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Stellartone Tone Styler Passive Tone Control

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Guitar Ten Short - G 10 S   £75 - Out of stock

Guitar Duo Six - G D6  £95

Guitar Duo Six Short - G D6 S  £95

Guitar Eleven - G 11  £119

Guitar Eleven Lefty - G 11B - L  £95

Custom Six C 6  £75

Custom 11 Lefty C - 11 - L   £95

CustomTen Short C 10 S   SOLD OUT

Triple Six - T 6   £75

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Stellartone... the World's Best Tone Controls.

2017 Installation instructions - ToneStyler_installation_2017.pdf

"Addictive... a great drop-in replacement for your old tone knob... a practical tool that enhanced the guitar's flexibility and sonic quality... the ToneStyler is the way to go. Gold award for overall value." - Guitar World Magazine

"The ToneStyler BASS will astound you with its purely analog, battery-free expanded tonal capabilities... the darker settings retained the note definition and punch that was lost with the original passive tone control."- JazzTimes Magazine

"I was knocked out by how natural sounding all the settings were... like turning one guitar into a variety of different brands, types, and models... a valuable tool for carving out sonic space in a live or recorded mix." - Premier Guitar Magazine

"The ToneStyler profoundly broadens the range of possible tones from a passive instrument... a noticeably more aggressive midrange punch... rich low tones ring more clearly... earning it a BASS PLAYER Editor Award." - Bass Player Magazine

Guitar options;

Les Paul DC / PRS / Two-knob 'Volume-Tone'


Choose a ToneStyler GUITAR ELEVEN to replace your .022μF tone pot.

Don't need any deep, mellow tones? Choose a 'mid-range' ToneStyler CUSTOM ELEVEN, featuring a reduced .01μF EQ span.

Telecaster / Two-knob 'Volume-Tone'


Choose a ToneStyler GUITAR ELEVEN to replace your .022μF tone pot.

Don't need any deep, mellow tones? Choose a 'mid-range' ToneStyler CUSTOM ELEVEN, featuring a reduced .01μF EQ span.

Stratocaster / Three-knob 'Volume-Tone-Tone'


Choose a ToneStyler GUITAR ELEVEN to replace your .022μF tone pot.

Don't need any deep, mellow tones? Choose a 'mid-range' ToneStyler CUSTOM ELEVEN, featuring a reduced .01μF EQ span.

Les Paul / ES / Four-knob 'Volume-Tone-Volume-Tone'



Choose one ToneStyler GUITAR ELEVEN to replace only one tone pot; choose two ToneStylers to replace both tone pots.

Don't need any deep, mellow tones? Choose a 'mid-range' ToneStyler CUSTOM ELEVEN, featuring a reduced .01μF EQ span.

Our recommendation for ultimate performance: a ToneStyler GUITAR for the neck pickup, plus a ToneStyler CUSTOM for the bridge pickup!

Explorer / Flying V / Three-knob 'Volume-Volume-Tone'


Choose the ToneStyler GUITAR DUO SIX

to replace your .022μF tone pot. Our unique DUO controls retain the original 'Volume-Volume-Tone' operation.

Prefer a master volume knob? Use one of
our custom diagrams to convert to master volume, plus your choice of a 3rd control. Choose a ToneStyler GUITAR ELEVEN to match your new master volume control.

Don't need any deep, mellow tones? Choose
a 'mid-range' ToneStyler CUSTOM DUO SIX or CUSTOM ELEVEN, featuring reduced .01μF EQ spans.

Gretsch / Four-knob 'Master, Volume-Volume-Tone'

'Master Volume,


Choose the ToneStyler GUITAR DUO SIX to replace your .022μF tone pot.

Don't need any deep, mellow tones? Choose the mid-range ToneStyler CUSTOM DUO SIXor CUSTOM DUO SIX SHORT, featuring a reduced .01μF EQ span.

Our unique DUO controls retain the original 'Master Volume, Volume-Volume-Tone' operation... and eliminate the Gretsch "mud tone"...!

Jazzmaster / Jaguar wiring


Choose a ToneStyler GUITAR ELEVEN to replace your .022μF tone pot. The ToneStyler will control both pickups when your "rhythm/lead mode" slide switch is set to "lead" (bypassing your neck pickup's roller pots).

When set to "rhythm" mode, the soloed neck pickup is controlled only by the roller pots, while the soloed bridge pickup is controlled only by the ToneStyler. In the center "both pickups" toggle position, both tone circuits can be blended, based upon the volumes of the two pickups.

When the rhythm/lead slide switch is set to either mode, you can control both pickups with a 'master' ToneStyler option: choose the ToneStyler GUITAR DUO SIX.

Don't need any deep, mellow tones?
Choose a 'mid-range' ToneStyler
CUSTOM ELEVEN, CUSTOM DUO SIX orCUSTOM DUO SIX SHORT, featuring a reduced .01μF EQ span.


StellarTone introduces a unique concept in passive tone shaping with the StellarTone tonestyler's for bass and guitar. Designed and built in the US and utilising high quality Military Spec Rotary Switches with Gold Contacts and Terminals, low capacitance shielding, and a compact size the StellarTone tonestylers are a phenomenal product that builds on the high impedance passive analog tone characteristics of your current passive bass. These units for bass and guitar boast a quality analog designed circuit with zero noise, compression, distortion, or clipping of your signal and install cleanly in place of your current single capacitor tone control.

These new BASS and STANDARD ToneStylers are offered with either six or ten EQ positions, and either our original single circuit design, or our new & unique dual pickup circuit with dual shielded cables and dual EQ ranges, individually optimised for neck & bridge pickup harmonics.

About the ToneStyler... and why you need one!

The ToneStyler® is an advanced drop-in replacement for the standard tone pots in electric guitars and basses. Easily installed in minutes without any modifications to the instrument, the ToneStyler dramatically improves the tone and versatility of any guitar or bass with passive pickups. Plus, the ToneStyler fits your instrument's original tone knob, so your tone upgrade is invisible!

Your old tone pot is a "low-pass filter"; it has only one capacitor, which offers only one roll‑off point, chosen just above the bass frequencies and string fundamental pitches. Due to this very simple design, passive tone pots act as "mid+treble volume controls"... reducing the loudness of all combined harmonics heard above the bass tones, all at the same time! To make matters worse, the tone pot's large value capacitor loads the pickups at all tone knob settings, which reduces your mid-range clarity and signal level.

In sharp contrast, the revolutionary ToneStyler has not one, but an array of six to eleven selectable capacitors and roll-off points. For the first time, players can adjust the frequency of the roll-off point... not simply the combined loudness of all mids+highs! You choose how much treble to retain... how much mid-range to retain... and exactly where to cut these harmonics off. Plus, the ToneStyler's small value capacitors greatly reduce pickup loading; this noticeably boosts your guitar's clarity and output level.

Powerful and precise control of treble & mid frequencies is provided at last... and that weak, muddy sound is completely eliminated!

The solution? ToneStyler®.

The only tone control which reduces treble harmonics while retaining all of your guitar's essential midrange. 183% increase in comparative midrange output... more clarity & volume... guaranteed!



Electric bass guitars with 2 pickups + 2 volumes + 1 toneThe solution? ToneStyler®.

The only tone control which reduces treble harmonics while retaining all of your guitar's essential midrange. 183% increase in comparative midrange output... more clarity & volume... guaranteed!

SPECIFICATIONS... and all of the rest

ToneStylers® utilize premium-quality musical instrument rotary switches custom-made by Grayhill® USA. Our switches are mil-spec, sealed, moistureproof, shockproof, EMI/RFI shielded, and feature gold-plated terminals & shorting contacts for the lowest resistance & most quiet switching possible. Average life expectancy exceeds 100,000 operation cycles. ToneStylers now feature our custom mid-length shaft, designed to accommodate all instrument control mounting surface thicknesses, ELEVEN-position LEFTY models, hybrid solid-splined actuator tips to accommodate both set-screw and push-on knobs, and four discrete voicing ranges: CUSTOM, GUITAR, BASS, and BASS extended.

We use C0G Class A miniature ceramic capacitors of mil-spec quality, which are non-microphonic, sealed, and shockproof. Our premium-grade, low ESV (equivalent series resistance) ceramic capacitors are the best-performing and most-stable type of miniature audio capacitor available, producing the smoothest & most-desirable audio filtering qualities; these are the perfect choice for compact guitar tone control use. Used commercially in virtually all guitars and basses since 1959, ceramic capacitors replaced the oversized, high-voltage paper & foil types formerly-used in radios, televisions and amplifiers.

Don't believe the internet hype about paper & foil caps... aka"paper & oil " caps (a common error: there's no oil in them... only waxed paper). They aren't "sonically magical". When used in Hi-Z 'subtractive' tone circuits, the audio performance and EQ curve of quality capacitors sharing the same µF value, but constructed of contrasting dielectrics, are functionally identical. This fact is repeatedly confirmed via double-blind listening tests. The only legitimate "cork-sniffing" complaint applies to low-quality, off-spec, damaged, or microphonic capacitors... such as those thin disk caps with a tan, orange or yellow coating. Although the sellers of paper & foil capacitors would like you to believe otherwise, SBE's popular reissue of the original Sprague "Orange Drop" cap are excellent (about $3); they cannot be sonically-distinguished from a vintage or reissue "bumble bee" cap (about $60) having the same measured µF value. Although "opinions may vary", we all know the old saying about what "opinions are like". Stellartone recommends that you spend your money on provable value and performance... not hype!


Hand-wired and manufactured in the USA by Stellartone

100% pure analog high-impedance passive tone circuitry, withzero  noise, hiss, distortion, limiting, compression or clipping

Heavy-duty sealed mil-spec rotary switches with gold contacts and terminals, made in the USA by Grayhill, Inc.

The traditional and popular "notched rotation" mechanical design, with SIX or ELEVEN switch positions

Left-handed rotation available in the ELEVEN-position ToneStyler series

30° rotary switch detent spacing matches standard 30° numeral spacing... as used on Gibson USA push-on top hat and speed knobs

The ELEVEN position ToneStylers now feature dual tone pot emulation circuits at full clockwise, to precisely duplicate the tonality of both 500kΩ and 250kΩ tone pots when set wide open "on 10". Based upon the ToneStyler version, these "virtual tone pot" loading circuits match standard 500kΩ and/or 250kΩ tone pots fitted with the popular tone capacitor values: .047μF (BASS), .022μF (GUITAR), or .010μF (CUSTOM)

SIX position ToneStylers feature only one tone pot loading circuit at full clockwise.

Solid-cast metalized polymer modules are now color-coded by EQ range: BLUE for BASS, GREEN for GUITAR, and RED for CUSTOM.

Molded-in color-coded low-capacitance shielded cables by Mogami

Designed for easy, drop-in replacement of any standard tone pot with a 3/8" diameter USA bushing; no modifications or routing required

Complete with mounting hardware and instructions

Not compatible with low-impedance, Piezo, or active (battery-powered) pickups


Mounting bushing diameter: 3/8"-32 [U.S.A. standard diameter - mounts through 3/8" diameter hole]

Mounting bushing length: 1/2" mid-length

Does NOT FIT through an 8mm metric pot hole, i.e. Epiphone; before installation, drill metric holes out to 3/8"

Splined-tip actuator: Stellartone's proprietary "solid-splined" plated bronze alloy tip omits the traditional "split-shaft" slot; 0.235" dia. x 0.375" tall 24-fine-spline  U.S.A. tip for U.S.A. push-on knobs and 6mm metric set-screw knobs; for 1/4" U.S.A. set-screw knobs, add the supplied 1/4" brass sleeve

DOES NOT FIT18-coarse-spline  push-on metric knobs, i.e. Epiphone

Compact cylindrical shape has the same 15/16" diameter (24mm) as a standard full-sized CTS potentiometer

Low-profile metalized polymer module requires only 0.9" depth (23mm) inside the instrument's control compartment (typically 1" to 1.6" deep... check your clearance before installation)

New Triple Six

 The TRIPLE SIX is a six-position multi-use control, offering players the choice between three maximum capacitance ranges during installation. Starting from TRUE BYPASS (clockwise), choose .022µF GUITAR, .047µF BASS, or .069µF SUB-BASS as your maximum (counter-clockwise) EQ range when connecting our multi-wire shielded cable. Swap your tone pot with a ToneStyler TRIPLE SIX, listen to all three options... then decide how deep or how warm to configure your tone range.


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