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NS Design Radius 5 Amberburst (list £2783)


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  2. A secondhand  instrument in good condition, plus gig bag. There are a few marks in the finish and on the lower edge of the bass, beautifully set up, theatre work only.

  3. Weight: 9lb/4kg

The Future. Now.

After turning the world of traditional music on its head with his innovative range of electric concert instruments, Ned Steinberger returns to the realm in which he originally made his name way back in 1979 and, once again, has yet again redefined modern electric bass guitar design with the NS Radius Bass.

Whist most manufacturers breathe new life into established, classic templates, Ned Steinberger has designed The Radius from the ground up, incorporating a wealth of engineering and functional innovations to produce an instrument that combines elegance, practical purpose and superbly versatile performance.

Innovative body and neck design redefine the modern bass

Pushing the envelope of bass guitar design once again, the Radius features the unique NS Diradial™ Body curvature, which combines a torso-hugging convex back radius for enhanced comfort and stability, with a tighter front profile that encourages a more natural right-hand playing position. Overall, the chambered maple body and distinctive, offset cutaways make this light weight instrument perfectly balanced and extremely comfortable to play, with unrestrained freedom to access to the upper register.

The NS Fusion Neck is a one-piece, maple design with an embedded, continuous carbon fiber core, a combination that provides a natural feel whilst enhancing sustain and definition to every note. The smooth ebony fingerboard is fast and even all the way to the highest of the expertly set frets. On fretless Radius models, the fingerboard bears the same series of cascading dot makers that grace NS concert instruments, providing a perfect visual guide.

The more competitively priced WAV models feature a one-piece, bolt-on maple Radius neck with a full-adjustable, heavy-duty aluminium, dual-action truss rod with a rosewood fingerboard.

NS Patented Tuning System

This is a Ned Steinberger bass through and through so it's headless, naturally... but with a radically enhanced precision tuning system at the back of the body for more natural and subtle control. Based on a design originally developed for the NS Violin, the unique, self-clamping system (which now accepts any standard scale single ball end strings) means that string changes and tuning are effortlessly quick and easy.

As an added advantage, the system will also accept NS Omni Bass Strings, allowing players to the opportunity to approximate the sound of an acoustic upright bass, particularly on fretless Radius models.

Integrated Pickup System Delivers Big Bass Tone

The Radius Bass sports an integrated piezo and magnetic pickup system co-designed by NS Design and EMG. A pair of EMG humbuckers provide powerful, pure electric tones whilst the NS Polar™ piezo pickup system offers a wealth of great acoustic sounds. Blended together you get a massive tonal palette to create rich, full-sounding bass tones with character and definition.

The on-board 18 volt CR Series preamp (WAV Models feature a 9 volt circuit) provides enough dynamic headroom for any style of music, in any performance environment, with the comprehensive active electronics allowing you full reign to dial in any tone your imagination inspires.

The Latest Ned Steinberger Masterpiece

A unique and fearsome beast that's at once an ergonomic marvel, a work of art, a perfect carry-on companion and a workhorse bass with superb tone and enough firepower, stability, subtlety and versatility for any stage or studio.


Maple NS Diradial™ Body, with flamed maple top (Choice of Amber, Natural or Charcoal Satin Finishes)


Bolt-on, one-piece maple NS Fusion neck with embedded carbon fibre core and adjustable truss-rod



Bridge Pickup

NS Polar™ bridge-mounted piezo pick-up system

Magnetic Pickups

2 x Low impedance EMG™ pick-ups


18 volt NS/EMG on-board preamp circuit


Master Volume; Treble Cut & Boost; Bass Cut & Boost

Rotary Magnetic/Piezo Pickup Blend; 3 Position Magnetic Pickup Selector Switch; 3 Position Piezo EQ Switch

Tuning System

NS patented self-clamping precision tuning mechanism, built into the body (accepts single ball end strings)

Overall Length

109cm (43")

Body Length

53.3cm (20.8")

Neck Scale


Neck Radius


Nut Width

47mm (1.85")

12th Fret Width

64.5mm (2.54")

Bridge Spacing



3.9kg (8.63lbs)


Custom design NS padded gig-bag


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