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Kramer D1 Pre-owned 2017 model


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  3. A pre-owned 2017 bass in immaculate condition, list £599

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  5. Weight: 3.2kg/7lb 15oz

One of the world’s most respected manufacturers of high-performance rock weaponry, Kramer has put guitars in the hands of top shredders for three decades. The D-1 bass is among their most popular models, offering a no-frills bass experience that oozes attitude.

Body & Neck

The body is crafted from solid Mahogany, a timber with a long history in instrument making, known for its solid low and lower mid-frequency response and superior resonance.

The 3-piece, five-bolt neck is carved from hard maple, and topped with a smooth black ebony fingerboard with 24 frets, a 12” radius, and a width of 1.68” at the nut. The full-length 34” bass scale yields optimum firepower from the low-E, but is achieved in a design that is compact, lightweight and well balanced.

Hardware & Electronics

A back-angled headstock achieves optimum string tension in the nut slots for maximum sustain, which is further enhanced at the body end by a solid and highly adjustable flush-mount bridge, which is plated in black just like the premium die-cast tuners.


  1. 1Mahogany body

  2. 23 piece Maple neck

  3. 3Ebony Fingerboard

  4. 412" radius

  5. 534" scale w/24 Frets

  6. 6Seymour Duncan Qurter Pounder humbucker

  7. 72 band  preamp

  8. 89v Battery

  9. 91 volume, 1 bass and 1 treble control

  10. 10Flush Mount bridge, Full Adjustable


Tel: 01926 886433

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