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Anima Blue 3 band   £175

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Anima is a fresh take on the onboard bass preamplifier. The preamp itself is a module that is attached to a wiring harness with a locking connector. This allows the preamp to be swapped in seconds without soldering. Multiple modules are available, each with different frequency centers that cater to different sounds. Each one is built in Seattle using only the highest quality components available: 0.5% thin film resistors, 1% capacitors, and high performance audiophile-grade active components. Anima has a level of clarity and dynamic response that exceeds any other onboard circuit.

Anima was the result of 3 years of development. Prototypes were relentlessly tested in a variety of instruments, and David Segal of New York Bass Works provided guidance during the prototyping process to make sure the final product was something worthy of a performance instrument. As a result, the Anima preamp is standard equipment in New York Bass Works instruments.

The red module is a more modern sound, with a big, tight bass control and a nice glassy treble control at 5 kHz. Tone-wise it's in the ballpark of an Aguilar OBP-3 and it sounds great in a lot of different contexts.

The blue module has a more progressive bass control that sounds the same at high boost/cut but comes on more gradually. The treble control is lowered to 4 kHz to accentuate pick attack and to work better with tweeterless cabs.

This kits includes everything you need to install the Anima preamp in your bass:


1 x Anima Module (red or blue)

1 x Wiring Harness

1 x Switchcraft Stereo Jack

2 x DPDT Toggle Switches

3 x Noble 50k Potentiometers (you can add a stacked pot if you wish)

2 x 9v Battery Snaps


The best toggle switch you will ever use. Custom made for 3 LEAF AUDIO, it features a low-profile chrome handle and gold-over-silver contacts that will stand up to many years of use.


Color: chrome

Configuration: DPDT (ON-ON)

Contacts: gold-over-silver

Solder lugs


Tel: 01926 886433