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This new series shares a heritage to many previous Jeff Genzler designs.  These light-weight cabinet designs constructed from 12mm and 15mm Baltic Birch plywood deliver powerful, full-body response with a modern, yet classic styling.  The cabinets are wrapped in a heavy-duty black textured vinyl with a complimentary woven wire, silver and black grille cloth and silver metallic piping.  The distinctive front triangular ports provide an optimum porting design as well as structural strength in the corners of the cabinet.  All of this sets the Magellan series apart from standard black boxes and defines that this is the pinnacle of professional bass amplification equipment.

The MG-212T is a vertically stacked design yet still compact for a powerful 2 x 12” and tweeter combination.  The close configuration of the dual 12” drivers provides “tight-fisted” powerful projection of the low and mid frequencies.  The depth and roundness of the low end blends seamlessly with the midrange clarity of these premium loudspeakers.  With our proprietary compression tweeter the top end could be described as much more “polite” (smoother) than your average configuration of this type.   Overall, this cabinet is a “compact tower” of depth, clarity and authority.

Power Handling - 700 Watts

Frequency Response - 33-14KHz

Sensitivity 1W/1M - 100 dB

Nominal Impedance - 4 ohm

Crossover Frequency - 4.7K Hz

Weight LBs. 54lb/24.5kg

Dimensions, H x W x D - 31" x 19" x 16"

Speaker Components:

  1. Two -- premium Faital® neodymium 12" cast frame loudspeaker utilising a unique dual-wound voice coil design for increased power handling and efficiency.

  2. One -- proprietary compact 1' bullet tweeter with Ferro Fluid infusion in the voice coil gap for higher power rating and smoother high frequency response.


Input Panel/Crossover Network:

  1. Custom designed 12dB/octave slope with 100W L-Pad level control.

  2. One -- Speakon® NL-2 connector and two - ¼" sealed jacks; to reduce rear cabinet air loss and noise.


Cabinet Finish:

  1. Heavy-duty textured black vinyl.

  2. Metal chrome corners and heavy-duty strap handle.

  3. Black and silver woven wire grille cloth with metallic silver piping.

  4. Large rubber feet.

Shipping Data:

  1. Carton Dimensions: 35"H x 23"W x 20"D

  2. Shipping Weight: 61 Lbs



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