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DCBs 4/5/6 string

The DCB™ pickups use dual ceramic bar magnets that provide a dynamic and responsive attack that works for all playing styles. These pickups have well-developed overtones and singing sustain in the body and decay of the notes.

The uniform magnetic field of a bar magnet allows each note to have accurate dynamic response and more harmonic content; no information is lost as the string moves back and forth. Our proprietary design takes these benefits to a new level that will bring out the best qualities in any instrument.

The DCB pickups sound great installed in a passive bass or in conjunction with an onboard preamp.

D1 Similar to Bartolini BC Size Length = 3.95" Inches (100mm) Width = 1.25" Inches (32mm)

D2 (Similar to Bartolini P2 Length = 4.25"(108mm) Width = 1.25" (32mm)

D4 Similar to Bartolini P4 Size Length = 4.65"(118mm) Width = 1.25"(32mm)

G3 Similar to EMG 35 Size Length = 3.50"(88.9mm) Width = 1.50"(38.1mm)

G4 Similar to EMG 40 Size Length = 4.00"(101.6mm) Width = 1.50"(38.1mm)

G5 Similar to EMG 45 Size Length = 4.50"(114.3mm) Width = 1.50"(38.1mm)

SUPER SINGLE 4/5/6 string

The Super Singles™ give you massive single coil sound in a soapbar size. Players can expect all the articulation and dynamics of a single coil pickup combined with great sustain and harmonic development. These pickups have excellent string-to-string balance and even tone in all registers.

Super Double

It’s time to double down!

This brand new pickup from Aguilar features two rows of alnico five pole pieces creating a thick yet articulate tone, complete with hum-canceling performance. A perfect blend of strong dynamics and rich complex overtones.

Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire

Magnets: Alnico V

Leads: Single conductor, Heat resistant Teflon® coated

Available as:

AG 4SD-D1 1.25" W X 3.95" L (32mm X 100mm) Replacement for Bartolini® BC

AG 5SD-D2 1.25" W X 4.25" L (32mm X 108mm) 5 string replacement for Bartolini® P2

AG 5SD-D4 1.25" W X 4.65" L (32mm X 118mm) 5 string replacement for Bartolini® P4

AG 6SD-D4 1.25" W X 4.65" L (32mm X 118mm) 6 string replacement for Bartolini® P4


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DCB 4 pair      D1 size              £199

DCB 4 pair      G3 size              £199

DCB 5 pair       D2   size           £239

DCB 5 pair       G4   size           £229

DCB 6 pair      D4   size           £275

DCB 6 pair       G5   size           £275

Super Single 4 pair  D1 size     £175

Super Single 5 pair D2 size      £205

Super Single 6 pair D4 size      £230

Super Double 4 pair D1 size      £200

Super Double 5 pair  D2 size     £230

Super Double 6 pair D4 size      £300

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