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Ashdown 550 Little BastardLimited Edtion  preowned, VGC


  1. Please contact the shop to pay by Bank Transfer or finance

  2. Pre-owned amplifier in great condition, all checked and working perfectly.

A miniature head with full sized Ashdown sound.

Ashdown have taken their iconic all-tube 30 watt little bastard named after James Dean's 550 Porsche Spyder and put a huge 550 watt digital power section in it allowing that stunning tone to be amplified to another level.


550W Digital power section


  1. Inputs

  2. - High: Low sensitivity, low impedance to suit active basses

  3. - Low: High sensitivity, high impedance to suit passive basses

  4. - Plugging an active bass into the Low input will overload the input creating a fatter, warmer and more distorted sound. Experiment by plugging your bass into either inputto achieve the desired sound.

  5. Effects Send and Return

  6. - The quater inch jack sockets should be used to connect to an external effects devise or pedal board. The effects send output should connect to the input of the effcts unit, and the output of the effects unit should be connected to the effects return input.

  7. Controls

  8. - Treble

  9. - Middle

  10. - Bass

  11. - Mid Shift

  12. - Bass Shift

  13. - Bright

  14. - Master

  15. - Mute

  16. - Gain

  17. VU Meter

  18. Rear Panel

  19. - DI Output

  20. - Speaker Outputs

  21. - Power


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