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Mono M80 black case - £180 + £10 mainland UK shipping

Mono M80 2B black case £259 + £10 mainland UK shipping

Mono Vertigo Black bass Case - £199  + £10 mainland UK shipping

Mono Vertigo Steel grey bass Case - £199  + £10 mainland UK shipping

Mono BASS SLEEVE™  Black £125 £10 mainland UK shipping

Mono BASS SLEEVE™  Ash   £125 + £10 mainland UK shipping

Tick accessory/Pedal case - Steel grey £75 + £5 UK mainland shipping

Tick accessory/Pedal case - Black £75 + £5 UK mainland shipping

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The Bass Sleeve™ is the latest addition to MONO's collection of professional luggage for musicians. Designed to be a minimalist solution for traveling light and simple, the new Sleeve™ collection of cases merges MONO's innovative protection and high quality construction standards into a super slim and stylish design.

Like the Vertigo™, the Sleeve is Top-Loading™ for quick, stand-up access. Its design allows you to quickly unzip the Sleeve and pull your bass out from the top. This is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case. Once unzipped, the case naturally opens out and to the right. No need to lay the Sleeve down on the floor. Easy access.

The Bass Sleeve features a slimmer variation of the Headlock™ — MONO's patented neck suspension system. This slimmer Headlock is molded from solid, shock-absorbing EVA rubber to protect the neck and headstock from impact during falls. When your bass is zipped-in, its neck is automatically secured inside the Headlock's contoured groove.

At the bottom, the Sleeve features a super slim EVA insole to keep the body off the ground and protect the strap pin from bottoming-out when the Sleeve is put down too hard.


The Sleeve features a messenger bag style storage pouch that's perfect for small laptops, tablets, notebooks, cables and other extras that you might need when traveling light. A small interior mesh pocket keeps those little, critical items close at hand.

Vertigo Case

Steel Grey with Orange foot

Black with Grey foot

We've seen it (and done it) hundreds of times: grabbing the guitar out of the side of a partially unzipped case while standing up. We do this to save space, to save time, or to save our backs. This observation became the driving concept behind the Vertigo™, the world's first top-loading guitar case. The top loading feature might have been enough, but we went ahead and redesigned the Headlock™ for automatic neck support. Then we created The Boot™, a rubber sole designed for unsurpassed protection against vertical drops. The game has changed.


The Vertigo™ features a fully redesigned Headlock™ neck suspension system. No strapping, buckling, or belting requred. No extra steps. Just throw your bass in and the neck finds a natural resting point in the base of the Headlock™. Then zip the case up and the top section of the Headlock™ automatically clamps down over your bass, holding it firmly in place. Your headstock is now fully protected against backward drops and side-to-side impact. Lightning fast!


Another first of its kind, The Boot™ takes guitar protection to a new level. Using manufacturing technologies from the footwear industry, the Vertigo™ bounces off of concrete like a pair of cross trainers. With its custom molded rubber outsole and EVA insole, The Boot™ also protects strap pins of all shapes and sizes from those nasty vertical drops. Travel in confidence and style. It's a good look.


A slick feature that you will come to love. The Vertigo™ does not open like a traditional guitar case. Its design allows you to quickly unzip the case and pull your bass out from the top. This is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case. Once unzipped, the case naturally opens out and to the right. No need to lay your guitar case down on the floor. Stop bending over. Nobody wants to see that. Take a stand!



Optional Tick case;


The Vertigo™ is appointed with smart storage and rugged hardware for a life of travel. A deep front pocket keeps your essentials at-hand. The optional Guitar Tick™ provides room for much more. Steel riveted handles and dual zippers come standard, as does the Sharkskin™ water resistant outer shell.

M80 and M80 2B cases

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Refuse to Compromise

The M80 Bass Guitar case is the lightest, thinnest, strongest, most versatile carrying solution for the professional musician. A hybrid case featuring an ultra light laminated foam shell with strategically placed ABS panels, providing an unmatched level of protection for your most prized investments. Smart features like the Clip/Tuck straps make for easy airport travel, while the streamlined profile helps you slip through the crowds. The bag only weighs 5.75lb/2.6kg

Legendary Protection

Inside the case, our patented Neckbrace design suspends the guitar's headstock, protecting it from impacts that could otherwise snap the neck. An oversized velcro strap quickly secures the neck against a specialised high-density foam block, which also keeps the tuning pegs away from the sides of the case during transport. On the bottom of the case the guitar's strap pin is protected by a bumper system of high-density foam, industrial rubber and ABS "feet", diverting impact up and around the body of the guitar on vertical drops.

City-proof Construction

High-tech materials and triple reinforced stitching make for an extremely durable product. The M80 Bass Guitar case features a waterproof outer shell, steel riveted handle and shoulder straps, industrial rubber "sole" and piping, and oversized ergonomic zippers. Wear it well.

Outside Features
  1. Hybrid case design with ABS head and body impact panels

  2. Waterproof Sharkskin™ shell with industrial rubber sole and piping (PVC-free)

  3. Clip/Tuck strap system w/ chest harness for on-the-fly 1 or 2 shoulder carrying

  4. Specialised upper and lower gear pockets with built-in cable management

  5. Steel rivet reinforced handle and shoulder straps

  6. Animal free

  7. The optional Guitar Tick™ provides room for much more. Steel riveted handles and dual zippers come standard, as does the Sharkskin™ water resistant outer shell.

Inside Features

  1. Integral Neckbrace™ design suspends headstock and tuners

  2. Clear window pick pocket

  3. Corner bumpers protect guitar body and strap pin

  4. against vertical drops

  5. 420-denier nylon string guards prevent snags and punctures

  6. Extra soft polishing liner maintains glossy finishes

M80 2B Double gig bag

Weight - 8lb/3.6kg

A second bass is a must-have on stage or in the studio. But in transit, carrying two bass guitars has always been a necessary evil. We set out to design an elegant solution to this problem. Our driving criteria was to offer each guitar the same protection as our single M80 hybrid case. After a year of prototyping, the Z-form™ design was perfected (patents pending). The end result is an incredibly light weight, extremely rugged double hybrid case. A first of its kind. Go play.


This “zig zag” design creates a completely separate case for each bass. That means both headstocks are protected with our Neckbrace™ feature and strap pin bumpers. It also means the M80 Dual can be used with 1 or 2 bass guitars - something you’ll appreciate on the road. Additionally, the Z-form design allows for immediate access to either bass. Grab one from the left side, and the other from the right side. Try it out...