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Double bass Bows

Stentor 1517A 4/4 bow - £90

Hidersine DeLuxe 6B Rossin  - £6.50

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This double bass bow from Stentor has a high quality Brazilwood stick. There is a full mounted ebony frog, and it is ideal for a musician looking for a great value piece of kit to play their double bass.

1517 Enhanced Double Bass Bow

•Romanian, brazilwood stick.

•Ebony frog.

•Supplied in 4/468-72cm

Weight: 141gms

Ideal starter bow

  1. Hidersine 6b double bass rosin all weather black cake rosin

  2. Wrapped in a cloth protector and packed in a sealed box

  3. Suitable for all levels of instrument and player

  4. Sold worldwide for over 130 years

  5. Naturally produced from fir and pine resin


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