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MOOER Compact Pedals

MOOER Micro DI £59.99 inc UK mainland shipping

MOOER Yellow Compressor £59.99 inc UK mainland shipping

MOOER Bass Graphic £59.99 UK mainland shipping

MOOER LoFi Machine £64.99 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Pure Octave £64.99 + £5 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Shim Reverb £59.99 + £5 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Ensemble Chorus pedal £59.99 + £5 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Fog Fuzz £59.99 + £5 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Thunderball £49.99 + £5 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Bass Sweeper £59.99 + £5 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Case £29 + £5 UK mainland shipping

MOOER Portable Pedal Power supply - £74.99 + £5 UK mainland shipping

+ £5 EU shipping (total £10)

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Smart direct input box with ultra low distortion, it quietly transfers 
the sound of guitar or bass directly to the audio system  
Balanced/unbalanced output, gain switch, cabinet simulator and
ground lift function included   
Full metal shell      
Very small and exquisite
DC 9V Adapter power supply

Yellow Compressor

Classic optical compressing sound with smooth attack and decay,further more, it preserves the original signal transients perfectly

Full metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass

Bass Graphic

Smallest Bass graphic equalizer pedal in the world

5-Band Graphic EQ with master level control

±18dB adjustable gain range per band

Full metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass

LoFi Machine

Wide range sampling rate/depth reducing effects

3 modes for using guitar, bass, synth or sound player

Full metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass

Pure Octave

Precise polyphonic octave effects with no distorted sound

11 different octave modes

Full metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass

Shim Reverb

3 Reverb Modes: Room, Spring, Shimmer
    Room: Different sized true acoustics reverb, from room to hall.
    Spring: Simulates a classic spring reverberation, vintage 60’s Surfing sound.
    Shimmer: Add rich overtone into the reverb sound, spacy, smooth and shining, very popular in Post Rock music.
Full metal shell
Very small and exquisite
True bypass

Bass Sweeper Pedal

Dynamic envelope filter pedal for both bass and guitar

Unique Funky style filter tone, Clean and Fuzz sweeping switch

Full metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass

Working Modes: 2(Clean/Fuzz)

Input: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance: 220k Ohms)

Output: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance: 1.4k Ohms)

Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug)

Current Draw: 7 mA

Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)


Ensemble King Chorus Pedal

The MXR Bass Overdrive is an original design that delivers warm, tube-like overdrive. Along with standard Volume, Tone and Drive controls, this pedal features a Clean control so you can blend a pre-set EQ clean signal with the overdrive signal, resulting in sweet burly bass overdrive.

""Punch your bass into the mix with the help of the MXR Bass Overdrive." - Juan Alderete, Racer X / The Mars Volta

Fog Fuzz Pedal

Classic bass fuzz tone, also sounds good on guitar

SQUEEZE knob for shaping unique fuzz tone

Full metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass

Thunderball distortion Pedal

2 Working Modes: Fuzz/Dist

Fuzz: A classic fuzz tone, perfectly for bass.

Dist:  Old style overload sound blend with the original signal

  Special design for Bass

  Full metal shell

  Very small and exquisite

  True bypass


Mooer MPPOWER Recheargable Micro Series Power Supply - List £79.99

Rechargeable power supply, Up to 50 hours of lithium battery life, Eco saving (6600mAh) can be recharged up to 800 times, 2000mA output capacity for multiple devices.

Zero power supply background noise, Battery LED indicator, Simple operation with on on/off switch, Features short circuit protection and overheat protection

The kit consists of;

2 x 4 way powersplitter leads

1 x Polarity reverse lead

Battery unit

Charger + Lead


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