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Jaco Colour System Book - £18

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The SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM is a unique and innovative method to study music that bridges Music Theory and the Mechanics of string instruments.

An intuitive system to map and internalise Notes, Scales and Shapes over the entire fretboard to develop accuracy and to unlock your playing.

The original graphics and illustrations are intuitive tools to visualise and internalise the symmetry of the fretboard – a crucial aspect to mastering the instrument – and to learn music concepts through practical application.

Levels: Beginner to Advanced.

  This system aims to build a strong understanding of music theory and its application on the instrument, to fill some of the gaps that may have occurred during previous studies, and to provide another point of view to look at music.


5 Star review

“A unique, innovative, and refreshing Scale Colour System by Alex Lofoco, which helps the player demystify the fingerboard, scales, intervals, arpeggios, modes and more! A very easy to follow, intuitive and visually instinctual method that bassists of any age and ability can comprehend. If traditional bass method and theory books have left you feeling bewildered & confused, then this book could well be a game changer!”

– Dave Swift (Jools Holland)

A fresh look into Jaco’s playing to learn from “the greatest bass player in the world” Contemporary Bass Guitar: Jaco Pastorius is the new book of the Legacy Series by SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM. To be released on Jaco’s birthday December 1st. This work, in the words of the author, expresses his “desire to highlight the universal quality of the examples included in Jaco's "Modern Electric Bass" video, and to present them through a fresh and comprehensive approach accessible for everyone.”

Contemporary Bass Guitar: Jaco Pastorius by Alex Lofoco is a thorough analysis of Jaco’s “Modern Electric Bass” examples. The revised transcriptions are complete with TABs, detailed explanation and extra exercises to provide an all-inclusive guide that would work both as a stand-alone method as well as complement to the video (not included in this publication).

The integration of SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM diagrams provides additional help in demystifying the fretboard geometry. The 29 examples included deal all aspects • Technique • Scales • Arpeggios • Chords • Improvisation • Harmonics • Solo Bass This manual is for anyone who is already familiar with Jaco’s music and would like to have a fresh look into his bass playing, or someone who is moving their first steps into the fun world of making music and would like to learn from a bass master. Alex Lofoco is an Italian born bassist and educator. A strong passion for music in his early teens led him to embrace music as a performer, producer and author. He then moved to London where he graduated in Popular Music Performance – BMus (Hons) at the University of West London. During his studies in London Alex started holding bass clinics and masterclasses, sharing his passion for research and development in music education. Alex translated the Italian version of the video “Modern Electric Bass” and published his unique method SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM.

Some endorsements on Alex’s Scale Colour System include:

“I wish I had a copy of this book when I was starting out!” MICHAEL MANRING

“Very interesting and different approach, I’m sure it would benefit and help some players to develop a better understanding of the bass neck.” ALAIN CARON

“It takes a creative mind to be able to successfully get across the daunting task of understanding the guitar fretboard. Alex has managed to create a visual medium to make the task much easier.” JENNIFER BATTEN

Alex with Victor Wootton


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