrived today, set up was spot in and it plays and sounds beautiful, I’m amazed it was so cheap for the quality! Thanks again for your brilliant customer support and great service.


Submitted on the 4th March 2021 by Jim in the USA

Hi Mark 

4004 Cii arrived safe and sound.  

Many thanks for the fast shipping 



Submitted on the 18th February 2021 by Stefan in Norway

Got my new Warwick (CV4), and this is endgame for me. Love it!

Thanks again for excellent service to you all! 👌

Kind regards

Stefan Eide

Submitted on the 18th February 2021 by Frank in the UK

Hi Ashley, the Hofner 500/1 arrived this morning, wonderful stunning service;

I'm delighted, thank you so much.

My very best to you and yours.


Submitted on the 28th February 2021 by Andrew in the UK

GR dual amp and 4x10 cab

Add your comments here - you may add any links to your band/project *

You guys never fail to amaze me, even in lockdown your advice remains impeccable.

After exchanging a few e-mails you confirmed my intention to go down the GR route would be excellent and at the same time different.

So within a few days all my gear arrived safe and sound, well packed and timely.

So then it was time to test it, it’s been a week now and I’m still blown away, I’m still hardly moving the eq as the sound from my basses remains pure and clean. The carbon fibre 4x10 roars like the lion on my Enfield.

Amazing gear, amazing service once again from an great dealer.

Many thanks


Submitted on the 25th February 2021 by Carol in the UK

Hi Mark,

Quick note to say big thank you for your brilliant service. The Bernie Goodfellow five string is absolutely beautiful. I'm well pleased. It'll go with the rest of my collection (18 and counting!), and I don't play very well. I love zebrano, this is the sixth one all the grain is unique.

I've been after a GB for years and this I think is the mutts nuts. Now I'll save up for a Stonefield, a Tobias and a Roscoe then that will be me done. I hope.

Thanks again,


Submitted on the 24th February 2021 by Terry in the UK

Hi Mark.


Good catching up yesterday.


I’m stunned into silence how good this little 210 is. I actually can’t believe what comes out of such a small lightweight box.


New Bergantino fan here!


Talk soon J

Submitted on the 18th February 2021 by Frank in the UK

Hi Mark

Pre-own bass delivered back to me, complete with in-date battery!

Fantastic customer service, as always .

Thanks again

Best Regards

Submitted on the 16th February 2021 by Tony in the UK

Hi Mark

Just a short note to say that the Yamaha TRB JPII is brilliant - so happy with it!

Appreciate all your help and advice.

Best regards


Submitted on the 15th February 2021 by Ian in Canada

Hi Mark,

The Elrick arrived without any issues! What a fantastic bass! So light and comfortable to play. 

So just wanted to thank you for yet another painless purchase! I will continue to purchase from you!

All the best

Ian Ross

Submitted on the 4th February 2021 by Lionel in France


I've just received the fretless Jabba: so gorgeous look and sounds !

Thank you for the commercial invoice declaration (I appreciate) and thank you again for your reactivity and explanations.

I won’t hesitate to buy at Bass direct, even with the Brexit !

Warm regards,


Submitted on the 16th January 2021 by Paul in the UK

Hi Mark and team. Just bought a Phil Jones Bighead headphone amp from you guys and must say I'm delighted with it! A beautiful piece of engineering that makes practising so easy. The tone I get through this is so transparent and so clear it whets my appetite for trying more Phil Jones products! The Bighead comes with everything you need 'lead' wise, is dead easy to use and has a sound quality that picks up every nuance of you bass tone! Great for connecting to your smartphone for playing to backing tracks as well. Battery lasts for ages - very clever piece of kit. Always keen to buy what I can through you guys as you run an Aladdin's Cave for bass players!

Thanks again for the recent advice and great service. Also loving the secondhand Stingray 5 I bought just before Christmas and my son Rob is making great use of Fender P bass (Jap) that he bought a year or so back. Here is a track of him playing that very bass with band Third Lung, and the track Sister Sinner!!

King regards, Paul Jacques

Submitted on the 3rd January 2021 by Mark in the UK

Hello All,

Happy New Year to you all.

I would like to send this short email to thank you for facilitating my purchase of the Vigier Passion 5 string bass, it is a truly special, wonderful instrument with a voice all of its own. Having owned a few very nice instruments that have tended to sound fairly generic, it is very refreshing to play a bass which sounds so unique, clear and balanced. I have spent some time over the last few days trying to get used to the low B which was my only concern, but having the extra low notes is proving to be a real advantage especially when playing along to to some of my favourite Incognito and more recent George Duke tunes.

Your shop is definitely a very special place for bassists and I hope to visit again at some point in the future if only to say hello.

Kind regards,

Mark Yates.

Submitted on the 1st January 2021 by Mike in the UK

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the bass (Sandberg Nighthawk)! It’s amazing. The build quality is spot on, and the neck and balance are the best i have experienced. And the tone completely blew me away, the pick ups and active circuit sound incredible, and in passive mode its also brilliant. 

And it looks incredible! 

Thanks very much



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