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760/750 N Black Nylon coated strings

760NFHBB Hofner (50/65/80/100) £38  OUT OF STOCK

760N Long Scale (60/70/94/115) £38

760N Short scale 30" (60/70/94/115) £40

760N Medium scale (RA Mouse) (60/70/94/115) £40

760N Medium Scale (60/70/94/115) £40

760NB Long scale (60/70/94/115/134) £50

760NCB Long scale (42/60/70/94/115/134) £59

760NB Extra Long scale (60/70/94/115/134) £52

760NCB Extra Long scale (42/60/70/94/115/134) £61

750N Long scale (50/65/85/105) £38  OUT OF STOCK

750N Short scale 30” (50/65/85/105) £40 OUT OF STOCK

750N Medium scale 32” (50/65/85/105) £40 OUT OF STOCK

750NB Long scale (50/65/85/105/134) £50

750NCB Long scale (42/50/65/85/105/134) £50

760N 135 B String long scale £12

760N .42 C String long scale £9 - OUT OF STOCK

760/750 T Clear/White Nylon coated strings

750T Extra Long scale (50/65/85/105) £40

750T Long scale (50/65/85/105) £38

750T Medium scale (50/65/85/105) £40 OUT OF STOCK

750T short scale (50/65/85/105) £40

760T Long Sale (60/70/94/115) £38

750TB Long scale (50/65/85/105/134) £50

760TB Long scale (60/70/94/115/134) £50

760TCB Long scale (42/60/70/94/115/134) £59

760THBB Hofner 30” scale (50- 100) £38

760T .134 B String £12

760/750 T Clear/White Nylon coated/gold finish strings

760G DTB 4 Long scale (60/70/94/115) £38

760G DTB 4 Medium Scale (60/70/94/115) £40

760G DTB 4 Short Scale (60/70/94/115) £40

760GB DTB 5 White/Gold (60/70/94/115/134) £50

760GBC DTB 6 White/Gold (43/60/70/94/115/134) £59

750G DTB 4 White/Gold (50/65/85/105) £38

750GB DTB 5 White/Gold (50/65/85/105/134) £50

750GBC DTB 6 White/Gold (43/50/65/85/105/134) £59

760G 6 White/Gold Nylon .43 - C string £9

760G 6 White/Gold Nylon 134 - B string £12

760/750 T Clear/White Nylon coated copper finish strings

760C Long scale (60/70/94/115) £40

750C Long scale (50/65/85/105) £40 - OUT OF STOCK

760C-B Long scale (60/70/94/115/135) £55

760C-BC Long scale (43/60/70/94/115/135) £64

760C-BC Extra Long scale (43/60/70/94/115/135) £64

For orders outside UK -add Mainland EU/Ireland shipping + £4

Please call to order any set of LaBella strings if not listed.

La Bella 760/750 Black Nylon Tapewound

Re-designed for improved tone, sustain and longevity, these stainless steel wound strings have an outer wrapping of black nylon tape. These smooth nylon tape winding makes them particularly suitable for fretless bass guitars, whilst the warm tone means they also sound good on acoustic bass guitars.

La Bella 760N (60/70/94/115)

La Bella 760NB (60/70/94/115/135)

La Bella 750N (60/70/94/115)

La Bella 750NB (60/70/94/115/135)

La Bella 766NC (.43)

Also available in white (clear) 760T and 750T nylon

La Bella 760T (60/70/94/115)


“Beatle” bass players can now enjoy that warm tone of our classic black nylon tape strings, precision-fit for their basses. Each handmade black nylon tape wound string is calibrated to fit the three different bridge types made by Hofner.


As the innovators of the Black and White Nylon Tape Wound bass set, La Bella introduces the Copper White Nylon Tape Wound Series. Unlike the classic 760T set, the 760C Copper White Nylon Tape Wound sets are made with a transparent nylon wrapped over copper underlays. The result is a warmer and more supple tone, allowing players to effortlessly glide from note to note. The Copper White Nylon Series is extremely versatile and can be used for electric, fretless and acoustic basses.

-White Nylon Tape Wound on Copper Underlay
-Warmer, more supple tone vs. classic White Nylon Tape strings
-Standard Tension
-String Gauges: .060, .070, .094, .115
-Made in the USA
-Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

Also available in 5-String 760C-B (.060 .070 .094 .115 .135) & 6-String 760C-CB (.043 .060 .070 .094 .115 .135) models.

All standard bass sets are LONG scale length (37″ Ball-End to Silk). Also available in other scales for 4-String, 5-String & 6-String Sets:
-Short Scale:          760C-S – 32″ Ball-End to Silk
-Medium Scale:      760C-M – 34″ Ball-End to Silk
-Extra-Long Scale:  760C-XL – 38″ Ball-End to Silk

Submitted on the 30th March 2015 by Gareth who purchased a set of LaBella 760C strings

They feel great, even smoother than the white nylons!  Tone-wise, I think La Bella is right that they are warmer than the white nylons.  Great on the fretless to bring out that woody tone.  Plus the copper colour under the clear nylon looks well cool!


The Gold White Nylon Tape Wound bass strings are the latest addition to our popular tape wound lineup! Constructed with Golden Alloy (80/20 brass) underlays, these strings are brighter in tone compared to the Copper White Nylon Tape Wounds, and also have dramatically increased attack and sustain.

-White Nylon Tape Wound on Golden Alloy Underlay
-Brighter in tone compared to Copper White Nylon Tape strings
-Light Tension
-750 String Gauges: 43 .050, .065, .085, .105, 135

-760String Gauges: 43 .060, .070, .094, .115, 135
-Made in the USA
-Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

Also available in 5-String 750g-B (.050 .065 .085 .135) & 6-String 750g-CB (.043 .050 .065 .085 .135) models.

All standard bass sets are LONG scale length (37″ Ball-End to Silk). Also available in other scales for 4-String, 5-String & 6-String Sets:
-Short Scale:          750G-S – 32″ Ball-End to Silk
-Medium Scale:      750G-M – 34″ Ball-End to Silk
-Extra-Long Scale:  750G-XL – 38″ Ball-End to Silk

Historical Background

In the 17th century, the small town of Salle in the Abruzzi region of Italy was considered one of the string centers in Europe. Local church records reveal that the most important string manufacturing families were Berti, Dorazio, Ruffini and MARI. Famous throughout Europe for fabricating the finest gut strings for lutes, guitars and violins, their craft also included constructing some of the earliest strings for wire strung instruments.


Established in the 1640's in Salle, the Mari family became one of the suppliers of violin strings to both Amati and Stradivari in Cremona. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries the "House of Mari" also operated a metal foundry that manufactured church bells.


In 1913, the two brothers, Emilio and Olinto Mari left the family business to seek new opportunities in America. They settled in New York City where they produced both gut and steel strings in their small apartment in lower Manhattan. As the word spread among musicians in the area, so did the popularity of their product. A local music store grew very fond of the high quality hand made strings the two brothers produced, and made them an offer to help expand. The first factory opened in the year 1914 on 170 Fifth Avenue. The American dream for the two young immigrants had arrived.  The business expanded in 1922 with the opening of a second factory in Lanciano, Abruzzi.


At the 1927 "First Exposition Trade Show" of Tripoli, North Africa, the Italian government awarded the "Gold Medal Diploma" to the company for their dedication and excellence as manufacturers. As a leading producer of high quality strings for the entire violin family including the harp, E. & O. Mari offered both " La Preferita" and the "La Bella Brand" of orchestral gut strings. Since the twenties the trade name " La Bella" has remained to describe a superior product. 


In 1937, with the outbreak of World War II on the horizon, E. & O. Mari decided to close their Italian factory. During the early Forties, the Manhattan operation moved to Long Island City, New York and remained there nearly forty years. Changing locations in 1981, the factory's present site is in Newburgh, New York.


Today E. & O. Mari/ La Bella Strings is still a family owned and operated company - passed from Olinto Mari to his daughter Elisabetta Mari and her son Richard Mari Cocco Jr., President and her grandson Eric Cocco, Vice-President. An advocate of the arts and music education worldwide- E. & O. Mari sponsors jazz and rock performance clinics, professional artist appearances and residencies. La Bella also supports many guitar festivals and competitions by subsidizing scholarships and awards.