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BAER ML112 cabinet


  1. Please contact the shop to pay by Bank Transfer

  2. Pre-owned cabinet in great condition, no missing tolex, with fitted padded covers (new cost £799 each inc cover). Series 1

The ML (mid loaded) Series cabinets were designed from the ground up to be something different in the world of bass guitar amplification. Featuring pro-audio grade neodymium woofers and extended range midrange drivers, these cabinets are capable of reproducing the natural tone of your instrument, all with amazing depth and clarity. The use of separate midrange drivers provides both better midrange dispersion and wider frequency response than woofer-only cabinets, all with a top end response that has more body and punch than that produced by a typical bass cabinet tweeter.

These are no compromise cabinets, constructed using poplar plywood panels for reduced weight, with Baltic Birch speakers baffles for increased strength and rigidity where it’s needed most. All panels are precision cut on CNC routers and feature rabbet and dado construction with extensive bracing throughout to reduce unwanted panel resonances.

While they were designed to reproduce the sound of your instrument with minimal coloration, the ML Series speaker cabinets still manage to have a personality all their own!

Other features include:

  1. Computer designed enclosures with separate midrange enclosures

  2. Neutrik combination jacks with both Speakon and 1/4” inputs

  3. Custom designed neodymium woofers with 3” voice coils

  4. 2-way crossovers for maximum driver efficiency

  5. Heavy duty steel handles and corner hardware

  6. Heavyweight Black Cougar vinyl covering

  7. Rubber vibration isolating feet

  8. Powder coated steel grills

  9. Made in USA

The ML112 features custom designed neodymium woofers and extended range mid drivers deliver deep bass, fast, accurate midrange response and a smooth, natural high end. While a single ML112 is perfect for smaller gigs, two of these mighty minis can be stacked to create an easy to transport, modular system capable of handling larger gigs.


Price: £650 - (optional fitted/padded/waterproof cover £50)

Drivers: 1- Custom 12” neo woofer w/ 3“ voice coil, 1- 6” neo mid driver
Power Rating: 400 watts*

Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 97dB (1w@1m)
Frequency Response:
     55hz - 7kHz (-3dB)
Usable Freq. Response:  40Hz - 9kHz (-10dB)
Dimensions: 23.25”w x 16.75”h x 16 .875d *
Covering: Heavyweight Black Cougar Vinyl
Weight: 37 lbs 16.5kgs

Customer feedback for ML112;

I've found the ML112 takes eq quite easily. With most reasonable heads I've been able to get a big fat bottom and smoother upper mids. Certainly fatter bottom than most single 12 boxes. The highs are delicious.

One of the big things I like about the ML112 is how good it sounds at lower volume and not being pushed. Many modern boxes have that hole between the top of the speaker and the horn. If the speaker isn't moving much it's hard to get much tone and punch at a low volume. The ML112's 6in mid has the upper bass as well as the rest of the way up. The 12 just has to move enough to fill out the lows a little.

Great box for upright bass too. Again, the 6in mid has the frequencies where the upright lives. Quick off the finger.

Submitted on the 11th November 2012 by Ian who purchased a Genz Benz STL9 amplifier and  1 x Baer ML112  cabinets

Hi Mark,

I wanted to send you some feedback on the Baer ML112.I have practiced with it for a couple of hours this week, and used it live for the first time tonight. It seems to be bedding in nicely! My initial impressions are extremely positive. The weight is perfect, the height is just right stood vertically, the tone is deep and assertive low down, very growly  and articulate up top, and also very 3D.

The midrange works much better than a tweeter, dispersion was great, vastly improved. I will never buy another tweeter driven cab again! I thought volume and depth of tone might be an issue, but now way, 1/4 volume on the shuttle 9.0 was perfect in a 500 seat auditorium with in house pa. All in all this really does live up to its label of super 12, I think it will comfortably cover the vast majority of my gigging needs on its own. These cabs are the future, I totally agree with the talkbass feedback on this cab, it really does live up to the hype!

Kind regards


"As an ex SWR and Eden fanatic, I can honestly say that I am pleased way beyond my expectations with a pair of ML-112's"

"I have a Neox212T. My ML112 sounds and feels just as "big" as the 212. However, for obvious reasons, the 212 can achieve overall higher volume.

Since getting the ML112, I rarely take the 212 out anymore. I always have PA support and the 212 was just more than I needed most of the time.

I will also say, I've never played another 112 that can achieve the volume and depth that the ML112 can. It's even louder than most 210's I've had the pleasure of using.

For context, I play in a New Country/Blues/Classic Rock band with Keys, 1 Guitar, and a Drums. I also play in a Fusion/Blues band with Keys, 1 Guitar, and Drums"



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