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Mayones Maurizio Rolli Patriot Fretless 5  (list £4450)

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  5. Maurizio Rolli is a graduate in double bass and jazz music studies. He is currently teaching electric bass and double bass as well as jazz harmony studies at the Accademia Musicale Pescarese in Pescara, Italy. Over the years he won several music competitions including Barga Jazz, Biennale del Mediterraneo or Roccella Ionica and worked with such acclaimed artists as Jim Hall, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer or Hiram Bullock.

  6. Patriot 5 Fretless MR was designed to add a unique clarity to the warm sound of the fretless bass. The combination of excellent tonewood, connected sound chambers equally distributed all over the body and top notch electronics define the new quality in the universe of low frequency. One of the finest fretless basses we have had at Bass Direct. Weight: 3.9kg/8lb 8oz

Actual bass shown, please click on images to enlarge:

  1. Body - Profiled Flame Maple with Wenge stripe (chambered with 2 x tone chambers)
  2. Custom antique brown finish - option

  3. Construction - Neck through body

  4. Neck - 9 ply Maple- Mahogany

  5. Fingerboard - Ebony, 20" radius

  6. Scale - 870mm (34,25")

  7. Fret markers - short fretlines _ Mother of Pearl dots at lower edge

  8. Markers & inlays - Black blocks and binding + side-dots

  9. Tuners - Hipshot Ultralight

  10. Bridge - Mayones X2, two piece ebony, Piezo RMG saddles

  11. Pickups & Electronics - Nordstrand Fatstack

  12. Aquilar OBP 3 preamp for pickups

  13. Gregory Preamps GP-PB1 Mayo bass piezo preamp

  14. Control - 1 x Volume (push/pull coil split), Tone (push/pull active/passive), Piezo blender, Bass, Mid (push/pull mid freq select), Treble

  15. Body finish - Natural

  16. Neck finish - Natural wood / Matt finish (T-NAT-M)

  17. Hardware colour  - Black

  18. Strings - GHS

  19. Additional equipment - Ebony nut, Switchcraft jack, dunlop security straplocks, hardcase

  20. Weight: 3.9kg/8lb 8oz

Maurizio Rolli

Maurizio Rolli has become known as a bass virtuoso and skilled arranger working with Peter Erskine, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Hiram Bullock, Jim Hall, Dave Liebman, Alex Acuna, Danny Gottlieb and many others, and arranging for Metropole Orkest, Chaka Khan and Vince Mendoza. He received international attention for his release “Moodswings: a Tribute to Jaco Pastorius” (2001), which was named “CD of the month” by Bass Player magazine in August, 2002.

Within the last year he released “Rolli's Tones,” featuring metal and rock classics by Rush, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne and others arranged by Rolli and accompanied by "Rolli's Tones Big Band" and a list of jazz superstars including Peter Erskine, Mike Stern, Hiram Bullock, Bob Sheppard and Bob Franceschini.

Patriot 5 Fretless Maurizio Rolli Signature was designed to add a unique clarity to the warm sound of the fretless bass. The combination of excellent tonewood, connected sound chambers equally distributed all over the body and top notch electronics define the new quality in the universe of low frequency.

More about Maurizio Rolli at his official website:

Maurizio Rolli official MySpace profile:

Mayones Patriot MR

Designed in conjunction with Italian bassist Maurizio Rolli, the Patriot MR looks to define a new sound in the low-frequency universe. Nick Wells writes...


Best known for his virtuosic bass work with the likes of Mike Stern, Hiram Bullock and Alex Acuna, not to mention his brilliant reinterpretations of Jaco Pastorius tunes from his 2001 recording Moodswings: A Tribute To Jaco Pastorius, the Patriot MR is a result of Italian bassist Maurizio Rolli’s association with Polish bass builders Mayones. ‘We met at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt,’ recalls Mayones co-owner, Dawid Dziewulski. ‘Maurizio wasn’t sure if he wanted a new bass, but he was searching for something and so I offered to build him a custom instrument designed to his own specifications. We spent around six or seven months building it – we’d send him pictures and he’d reply with his comments, but we didn’t get a chance to meet during the building process, so it was a real experiment. When we were finally able to send him the bass, he was amazed.’

Body and Neck

The Patriot’s curvaceous body outline is coupled with some rather specific features, including a Gary Willis-style finger ramp, a distinctive f-hole and a creamy-white spruce top. More commonly used for its strength-to-weight ratio as an acoustic guitar top wood, the pale spruce is a far cry from the rich figuring of more commonly used exotic top woods but should oxidise and darken over time.

the slim and streamlined body profile is comfortable and well balanced, yet retains enough presence to not feel too lightweight.There’s a nice cutaway and the neck-through design makes the higher register easy to reach. The body itself comprises a profiled flame maple back and a central wenge neck-through section capped with the spruce top. Two hollow ‘tone chambers’, each connected by a 2-centimetre hole through the central section, allow more air to resonate inside the body for a deeper bass tone. The finger ramp is also spruce and marks another of the Patriot’s player-friendly features. In most cases, playing with your picking hand positioned over a pickup produces a nice

punchy sound and provides a convenient place to rest your thumb, while moving your hand closer towards the neck gives access to a range of fuller sounds but can feel less secure. With the finger ramp you have the feeling of having something beneath your fingers in all of those different positions, making them just as comfortable. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but we were very impressed.

The 9-ply maple/mahogany fretless neck has a 35-inch scale and an ebony fingerboard that extends past two octaves. It’s unlined, but with short linear markers running along the bass side of the board plus side dot markers and mother-of-pearl dots on the lower edge. It’s an ideal compromise for those after a plain unlined neck, but who wouldn’t say no to a little help with intonation.


The Patriot is fitted out with Hipshot HB6C Ultralite tuners, Schaller straplocks and a Switchcraft locking jack input. The Mayones two-piece ebony bridge has RMC piezo saddles wired to a Gregory PreAmps GP-PB1 Mayo piezo preamp. There’s also a single magnetic pickup, a Nordstrand Fat Stack, wired to an Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp. Both are powered by 9 V batteries housed in separate compartments on the rear side of the body.The controls comprise a master volume push/pull knob that doubles to split the Nordstrand pickup coils, a second push/pull control that caters for tone and acts as an active bypass, bass, mid and treble EQ controls, and a blend control to balance the output of the piezo system and the magnetic pickup. It’s a pretty specific set-up that gives the Patriot MR real identity.


The combination of hard maple, the two central tone chambers and the spruce top lend the Patriot a very balanced and natural bass sound. There’s a nice open mid range too, with tight lows and plenty of high frequency attack, which off set some of the compressed sounds you often get with neck-through basses.

There’s a wonderfully smooth blend between the pickup and piezo level, and with the Aguilar three-band EQ, active/passive bypass and coil splittable Nordstrand pickup there are plenty of tone-shaping options available, but the sounds never become too extreme or lose the sonic character of the bass. The ebony board and round wound strings give the fretless sound more bite, and using the ramp you can easily manoeuvre your playing hand to uncover a range of different tones. _ e ramp also prevents you from ‘digging in’ too hard, so you can play with a softer attack and crank your amp a little more. This is way you still get the initial attack from the speaker, but the note that follows is much louder as the string settles quicker and continues to vibrate for longer. It seems to work particularly well with the fretless neck.


We really liked the Patriot MR, though it is quite a specific beast. We had some initial reservations in terms of its looks and some of the more quirky features, but it remains a great bass to play. _ e basic design is sleek and comfortable and the neck is very playable, though some may find the 35-inch scale hard work. Above all, the Patriot MR has got identity and real character. It’s not the most resonant fretless tone we’ve ever heard, and at times the Patriot lacks a little low-end ‘mwahhh’, but it’s articulate and dynamic, particularly in the mid range, and will be relevant in any situation where you’re required to play more melodically or venture further up the neck without losing definition in the lower register.




Made in: Poland

Scale length: 863 mm (34 inches)

Neck: 9-ply, maple-mahogany, neckthrough

Fingerboard: Ebony

Body: Flamed maple back, wenge middle & spruce top, semi-hollow

Pickups: 1 x Nordstrand Fat Stack

Electronics: Gregory PreAmps GP-PB1, Mayo bass piezo preamp, Aguilar OBP- 3 active preamp

Controls: 1 x volume (push/pull for coil splitting), 1 x tone Contour (push/ pull active/passive), 1 x piezo blend, bass, treble and mid (push/pull for mid selection) EQ controls

Tuners: Hipshot HB6C Ultralite

Electronics: Master volume, passive tone, stacked active 4-band EQ controls, 4 x 2-way push-buttons for active/passive, series/parallel, neck & bridge pickup selection

Bridge: Mayones 2-piece ebony bridge with RMC piezo saddles

Finish: Natural, matt

Weight: 4.01 kg (8.4 lb)


Bass Direct

Tel: 01926 886433


Plus: Nicely shaped body and a good range of tones. We loved the finger ramp.

Minus: Its player-specific design might put some players off.

Overall: A very playable and strong-sounding fretless.


Tel: 01926 886433

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