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The Ultimate Briefcase, BG200 - MRRP £1150

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We look to see if there are any ways that we could add to the Briefcase’s already stellar performance.  This is the Briefcase on Steroids call the Ultimate!

First we designed a more powerful amplifier from 100 to 200 watts. In order for the two 5″ speakers to handle this we had to totally redesign a completely new 5″ driver, no small feat considering that we have already been pushing the envelope in bass transducers. The new speaker not only has a larger and more efficient motor (it is 2 dB louder!), it also has better high and low frequency performance.

We changed out the vent and replaced it with “RALFR” technology we put into the Double 4 BG-75. The result is richer, deeper, more tuneful and organic bass.

We kept the battery function here, this amp has all the bells and whistles of the original Briefcase. Thanks to the super efficient class D power amplification, the battery has the same duration of running time.

This amp will put out 150 watt on its own internal 8 Ohm speakers, and can provide 200 watts output with an external 8 Ohm speaker.


  1. SPEAKERS: 2x 5″ PJB “Piranha” Type C in a computer-optimised, vented enclosure

  2. POWER: 150W rms

  3. DIMENSIONS: inch 6.7 x 17.3 x 15.5

  4. Weight 31lb

  5. INPUT: Active / Passive

  6. FEATURES: Compressor/limiter, 5-Band EQ, Headphone out, Balanced-line out, Pre-amp out, Extension-speaker out

  7. Ideal match for upright basses

  8. AC VOLTAGE: 110-220 Volt

  9. DC VOLTAGE:12 Volt (Internal rechargeable battery not included)

  10. Includes soft cover


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