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Yamaha BB1025 Black (list £1025)

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A new bass with padded gig bag.

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The Yamaha BB1025 is a next generation BB-series bass guitar with great vintage vibe together with modern features and the 2025/25 series is one of the most popular basses at Bass Direct!

The Yamaha BB1025 is out of the same stable as the custom shop, no-holds-barred Super-BB. The BB1025 Features the same spline-jointed 3-piece body construction, designed to sound the same as a single piece of wood, and a new 5-ply maple/nato laminated neck. The BB1025 has the Super-BB’s custom wound pickups, developed by Yamaha’s Hollywood custom shop, with a warm, rich alnico split coil and powerful, punchy ceramic blade pickup, feature on BB1025 as does the new Vintage Plus bridge, with its stainless steel baseplate and brass saddles for the perfect combination of brightness and sustain. Super-BB’s revolutionary 45-degree Mitre Stringing, for improved string tension, tone and stability is fitted as standard and BB1025’s hardware package is rounded off with pro-spec chrome hardware, 3 new finishes and a fitted gigbag supplied as standard.

BB1025 is also available with the new BB scratchplate (as the ‘X’ version) and in a 5-string configuration as BB1025.

The BB bass has long been the bass of choice for some of the world’s best know players including Nathan East, Michael Anthony, Marco Mendoza, Glenn Hughes, Geezer Butler and Duff McKagan, the Yamaha BB is known for incredible sound, great playability and classic, vintage inspired looks. When the Super-BB launched in 2009 the bar was raised, with Yamaha launching a bass designed for today’s pro rock players – a no compromise passive, bolt-on bass designed to meet the needs of the most demanding rock bass players on the planet.

For 2010, Yamaha is launching a new range of BB basses boasting exclusive features developed for the Super-BB, making the ultimate passive rock bass accessible to every bassist.


  1. Body: Alder

  2. Neck: Maple/Nato 5 piece

  3. Fingerboard: Rosewood

  4. Scale: 34"

  5. Frets: 21 

  6. Pickups: PJ, Neck: Alnico V split, Bridge: Ceramic single coil

  7. Controls: Master Volume / Tone, Toggle Switch  for pickups

  8. Hardware: Yamaha Chrome 

  9. Finish: Black, Vintage White, Caramel Brown or 3 tone sunburst

  10. Gig Bag included

Submitted on the 11th January 2014 by Des who purchased a Yamaha BB1025X bass

Just back from my first gig using the Yamaha BB1025X I got from you last Saturday. Absolutely blown away. It didn't just cut through in the mix, it pulled on big boots and slapped every bugger round the chops. Couldn't be happier, thanks so much.


Spline Joint

BB2024X has employed a 3-piece body structure with which its bridge is placed on the centre piece in order to translate the maximum amount of string vibration to the body. Instead of simply gluing wood pieces, we insert a Maple plate, called "Spline", into a slot on its joint sections. By doing that, Yamaha has succeeded in obtaining as much body vibration as 1-piece body with this 3-piece body structure. 

Diagonal Body Thru Stringing

In Diagonal Body Through Stringing, strings are angled 45 degrees at the saddle to reduce the stress and secure their tension. Moreover, because the attachment area of strings to saddles is larger than conventional vertical stringing, much better transmission of vibration is obtained. 


Both front and rear pickups are specially invented for this particular series. Pursuing ultimate passive sound, "Open Face Pickups" are used to cope with even aggressive picking of rock players. 

5-Piece Neck

These necks consist of Maple and Nato. It provides durability and prevents necks from warping and curling. 

Nickel Silver Nut

Nickel Silver is selected for nut. It is the same material with fret wires. Unlike conventional bone or artificial ivory nut, it gives the same sound quality and feeling even when open notes are played. For any bass players it is a crucial part of well-defined low end. 

Yamaha BB2024X

The latest model from Yamaha is a no-expense-spared workhorse currently doing the rounds with the likes of Marco Mendoza, Glenn Hughes and Michael Anthony. Nick Wells road-tests the BB2024X.

As the company logo of three interlocking tuning forks suggests, Yamaha started out as musical-instrument

manufacturers back in the 1800s, long before diversifying into the long list of products they currently manufacture. When it comes to bass guitars, the Japanese company offers a comprehensive range of models, catering for both the beginner and the working professional alike. Their latest range of high-end BB designs, the

BB2024X (also available without a scratchplate as the BB2024), has been in development for the past few years and looks to lend a dose of modernisation to the company’s flagship BB range. Yamaha are renowned for using

artists in the development stages of new products, and prototypes have already seen action with the likes of Marco Mendoza, Glenn Hughes, and Michael Anthony, who has been wielding one of these onstage with his new supergroup, Chickenfoot. But what does the BB2024X have to offer us mere mortals?

Body & Neck

Yamaha’s BB range has been around for quite some time now, and the BB2024X shares the same distinctive body styling and solid construction as its earlier forms. The alder body has a nicely rounded outline and smoothly curved horns, coupled with a gentle ribcage and forearm contours and offset cutaways. The body shape is reminiscent of Gibson’s Grabber bass from the 70s and boasts solid, top-notch construction that lends

the BB2024X the same kind of instant familiarity when you pick it up that you get with classic Fender designs. The wider body also helps the bass seem more balanced. The body wood has actually been treated with Yamaha’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE), a method that crystallises the resin found in the wood fibres and, according to Yamaha, delivers the ‘played-in’ tone of a 15-year-old instrument.

The neck is a five-ply laminate and attaches to the body via four widely spaced recessed bolts and a heel join that gently curves back on the treble side. The rosewood fingerboard houses 21 jumbo frets that have each been professionally seated and finished, and a set of decorative oval inlays. Overall, the BB2024X is one of those basses that feel immediately comfortable to play: the body shape and design is all familiar, while retaining a definite element of individuality. The quality of build can’t be faulted in any way and makes for a reliable instrument and a very assured playing experience.


The BB2024X comes fitted with a pair of passive alnico bar pickups: a split-coil in the neck position and a single-coil towards the bridge. Both sit in suitably retro metal surrounds that tie in nicely with the metallic control plate and black pickguard. The pickups are wired to single volume and tone controls along with a three-way pickup selector switch.

The bridge is chrome-plated and has been designed to offer both surface and through-body stringing; the latter will help retain the string tension when tuning down. The profile of the saddles has been adjusted so that each string passes over the bridge at a less severe angle. The bridge unit itself has been positioned further towards the rear of the bass, which in use makes the first fret seem a little closer to your body and is ideal for anyone who finds playing in the first position on the neck a bit of a stretch. The overall set-up is excellent, making the BB2024X gig-ready straight out of the box. A set of open-geared ‘elephant ear’ tuners and a side-mounted jacksocket complete the instrument’s hardware.


Having been endorsed by the likes of Michael Anthony and Jame LoMenzo, you would expect the BB2024X to sound pretty good, and first impressions don’t disappoint. In fact, bearing in mind this is a passive instrument, the BB2024X has a staggering amount of power and tonal definition at its disposal. Yamaha can certainly be commended for achieving a fantastic core sound by using quality materials and solid construction methods rather than high-tech electronics. In passive terms, the low-end response is fantastic, and there is certainly a noticeable difference compared to other similar-style passive pickups. The mid range is equally pronounced and delivers a very natural and woody sustain. Initially we found ourselves favouring the split-coil pickup, which offers a familiar set of well-rounded bass sounds ideal for a range of different genres. With this pickup soloed you really can plug in and be confident of achieving an instantly workable tone that’s remarkably well balanced. Subtle variations can be had via the tone control, but if you are in need of a harder-edged bass sound, then select both coils in unison for a more dynamic tone that retains both depth and clarity. Soloing the bridge pickup

introduces a bit more bite and thins the tone a little without ever sounding too bright, even when increasing the tone control. The BB2024X really is a joy to play and exhibits all the depth and tonal subtleties required for a range of different playing styles.


Yamaha’s BB Series has always boasted intelligent design, playability and rock-solid construction, and this latest addition doesn’t disappoint. The ‘Enhanced’ alder body and solid bolt-on neck join, paired with the company’s tried-and-tested pickups, combine to deliver a bass that is a definite step forward for Yamaha’s BB Series. The vintage sunburst finish and retro pickup surrounds and control plate give the BB2024X a distinctive look without sacrificing popular features of the existing line. Considering this is a passive instrument, the sounds on offer are impressive, to say the least, both in terms of quality and sheer range, and while its association with the likes of Michael Anthony will remain a big talking point, we can see the BB2024X serving as a real workhorse for bassists from all walks of life, both live and in the studio.

Price: £2,299

Built in: Japan

Scale length: 864 mm (34 inches)

Body: Alder

Neck: Five-ply maple/mahogany, bolt-on

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Frets: 21, jumbo

Pickups: 1 x alnico bar split-coil & 1 x single-coil

Controls: Master volume, tone & 3-way pickup selector switch

Finish: Vintage sunburst

Bridge: Chrome-plated, raised tail

String spacing at bridge: 19.25 mm

Nut width: 40 mm

Machine heads: Open-geared, ‘elephant ear’

Weight: 4 kg (8.8 lb)

Contact Details

Yamaha UK

Tel: 01908 366700

Web: uk.yamaha.com

What we think

Plus: Impeccable build and set-up coupled with top-notch passive bass sounds.

Minus: The four figure price tag will be too much for some.

Overall: The BB2024X is a really well-built, reliable instrument that’s comfortable to play, looks good and delivers a depth of tone that will appeal to both rockers and retro players alike.


Tel: 01926 886433

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