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BSX Allegro 4  Nutmeg  £2599 Free UK shipping

BSX Allegro 5  Tobaccoburst  £2949  Free UK shipping

Add Floor tripod stand to order £80

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  2. Shown above - BSX Allegro Tobaccoburst, Right Allegro Nutmeg

BSX Bass guitars are hand made in the USA and have an enviable list of professional users including Brian Bromberg, Verdine White, Mike Pope and Dave Pomeroy, now available in the UK and EU from Bass Direct, we are very proud to be working with the highly skilled team at BSX. Please contact us to make an order.

ALLEGRO ACOUSTIC 4 string (list prices £2650, 5 string £3150)

The BSX Bass Allegro Acoustic-Electric is the best of both worlds. For tone, you get the depth and ring of an acoustic upright bass, with extremely flexible electronics. The multi-sensor piezo bridge system coupled with active circuit Bartolini electronics sounds extremely realistic both pizzicato and bowed. BSX Allegro Series feature a 3-band EQ, on-board pre-amp, and an individual volume control for each string. For looks, you get one of the coolest hybrids of classical styling and modern technology you've ever seen!

BSX Bass Allegro Acoustic-Electric Upright Bass Features:

  1. Top Wood: Spruce

  2. Back: 5-ply Baltic Birch

  3. Sides: Formed Maple (w/bass bar and sound post inside)

  4. Neck: Maple (bolt on)

  5. Scale length: 41 1/2"

  6. Nut width: 4 string 1 5/8", 5 string 1 3/4"

  7. Fingerboard: Ebony

  8. Multi-sensor piezo bridge system

  9. 3-band EQ

  10. On-board preamp

  11. Individual string volume

  12. Nutmeg with satin finish is standard

  13. Fitted gig bag

  14. Strung with D'Addario Helicore Hybrid stings

  15. Optional tripod stand  - £80

  16. Optional thigh rest - £55

Compact amplification for double bass.

  1. PHIL JONES BASS Briefcase 100w combo - the perfect practise combo for home or small groups

  2. PHIL JONES BASS Double four 70w combo - the perfect practise combo for home or small groups

  3. PHIL JONES BASS CUB 100w combo - super sound, very lightweight, ideal for small gigs

  4. Genzler MG350 combo 350w combo - the perfect practise combo for home or small groups

Optional floor stand - £80

Colour options;

Amber, Tobacco, Green

Purple, Blue, Red

Nutmeg, Spalted maple

Customer feedback;

Submitted on the 15th September 2012 by Dan who purchased a BSX Allegro 4 string bass

Hi Mark,

Just dropping you a line to say how pleased I am with my BSX Allegro! Such an amazing sound and haven't stopped playing it since I got it from you last week. I would highly recommend these to anyone that wants an electric upright that sounds, feels and plays like a acoustic upright, absolutely amazing!

Thanks again,


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of electronics are used?
A: BSX Basses house Bartolini Electronics. An active circuit which features a master volume, treble-cut & boost, mid range and bass-cut & boost. The system incorporates a 3-band EQ, onboard preamp, and an individual volume control for each string. This works in conjunction with our mutli-sensor Piezo Bridge.

Q: What is the difference between the acoustic and solid body models?
A: Allegro acoustic has a fatter, woody acoustic sound. The Half Note Acoustic has the same punch but not as fat sounding as the Allegro. The solid body basses have an electric upright sound.

Q: Can your basses be played Pizzacato and Arco?
A: Yes, all of them can.

Q: Is the action adjustable?
A: Yes, all BSX models are adjustable by way of a quick and easy pivot system that changes the angle of the neck.

Q: How adjustable is the end pin?
A: BSX Basses have a 24" adjustable end pin. Also available in shorter and longer sizes depending on preference.

Q: Could you tell me about your Gig Bag?
A: Our Gig Bag is made of tear resistant Cordura with 1" thick padding all around and accomodates both neck on & off modes.

Q: Is there any possible distortion or feedback?
A: NO. All BSX Basses are shielded, no hums or feedback are prevalent and it records exceptionally well.

Q: What are the standard finishes?
A: All colours represented on our Allegro page can be applied to any model.

Q: What type of strings are used?
A: As a standard string, BSX uses D'Addario Helicore Hybrid stings. We also offer the Thomastik Spirocore Weich as an upgrade.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

Bass Care Instructions

Piezo Bridge:
Multi transducer Bridge w/3 band EQ
Bullet pickup w/3 band EQ
Upgrade-Multi Trans. Bridge

Trim Pots:
One turn Trim Pots
Each string can be individually balanced
Clockwise increases volume (STOP 1:00)
Counter clockwise decreases volume (STOP 4:00)
(DO NOT FORCE beyond these points, this will
DAMAGE Trim Pots. (Use small screwdriver)

Buffer Settings for Trim Pots:
With the Bass laying on it's side... neck on left end pin on right... back facing you,
Look very close at the Trim Pots the centre has a small arrow head.

(( Individual Trim pot arrow should be set no higher than 9:00 ))
(( Master vol. should be set no higher than 6:00 ))

If set at full range ---- bass will distort.
The higher the settings the chance is greater to distort.
The Pre Amp is very powerful and will over drive the system.

(This should be done only to balance the string volume not to increase overall Volume of instrument ---- that should be done at the Amp.)

If one string is louder than the others you can set it lower ----- or bring the others higher to balance.

Note: When Battery is low this also will cause distortion.

Detachable Neck:
(For long distance travel)
To Remove Neck:
1. Lay bass on its side
2. Wrap strings right below nut with Velcro
3. Loosen Strings
4. Insert Alan wrench & turn counter clockwise
5. Unhook strings from tailpiece, loop & Velcro
to reassemble, reverse procedure

Action Adjustment:
(To change Action of Strings)
Should be NO separation between
heel of neck & body slot
Insert Alan Wrench
1. For LOW action: Loosen TOP screw 1/4 turn turn
bottom screw clockwise for desired action
2. For HIGH action: Turn BOTTOM screw counter clockwise
3. SNUG TOP screw

Tummy Rest:

End pin:
Adjustable up to 24"
Longer on Mini Allegro

(Battery should last up to 600 hrs.)
1. To save battery disengage jack when not in use
2. If bass begins to distort, replace battery

Master Volume
Treble - cut and boost
Mid Range - cut and boost
Bass - cut and boost

Gig Bag:
(To avoid DAMAGE, please observe
how the bass is packed in bag)
1. Lay the body in Gig Bag with bridge facing zipper part of bag.
2. Fingerboard should face body with padded separator in between
(T Basses only)

Bass Direct customer Richard picking up his new Allegro 4 in Green.

Customer reviews

Brian Bromberg

My BSX Allegro Acoustic Series is a great instrument. What I love most about it is that in addition to being a superb stand-in for my acoustic bass, it has it's own unique identity and voice-which makes it a key part of my bass rotation. Live, I used it most recently on a U.S./European tour with Lee Ritenour, Patrice Rushen, Ernie Watts and Alex Acuna, and it sounded fantastic; a lot of people came up to me wanting to know what it was. When you amplify and mike it at an outdoor jazz festival or in a large club, it sounds huge; it has a really big, growly, modern sound, and it's flexible enough to get a great, traditional, woody, jazz acoustic bass tone, as well. In the studio, I've used it on a number of CDs because, again, it has its own personality. It's way bigger than a fretless-with a lot more bottom and growl-and it has a more focused, present sound than an acoustic bass-plenty of clarity and sustain without sounding too airy. You can hear me using it on "When I Look In Your Eyes," from my CD, Choices. Another great quality, considering how difficult it is to take an acoustic bass on the road these days, is that it's so travel-friendly. I took it on a cruise to Alaska and played it in my cabin while watching the glaciers go by! Thanks Dino, my BSX is pure fun to play!
-Brian Bromberg, Solo artist, Chris Botti, Stan Getz, Dave Grusin, Michael Buble, Nancy Wilson, Billy Cobham

Mike Pope

When I joined the Manhattan Transfer, I knew I'd need an electric upright that would travel easily, be able to be played loud in large venues, and have a sound that was easy for the production crew to mix. At the same time it would have to play like an acoustic bass and be adaptable to styles ranging from early Fletcher Henderson to Miles Davis. Finding an instrument that would do those things, and weigh less than 50 lbs., including a flight case, was easy once I found Dino Fiumara and BSX! My Allegro Acoustic Series is versatile and flexible enough to get a wide array of sounds out of it, from thumpy, old-school swing, to a modern, sustaining, more-electric sound. It's just a very musical bass. It plays effortlessly, the neck feels great, it adjusts easily, it was well set-up on delivery, and it packs up small and light. Thanks again, Dino!
-Mike Pope, Solo artist, David Sanborn, Chick Corea, Manhattan Transfer, Bill Bruford's Earth Works, Mike Stern

David Santos

My BSX [fill in model name] is incredible! It's by far the most acoustic-bass-sounding electric upright. It rings loud and true, and it has that nice booming thump. I've used it on sessions and gigs, and people are amazed. I also love the electric side of it, being a fan of people like Eberhard Weber and Sting. You can get a really distinct, rich electric upright sound and the EQ is very flexible. Playability-wise, it's very easy to adjust the angle of the neck for comfort, and to raise and lower the action. On top of all that, it's great to travel with-compact, strong and road worthy. Thanks, Dino, I don't know what I'd do without my BSX!
-David Santos, Crosby Stills & Nash, Billy Joel, John Fogerty, The Neville Brothers, Elton John, Billy Preston

Verdine White

My BSX Series 2000 is a great electric upright that really adds to my bass arsenal. The bass is white; the tone is tight and right! I use it on jazz and Latin grooves. I love my BSX!
-Verdine White, Earth Wind & Fire

Review From Dave Pomeroy

"The BSX T4 is a great sounding electric upright bass. It emulates the complex sound of an acoustic bass incredibly well, yet still has its own unique character. The electronics are clean, punchy, and versatile, and the individual gain controls for each string are a great feature. I have never played any other electric upright that has such a smooth transition from pizzicato to arco playing. On top of all this, it's a great value, too. I love this bass and would recommend that anyone interested in electric uprights, check it out!"
Personal Letters From Around The World To Dino Fiumara

Ron Monroe

Ron Monroe
New York City

Carlos Bermudez

"Thank you very much for a job well done. I appreciate you being always there to back your work up". Take care
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Alec Brindell

"I've played the electric bass for 15 years and recently decided to take on the challenge of learning the upright. I did a lot of research across the internet and found Dino Fiumara's EUBs to the best insofar as quality for the price, BAR NONE. How could you go wrong when you are able to speak with Dino-the creator of the bass himself? Before purchasing I called repeatedly and asked many questions of which Dino always answered with utmost patience and respect. I never felt like I was in a hurry to buy anything. Now, my Allegro 4 string EUB is the only thing I play. It has an incredible sound and the transition to a much longer scale was easier than I thought! Thanks for making an incredible instrument!" I LOVE that bass. It has the most beautiful sound. It practically plays itself. !! I know you said to play the bass in good health but if I play this bass in much better health, I'd be a saint!
Alec Brindell
Macon, Georgia -USA

Dave Pomeroy

Hi Dino. I hope you are well. I have been meaning to write you for a little while now. The live album I did in Italy last fall with James Talley is finished and your bass sounds great. My good friend Cheryl White of The Whites, a great country/bluegrass act (Grand Old Opry members) was over at my house last week singing on my wife's record, and asked about my BSX. I showed it to her and she loved it, the neck the sound, everything. She has looked at Eminence and some of the others but has not been impressed with any of them.She plays upright and Fender and is a sweet wonderful person as well as a great bass player and singer. They play the Opry almost every week and also tour. Thanks for everything, as always.
God Bless.
Dave Pomeroy
Nashville, Tenn

Jeff Sabin

Morning Dino. Just want you to know that I was reading an advance print of our Santi Debriano feature and noticed that JT plugs the fact that Sant's using a BSX Custom 5 string Electric Upright...pretty cool! Have a good weekend...

Jeff Sabin
General Manger Jazz Times, Inc.
Silver Spring MD

Marla Micoley

Hello, My son who is 15 is a huge jazz fan and plays in the high school jazz band as well as the orchestra and just loves the 4 string allegro electric. My husband and I would love to get him one for Christmas, but can't seem to find one. Is this something we could purchase from you directly? He has such a love of music and the bass that we really would love to make his Christmas wish come true.

Marla Micoley

Hi Dino,
Jordan absolutely loves his new bass!!! You should have saw his face on Christmas morning-he was so happy!! It really sounds fantastic and has such a cool look on top of it. He starts jazz band next week and is so excited to bring it. Thanks for helping us out, you made Jordan's Christmas!
Have a great New Year!

Wayne and Gabby
Dear Dino, Bass arrived 5th July and I'm rapt. I love the feel, love the style, love the finish, it's a great bass.Been playing it all afternoon, can't wait for the next gig! (unfortunately I have to wait another fortnight), and I'll need some fliers because this will blow people out! Thanks so much for everything, all the best,

Glenn Harris

A note of appreciation. I've had my BSX Allegro since December, 2005, and it's become one of my two favorite instruments. The instrument has always drawn compliments for its sound, and I've concluded that it's something close to the ideal compromise between a ¾ size or larger string bass and the solid-body "stick" basses, such as yours, the NS Design, and the Clevinger. I always tell people that the BSX is the way that I can simultaneously afford to have both a string bass and a sports car. I appreciate your time.
Glenn Harris
1-F Gardenway Greenbelt, MD 20770

Steve Harper

Dino: Hello from rainy St Louis. I picked up the Allegro around 2 this afternoon and just put it down (6:00PM). I have just been breaking out old LPs and playing along w/ Joni Mitchell and Lee Ritenour stuff. The bass is the coolest thing I have ever had besides my family, and I have had a lot of toys. I know I would have ben happy with my other choice (a Lightning Bug) but I absolutely love the Allegro. I bought another Briefcase as I sold my first one to buy a suitcase and it really does sound good with your bass. I kept the suitcase for my electric basses and also bought the 4B extension cabinet, it moves serious air for a small package. Even being in the AV business I still always gravitate to my Linn turntable, Linn Speakers, and my old McIntosh tube gear when I want to listen to music. Jeannie has been kind enough to relenquish a large part of our house to instruments and such. It's nice to be married to your best friend. I also convinced her a long time ago that I could be blowing my money on a girlfriend instead of my toys. How is your son's music going? I'll trade you a signed print from my daughter for a signed CD. Anyway, take care my friend and may God bless you and your family:
Steve Harper (I am still trying to get Jeannie to do a New England road trip)

Dan Rogers

Hi Dino The allegro bass is great! I'm really pleased with it. It feels and sounds very like my upright, and also has a unique sound to itself. Someone commented that it sounded like a well miked upright bass. I've found it really useful for carrying to rehearsals, as well as using it on higher volume gigs without any feedback. Its image turns a few heads too! Sorry it took me a while to say this, I kept meaning to send an email but got delayed.
Thanks Dan

Ross Trattler

Dino Ross Trattler in Australia here. You may also be getting contact from a Bass player friend, Dorian...he loved my Allegro and wants one.
Thanks Dino!
Ross Down Under

Robert DiBlanco

Hi Dino; Hope all is well - I have finally gotten a good picture with me playing my Mini Allegro. The picture was taken during a show at the Astrodome in Houston, TX. by Amy Floyd. Feel free to use the picture on your website (if you want to).
Thank you very much for a great instrument !

Bobbi Pruneda
( Allegro Purple People Eater )

Dino here are some pictures of Junior before PPE with his K Bass and the next three are him with his Alegro Purple bass and just for fun I threw in a picture of me so that you could picture who you are speaking with the next time we are speaking by phone.This is a jam session we do every summer near our home. As you can see, in this photo he is behind me playing his Fender precision electric. His K and P are wonderful sounding instruments but the Alegro outshines all of them. I don't think he ever thought anything could ever outshine his favorite upright, but the new kid kicks ass ( pardon the language). It's exciting to hear so I can only imagine how incredible it must to actually play it. To say he is happy with it would be a gross understatement. He lookes forward to each forthcoming gig with anticipation. Tonights gig was at one of the most prominent Art Galleries in the area and the bass got almost as much attention as the paintings. Even from non-musicians. Actually it looked as though it was piece of the art works. We both love it. Thank you so much.
Bobbi & Junior Pruneda

Patrick Martin

Dino,It is so good to find you on here. I've been wanting to write you for some time and tell you how happy I have been with my Allegro bass. I play in a independent touring band based out of Nashville, TN. I play my Allegro extensively on every show. I can't tell you how pleased I have been with the sound, playability and durability of the bass on the road. The bass is also visually pleasing on stage and has actually become an important part of my "image". Time and time again I have been approached by sound engineers and other musicians raving about the sound of the bass. My allegro has really started to set me apart in the industry. In the coming year, I will be touring even more, in colleges and clubs in the midwest and south. We will also be performing on cruises with Lynard Skynard, Lyle Lovett, Emylou Harris, Sean Colvin, Sean Mullins, John Hiatt, and many more. My allegro will be proudly played on them all. Thanks again for a great bass that has helped me get to new heights as a player.
Patrick Martin

Geoffrey Dietrich

Dino, Thanks for providing me with the information. I just wanted to let you know that, even though I am at least the third owner of this bass, it still plays very well. All of the the components are functioning properly, including the end pin mechanism. It plays very well, it is the first EUB I have played on for any length of time, but I have been playing upright bass (classical and jazz) for twenty years, and this bass feels very good under my fingers. I look forward to playing some of your more recent models next chance I get. Well, thanks again. Geoff

K R Wettering

Greetings Dino... just wanted to send a note of Kudos... My Allegro SB4 has made it's debut here in the Tucson AZ music scene. Lots of positive remarks - from girls who think the blue satin finish is cool, to established musicians in town who are impressed with the styling as well as the sound. One musician in particular took me aside after a recent gig and told me that it was probably the best investment I had made in an instrument. The guys in my band are equally impressed with the stand up sound I get out of it. (I play primarily in a bluegrass band, and I can't help but give credit to the SB4 for helping secure a regular gig at the pub who's owner loves bluegrass music AND the bass!) Anyway, I have been sending them to your website..As soon as I can conjure up a digital picture of the SB4 in action I will send it along.. Thanks again,
Kim Wettering
Tucson, AZ

Rick Lang

Dino I just got back from my first big band rehearsal with the Allegro. Our director/founder (one of those guys who seems old enough to have been in the civil war) said it was the most real-sounding electric upright he's ever heard. I got several other compliments on it - sound, looks, everything. It's great!
Thanks a ton.

Kristjan Aunver

How nice to find your site! wish you the best for 2002 and I want you to know that I've had thousands of wonderful hours playing the bsx 2000 (which I bought from you, many many yrs ago!). It has played a most vital role in my development as a musician. million thanx!
Kristjan aunver

Alun Davies

Dino, just wanted to drop you a line to say that I love my T4. it is just the nicest thing to play. Jeremy Darby down the hall (FOH for Lou Reed and has worked with Wasserman) says it's the best sounding upright electric he's ever heard and that includes the Zetas. Of course part of that is me:) Anyway, take care and thanx,
Alun Davies
TO, Canada

Chris Kenney

How you been? The bass has been great! Alot of people have no clue what it is......haha Talk to ya later,
Chris Kenney

Ed Zingaro, M.D.

Ciao Dino Just thought I'd share some feedback with you. First, my personal feelings. The instrument looks and sounds just great. It plays like a dream. I'm very happy. As I travel around to various venues there are always never ending questions from players. Who makes it? What woods is it made of? What kind of electronics? People are very curious indeed and with good reason. Clearly, they initially note of the beauty of the bass. Once they hear how good it sounds they want to find out more about it. What I generally do is try to steer them to your website.
Tante cose,
ED Zingaro, M.D.
San Francisco, CA

Alfredo Oliveros

The bass has an incredible Natural sound. I play salsa, meringue, bossa, samba styles. The mini Allegro 36" is good like normal bass guitar. I recommend the bass. Thanks
Latin Jazz Band of Jacksonville, Florida
Alfredo Oliverios
Jacksonville, Florida

Dorio Ferreira

Dear Dino, Finally I have time to sit down and write some lines. After the NAMM show I had been working very hard, producing records and playing at live presentations with my band. My son has recorded with the BSX for different famous Mexican singers. I released my first two albums with the BSX, recorded for my record company with the best jazz guitar player in Mexico, and the second with my own band. The sound of the instrument is really unbelievable.I hope you appreciate these albums as much as I do. I want you to get somebody to translate all the booklet because I wrote something very special for you in the guitar album. Dear friend, this is everything for the moment and Ihope to hear from you soon, receive regards from my son who has a special admiration from you.
Sincerely your friend,
Dorio Ferreira
Mexico City

Tom Bellini

Hi Dino, I just wanted to say thank you for building such a great instrument. It is one of the finest instruments I've ever played! Your attention to detail and craftsmanship is amazing. I am playing it every chance I get. I think I'm going to perform with it today at church. Again, thank you sooooooo much for a beautiful instrument! Talk to you very soon
Tom Bellini
Pittsburgh, PA

Jeff Hately

Blew em away
Well Dino, you did it again....I took the Allegro with me on my church job I had last weekend, plugged it into their $100,000 sound system, run by guys who knew what they were doing. Wow!! The walls are probably still ringing. I stroked the B string with the bow on a couple of FF passages. The sound guys never knew what hit them. Some folks came up out of the audience...what is that thing?? where did you get it?? The drummer thought I paid $6000 for it. Maybe you should ask for a raise from your customers.
It sounds like a million!!!
Thanks again.
Jeff Hately

Notable Quotes

"The following quotes by, Richard Johnson © 1999 Miller Freeman Inc. April 1999 issue of Bass Player Magazine. Reprinted with permission from Bass Player. For subscription information call 800-234-1831, in CO call 303-678-8475

"The BSX boasts an open, natural pizz sound that's very upright-like."

"Electronics are admirable quiet. Sustain, Decay, and Growl are extremely realistic and finger-friendly"

"The T-4's action is adjustable by a two-Allen-bolt pivot system that changes the neck angle. Adjustments are quick and easy - strings don't need to be loosened"

"I don't have to work to balance this bass in regular pizz position. The notched endpin adjusts easily"

"The string to string balance is admirable and can be tweaked with trimpots that adjust each pickup's output. The knobs, trimpots, and flip-up battery holder are accessible along one side"

"Designed for maximum portability, the T-4 also boasts an easily detachable neck that makes the bass ideal for frequent fliers. The gig bag accommodates neck-on and neck-off modes."

"Provides solid tone in a sturdy, easy-to-cart package. With it's Big-Band Balls and Piano Trio Finesse, the BSX is definitely a contender in the pogo stick crowd."

HALFNOTE - 4 String £1999, 5 String £2149

  1. Top Wood: Spruce or Pine

  2. Back: 5-ply Baltic Birch

  3. Sides: Formed Maple (w/bass bar and sound post inside)

  4. Neck: Maple (bolt on)

  5. Scale length: 38" or 40" - please specify when ordering

  6. Nut width: 4 string 1 5/8", 5 string 1 3/4"

  7. Fingerboard: Ebony

  8. Acoustic:Length: 51", Width 9", 2 3/4" Deep, Weight approximately 11 lb

  9. Adjustable end pin

  10. Multi Sensor Pickup System

  11. 3 - band EQ

  12. Nutmeg with satin finish is standard

  13. Optional walk-up-and-play swivel ball head stand see below (£250)