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TC Electronic RS410 cabinet

£499 + Customer to collect

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  2. Used cab in superb. £750 new cost

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The RS410 is a perfectly matched 4 x 10'' (plus High-Frequency driver) cabinet for those of you who want to bolster your sound with four 10'' drivers for even bigger impact.

An 8 Ohm, 600W cabinet, the RS410 will allow you to instantly get the loudness and tight response necessary, whether you are on stage or in the studio. The RS410 represents the third product in the TC Electronic RS cabinet range and stacks perfectly with the previous RS212 and RS210 cabinets.

Drivers and Connectivity

The custom-made adjustable centre HF driver ensures that you get optimal response and brightness, and overlaps the frequency response of the 4 x 10'' drivers to give added presence in the high/mid sweetspot.

RS410 features two high-quality Speakon connectors as well as a heavy duty HF attenuator on the rear side.


Turning the RS410 on its side allows you to stack it perfectly with RS212 and RS210. As the RH450 is capable of driving three RS cabs, you can mix and match from the range of three cabinets to find the perfect response and tone for your needs. Achieve maximum flexibility in your rig by using a combination of cabs from the RS range to find a rig that suits your needs. The conventional stacking of two RS410 units will allow a 4 Ohm configuration of 8 x 10'' drivers, which should satisfy those of you who need a really large stage setup.

Rugged science

The RS range incorporates a rugged design with an anti-scratch finish and uses a dual-component 'anti skid' surface treatment to help cabinets 'stick' together when stacked.

For more information about the TC Electronic RS410, please download the installation guide PDF from the link below


  1. Dimensions: W 664 x H 596 x D 427mm

  2. Weight: 37 kg

  3. Power handling: 600 Watt

  4. Enclosure: 18mm plywood side panels, 18mm rounded carved hardwood corners

  5. Surface treatment: 'Anti-skid' dual component surface

  6. Porting: Dual front porting

  7. Woofer: Eminence custom 10''

  8. Tweeter: Eminence 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm

  9. Tweeter adjustment: L-pad (off - 0dB)


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