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JAZZ pair                                          £150.00 + £5 UK p&p

JAZZ bridge                                      £75.00 + £5 UK p&p

JAZZ pair  - 5% overwind                 £150.00 + £5 UK p&p

JAZZ Split coil - pair                         £230.00 + £5 UK p&p

JAZZ Split coil - pair 5% overwind    £230.00 + £5 UK p&p

JAZZ 5 string - pair                           £170.00 + £5 UK p&p

P - BASS                                          £140.00 + £5 UK p&p

'51 P BASS - single                          £75.00 + £5 UK p&p

'51 P BASS Split coil single              £135.00 + £5 UK p&p

For orders outside the UK please ADD + £5 EU shipping

Mounting screws are supplied with these pickups

Please contact us you would to order a singe pickup


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Fender Basses have defined the electric bass since its invention. Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass®, P-Bass®, and '51 P-Bass Style replacement pickups offer a loud, clear and even response to four string bass players. Using ALNICO V magnets and 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire, they are all hand wound to vintage specifications.

Under or over winding is available upon request as is a steel poled version of either pickup.

NOTE: *All ohm readings are an approximate.

Jazz Bass® Pickups

  1. Jazz Bass® Replacement Style Stock  wound to 8.5k to 9K  - also available with 5% overwind for a darker tone.
    Also available with raised A and D poles for tight radius basses.

•Split-Jazz Bass Replacement Style - wound as two coils under a stock cover for hum cancelling, also available with 5% overwind for a darker tone.

  1. 5-String Bass Replacement Style - Direct replacement for single coil five string bass guitars

P-Bass® Style Replacements

Wound to 10.5k to 11k

'51 P-Bass® Style Replacements

Great single coil tone replacement for 50's and re-issues. Stock wind is 6.5K but can be wound from 6k-8k. Also available in "Split" version for hum- cancelling.

Reviews of Lindy Fralin Pickups

BGRA: Lindy Fralin Jazz set

•by Dave Starns, May 2003 // Excerpted from the BGRA

“My Fretless Jazz bass is hardly a Fender anymore. It has a custom fretless neck (from Performance Guitars in Hollywood), a Leo Quann Badass Bridge, and Lindy Fralin pickups (the body is still Fender!). When I bought the bass (used, in 1983) it had Dimarzios in it, which sounded a little dark. I wanted more of a growly, midrangy, Jacoesque tone. I read a review of these in Bass Player which praised them up and down, so I ordered a set. I made the right decision. They're amazing pickups, responsive and clear without sounding thin or biting at all....”

•Clarity: 98%

•Service: 100%

•Value: 98%

•Overall: 98%

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BGRA: Lindy Fralin Split-Jazz Replacement PU

•by Chris Guertin, July 2004 // Excerpted from the BGRA

“These things rock!! I was a little wary about spending so much without trying them first, but I was not disappointed in the least. I put them in my '77 Fender Jazz. The sound on them is HUGE -- the best sounding passive pickups I've ever used by far. AND -- no noise!! If you like that vintage sound, and don't wanna deal with annoying noise, I recommend these highly. ”

•Clarity: 100%

•Service: 98%

•Value: 95%

•Overall: 98%

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Bass Player, Feb '96

•by Jim Roberts // Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Pickups

“About fifteen years ago, a guitarist named Lindy Fralin dropped some Seymour Duncan replacement pickups in his Strat (™). Intrigued by the change in sound, he began to investigate the art of pickup making. Thanks to a friend who had a spool of copper wire and a pickup winder powered by the motor from a dentist's drill, Fralin started to wind vintage style pickups. Before long, he had his own winder and was devoting much of his free time to trial and error experiments. " It took me about five years to get a pickup I liked," Lindy says, "but I kept at it. Eventually, I was making pickups for some of my friends, and it slowly grew into a business from there."

Today, Fralin's shop specializes in vintage reproduction pickups and coil rewinding. Most of the pickups he makes are for guitars, but Lindy recently added Jazz Bass(™) pickups to his line. We tried out a pair in our trusty old '65 Jazz Bass, doing before and after listening tests in the Bass Player sound lab. Fralin always asks for customer input before making or rewinding a pickup, but all we told him was that we wanted the classic tone of a vintage Jazz Bass. He sent us a pair of his pickups along with a note that said they were "made just like early 60's Fenders(™)...(and) handwound as loud as we can make them without losing clarity or high end."

We got the Jazz Bass ready for our test by slapping on a fresh set of Trace Elliot stainless steel round wounds (.040-.100) and plugging it into our reference rig with everything set flat. The original pickups, while exhibiting plenty of punch and growl for which Jazz Basses are noted, left something to be desired in the low end, requiring an EQ boost to round out the sound. And they were microphonic. With the Fralin pickups, the change in the tone of the bass was striking--and entirely positive. The Fralin's had all of the mid-range punch of the stock set, but they provided considerably more warmth on the bottom, more clarity and "sparkle" in the high end, and more output. They were evenly balanced across the strings---and they weren't microphonic. In short, with the Fralin pickups the '65 Jazz Bass retained it's vintage character but became even more lively and musical.

We encountered one minor installation problem: The plastic cover of the bridge pickup didn't quite fit into the rout. Since we didn't want to modify the bass, we simply removed the Fralin pickup from it's cover, slipped it into the original cover, and installed it. Done. ( Lindy cautions that this may not work with every Jazz Bass, because of variations in the size and pole piece spacing of Fender pickups made in different years. He says the covers he uses are standard parts purchased from other suppliers, which limits his options. Should you have an installation problem, he will work with you to find a solution that is right for your bass.)

Lindy will custom wind these pickups to suit your needs. (And if you are not happy, he'll swap them.) He will also rewind other styles of pickups and try to find the sound you are looking for. That's pretty refreshing in a world where most gear is offered only in off the shelf versions in a take it or leave it fashion. Also it's refreshing to hear pickups that sound as good as the ones Fralin makes.”

•Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Pickups

•Rating scale 1(poor) to 5 (best)

•Warmth: 5

•Clarity : 5

•Output : 5

•String balance : 5

•Value : 5

•Bottom line: GREAT TONE!