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12B CAB (list £999) - £750 + £10 UK mainland shipping, 2 only

12B Cab + D1000 amp - £1699 + £10 UK mainland shipping, 2 only

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NEW Cab 47

The CAB 47’s are equipped with 4 x 7” proprietary PJB woofers and 2” tweeter specially designed and manufactured exclusively by Phil Jones Bass. They are rated at 8 ohms and 300 watts. The dimensions are 16” x 13” x 17” and it weighs in at 39lbs/17kg. Frequency response: 30Hz to 15kHz

Compact “C4”



Today’s bass players demand more portable rigs without compromising performance. We embarked on the mission of a new compact bass enclosure that answers to their need. We did extensive research. We tested many different driver sizes from 5 to 12 inch and came to the conclusion that our 4x5” combination clearly supersedes all other loudspeaker configuration by direct comparison.


The 4C cabinet may be small; yet it provides highest audio performance.

The cabinet is constructed from Baltic Birch plywood. Rigid internal bracing keeps cabinet coloration to its lowest. The four 5 inch “Piranha” drivers are based on our Suitcase and 4B cabinet. They feature ferrite magnet structures for un-compromised dynamics, extended bass response and punch/attack. If your style is slap bass, this cabinet will show how good your slap tone is. It has much more: it produces effortlessly the true tone of any bass or player. You hear subtleties/nuances in your playing you never heard before and your sound becomes more inspiring to you, your band and your audience.


The C4 has unmatched flexibility and portability of being used alone or stacked multiples.



Power Handling:    Up to 400 watts

Impedance:           8 ohms

Sensitivity:            95db/watt/meter

Usable Frequency Response:     30Hz -15KHz

Connection:          Speakon NL4/Jack

Dimensions:          13.5 H x 14.25 W x 12.5 D inches

                            340 H x 361 W x 316 D (mm)

Weight:                24 lb/ 11 KG

Optional Finish:     Black or Red Tolex with Steel Grill


The NEW “Compact 4 Lite” is made for those who seek an ultra-light weight bass cabinet.

“Neo Power” 5″ drivers were used in a  Compact 4 cabinet constructed from Baltic Birch plywood. Rigid internal bracing keeps cabinet coloration to its lowest. It reproduces effortlessly the true tone of any bass or player. You hear subtleties and nuances in your playing never heard before. Your sound becomes more prominent and inspiring to you, your band, and your audience.

Physically, the Compact 4 Lite has the flexibility and portability of being used alone or stacked as multiples. At 21 lb weight, you can easily lift it with one hand!

Quantity is limited on this model. Black finish only. Slip on cover included.

Key Features

  1. Speakers: 4×5″ “Neo Power”

  2. Power: 400W

  3. Impedance: 8 Ohm

  4. Frequency: 35 Hz – 15KHz

  5. Dimensions( W x D x H): 14″x12.5″x13.5″

  6. Net Weight: 21 lbs

  7. Connection: NL4

  8. Slip on cover included

“Neo Power” Series Cabinet

Light weight and Powerful. Your back will thank you at the end of the gig!

The result of PJB’s 3-year research in lightweight speaker units is a new driver with unprecedented power to weight ratio. The magnet material is Neodymium Iron Boron (NeFeB). This magnet material is currently the most powerful one available on the planet, which gives the PJB acoustic motor the necessary torque for maximum cone excursion with maximum precision and control.

Many other bass amp companies often use an “off the shelf” driver unit that has been designed by a speaker manufacture for use on a broad range of applications. PJB speakers are developed to fit the specific requirements of acoustic loading and necessary frequency range of bass guitars. This explains why no other brand of bass amp has a tone even close to that from a PJB amp.

With the NEO-POWER speaker cabinets, you get the best power and tone to weight ratio. Until now, nothing this light has ever sounded so good and yet is so powerful… You no longer need to be a weight lifting athlete to put the bass cabinet into the truck of your car. Your back will thank you at the end of the gig!

Model - 12B

Power - 600 W

Speaker - 12 x 5”, 6Ω, 25Hz-15KHz

Dimensions (W xD x H) - 20.7 x 19.7 x 29 inch  525 x 500 x 735 mm 

Weight - 68.5 lbs / 31 kg

Shown with D1000 amplifier

Customer feedback;

Submitted on the 31st January 2018 by Hugh in the UK who purchased a PJB D400 and Cab 47 cabs

Hi Ash


Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for your help earlier today.


I’ve unpacked and set up my PJB D-400 & 2 x CAB47s and well................... wow, outstanding sound with both basses.  I’m blown away at the quality and clarity of the sound I can get.  Great bass gear and great service.  Many thanks once again.


Kind Regards



Submitted on the  1st November 2014 by Richard who purchased a PJB CUB 4 cabinet

Hi guys

Just a short note to let you know that the 2 C4s worked beautifully last night. Nice and meaty but with lots of definition and punch.



Submitted on the 2nd August by Vratislav who purchased a purchased an PJB C4 + C8 cabinets

Hi Mark,

            I decided to drop you a line about my experience with Phil Jones gear, the under rated gems of the speakers.

 I had a pair of C4 speakers for about a year now and found them brilliant. They are very easy to transport

(especially up and down staircases) and apart from producing very solid and gutsy sounding bass with my

Genz Benz Streamliner 900 they work extremely well as a pair of stage monitors when not needed for the bass playing.

I recently acquired a C8 as well and linked together 2xC4+1xC8 we are into a new territory.On a Gramma

pad to tame the bass boom driven by a Shuttle Max 12.2 the sound from this equivalent of the standard 4x10 box is something else!

Much faster than any 4x10 enclosure and more depth and guts (possibly due to their ferrite magnets) than any 1x15 !  I played a gig with an extremely loud drummer and the rig worked admirably , clear full driving sound even with my ground wound strings and the amp  only on about a half volume, the bass was there

full and clear cutting through the guitars no problem.

The sound is not too far from an Ampeg SVT rig with the bass boost engaged, but unlike with an Ampeg

rig you can go to a gig in a Mini, what a gem!

 So I decided to share my experience to enlighten some more people to the wonders of modern technology.

Many thanks for your excellent service and help Vratislav.