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Mike Tobias in one of the World's most famous and respected bass builders having established a career in the 1970s with his Tobias basses.

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MTD 535 24 - £4950 (list £5449)

Walnut body

Quilted maple top

Matching head and heel

Maple neck

Bird’s eye maple fingerboard

Natural finish

Protec case

Matching knobs

Saratoga PJ 5 - £3650 (list £3890)

Alder body

Cherryburst hand rubbed finish

Matching head and heel

Maple neck

Rosewood fingerboard

Bartolini B Axis pickups

Protec case

USA MTD Basses, prices from;

  1. MTD 435 - £3199 19mm string spacing at bridge, width at nut 1 11/16", width at last fret 2 1/2"

  2. MTD 535 - £3299 19mm string spacing at bridge, width at nut 1 7/8", width at last fret 3 1/16"

  3. MTD 635 - £3399 19mm string spacing at bridge, width at nut 2 1/8", width at last fret 3 1/2"

  4. MTD 735 - £3499 19mm string spacing at bridge, width at nut 2 1/2", width at last fret 4 1/4"

  5. MTD AG5 - £4799 19mm string spacing at bridge, Andrew Gouche model

  6. MTD AG6 - £5199 19mm string spacing at bridge, Andrew Gouche model

  7. Saratoga 4 - £3199 19mm string spacing at bridge, width at nut 1 1/2'", width at last fret 2 1/2"

  8. Saratoga 5 - £3499 19mm string spacing at bridge, width at nut 1 7/8", width at last fret 3 1/16"

Standard features;

  1. Body - Medium weight ash, Tulipwood, Alder, Makore

  2. Neck - Maple or Ash

  3. Fingerboard - Rosewood

  4. Pickups - Custom MTD Bartolini soapbars

  5. Preamp  - Custom MTD Bartolini 3 band

  6. The standard finish for body and neck is a satin catalyzed urethane.

MTD uses the licensed the Buzz Feiten Tuning System on all our basses, this revolutionary tuning system enhances tuning dramatically, allowing the player greater freedom of expression.

Optional features

  1. Wenge neck - £160

  2. Premium top - £300 - £800    burl, flame, quilted … maple, myrtle, woods subject to availability and price

  3. Lined fretless - £50

  4. Epoxy f/b - £160                        satin epoxy coating on lined or unlined fretless

  5. Maple f/b - £160                        catalyzed urethane finished

  6. Bird's eye maple f/b - £275        catalyzed urethane finished

  7. Ebony f/b - £110                        Honduran Rosewood, Zirocote, macassar ebony, Rose of the Mountain

  8. 24 fret f/b - £110

  9. Walnut body - £110

  10. Korina body - £160

  11. Black limba body - £160

  12. Laquer finish - £550                sunbursts, c thru's: red, coral blue, amber, tobacco, cherry, fades

  13. Hand rubbed stain - £110        hand rubbed sunbursts, stains and fades: Chianti, amber, tobacco

  14. Matching headstock - £50

  15. Matching heal - £50 to match body top or £25 to match fingerboard

  16. Chambers - £275

  17. Piezo bridge - £280

  18. MTD custom hard shell case £220

  19. MTD custom leather strap £65.00

“I am Michael Tobias, and I have been building instruments since 1974. I started in Washington, D.C., working in The Guitar Shop and doing repairs for a time to learn about other luthiers’ instruments and construction methods. Most of my early work was on acoustic instruments. I worked on a great variety of instruments including Martin, Gibson, Fender, Kohno, Ramierez, banjos and mandolins, harp guitars and even a few sitars.

The most important thing I learned is that, no matter what the instrument is, it is first and foremost acoustic. If an instrument sounds weak acoustically, adding pick-ups will just amplify its shortcomings. Throughout my career I have tried to apply this principal to everything I build. By experimenting with different types and combinations of wood, I seek to get the best possible tone from an instrument. And, by using different woods for body and neck, I am able to offer a wide variety of speaking voices and tonal capabilities.

Music has evolved over the years but there are still a few basic and fundamental constants; rules that must be dealt with. The instrument must satisfy the creative and emotional needs of the owner and it must play in tune.

After leaving Tobias Guitars at the end of 1992, and fulfilling my contractual obligations for consulting and non-competition with Tobias, I started building MTD (Michael Tobias Design) instruments at the beginning of 1994. There is more detail in the History section below.

I have a small shop in the town of Woodstock, New York, in which my part-time helpers and I currently produce about 10 instruments per month. I enjoy building instruments and consider myself quite lucky to be doing something daily that creates a great deal of satisfaction for my customers and myself.

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