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Auralex Baby Gramma Pad

NS Design Frame strap for NXT/CR basses.

Palmer Pedalboy 60L

600mm x 390mm - Height adjustable 70 - 85mm

Space for approx 10 pedals

Patch cables, velrco and cable ties included

Pedalsnake 18/4 + RS1, MK1, MF2 connectors

Pedal Train Classic 2SC

Dunlop Cry Baby Wha

Senhnheiser Freeport Wireless

Stage`clix Jack 5.8 Ghz

Mooer MPPOWER Recheargable Micro Series Cordless Power Supply (list price £89)

Put your pedal board anywhere with worrying about where you put your power supply in. This battery pack will last for up to 50 hours and drive a good sized pedal board.

Rechargeable power supply, Up to 50 hours of lithium battery life, Eco saving (6600mAh) can be recharged up to 800 times, 2000mA output capacity for multiple devices.

Zero power supply background noise, Battery LED indicator, Simple operation with on on/off switch, Features short circuit protection and overheat protection

The kit consists of;

2 x 4 way power splitter leads

1 x Polarity reverse lead

Battery unit

Charger + Lead

The Radial JDX 48 phantom powered guitar amp direct box takes your amp's true sound all the way to the PA. Using Class A circuitry, multi-stage filtering, and effective cabinet emulation, the JDX 48 produces a realistic amp sound in a direct feed onstage or for recording. You get a more manageable, consistent sound onstage - use it alone when miking your amp isn't an option or feedback is an issue. For a mix engineer's dream-come-true, combine a line signal with a miked one and Radial's JDX 48 power and versatility will delight with its convenience and tone.

Power Options Keep You Rocking

The JDX 48 lets you take advantage of your mixer's phantom power to eliminate the need for an external power supply giving you a cleaner-looking stage and a trusted, consistent power source that keeps your tone intact. But as we at Sweetwater know, you don't always know if phantom power will be available when you have to use a venue's PA or borrow one from someone else to do the gig. So to make sure you're never without great sound, the JDX 48 does include a power supply.


  1. 148-volt phantom-powered guitar amplifier direct box with reactive load

  2. 2Low frequency extension for extra bass

  3. 3Supports amplifiers up to 300-watts

  4. 4Eliminates in and feedback issues stage

  5. 5Speaker cabinet emulation for natural tone

  6. 6Direct feed to console eliminates need for a mic

  7. 7Consistent sound ideal for recording and live performance

  8. 815-volt DC power supply included

Diego pedal board inc 9v PSU (pedals not included in sale)

Beat Root

Keeley True Bypass Looper

The Robert Keeley True Bypass Looper will make any effect True-Bypass!

This is an incredibly small true-bypass looper box from Keeley Electronics! This little wonder is only 1.5 inches wide and 3 2/3 inches long. This will fit in the tightest of pedal boards and offer you a dramatic improvement in tone. Connect any effect to this unit that is "old school" and not true-bypass. In particular Vintage wahs, echoes, phasers, fuzz face type pedals, etc., or even new effects that might have a weak bypass system. These elderly effects rob tone when they are off. Now You can make them truly bypassed when off with this little box. Works with or without power. When you add a DC supply to this unit the two LED let you know if the loop is active or not. BLUE LED indicates your signal is passing through the vintage effect, RED LED indicates true-bypass. STOP TONE DRAIN!

Use it as a multiple effects switcher!

Add several effects in a chain and then switch them all on at once.

Use it as a tuner mute switch. Plug a tuner in this box and not only prevent the tuner from draining away your tone, but tune in silence!


Ex-demo/second Pedals

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Pedalboards, Power supplies, Tuners, Wireless systems, gig bags/cases

Keeley Looper - effects loop switcher £50 + £5 UK shipping

Diego Pedal board + PSU - pedal board, one damaged strap, £50 + £5 UK shipping

Beat Root - foot operated trigger for drum sounds £40 + £5 UK shipping

Radial JDX 48 Pre-amp/Di box - boxed, never used £150 + £5 UK shipping

MOOER Cordless Pedal Power supply - NEW - £50 free UK mainland shipping

Dwarcraft power struggle psu pedal - great condition £45 + £5 UK shipping

Stageclix Jack Wireless 5.8 - immaculate condition £200 + £5 UK shipping

Pedalsnake 18/4 + RS1, MK1, MF2 connectors VGC £80 + £5 UK shipping

TC Electronic Polytune - boxed, VGC £45 + £5 UK shipping

Sennheiser Freeport UHF Wireless - great condition/case -  £99 + £5 UK shipping

Palmer 60L Pedalboard great condition boxed   £70 + £5 UK shipping

Auralex Gramma Pad VGC  £50 + £7 UK shipping

Gator soft effects case VGC  £25 + £10 UK shipping

Pedaltrain Classic 2 SC never used, as new pedalboard  £80 + £10 UK shipping

Source Audio Hothand 3 Boxed, immaculate, spare battery  £75 + £5 UK shipping

Dunlop Cry Baby wha pedal, boxed VGC  £99 + £5 UK shipping

NS Design Frame Strap VGC  £95 + £5 UK shipping

Guitarman G305  tuner, good condition  £25 + £5 UK shipping

Auralex Baby Gramma , as new, boxed  £50 + £5 UK shipping

Peterson Strobe Stomp, as new, boxed  £150 + £5 UK shipping

Boss TU3 tuner pedal , VGC, boxed  £40 + £5 UK shipping

Add EU shipping to Pedals or smaller items to ship outside UK + £5

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