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4 string, Chrome/Brass, 19mm, Fender fit - £90.00

4 string, Chrome/Aluminium, 19mm, Fender Fit - £80.00

4 string, Gold/Brass, 19mm, Fender fit - £105.00

4 string, Chrome/Aluminium, 19mm, Fender thru-body -£80.00

4 string, Chrome/Brass, 19mm, Fender thru- body - £90.00

4 string, Black/Brass, 19mm, - £100.00

4 string, Black/Aluminium, 19mm, - £90.00

4 string, Chrome/Aluminium, 19mm - £80.00

4 string, Chrome/Aluminium, 18mm - £80.00

4 string, Chrome/Brass, 19mm - £90.00

4 string, Chrome/Brass, 18mm - £90.00

4 string, Gold/Brass, 19mm - £105.00

5 string, Chrome/Brass, 18mm - £100.00

5 string, Chrome/Aluminium, 18mm - £95.00

5 string, Chrome/Brass, 19mm - £100.00

5 string, Chrome/Aluminium, 19mm - £95.00

5 string, Black/Aluminium, 18mm - £105.00

5 string, Black/Aluminium, 19mm - £105.00

5 string, Black/Brass, 18mm - £115.00

5 string, Gold/Brass,18mm, - £125.00

5 string, Chrome/Brass, 17.5mm, - £100.00

6 string, Please contact us to order

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For orders outside the UK please add £6 shipping (£10 in total)

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A Style Bass Bridges
Hipshot style A Bass bridges are available in a wide variety of string spacing; in your
choice of aluminium or brass. Type A bridges feature variable string spacing adjustment
and through the body option for even greater versatility and fine intonation adjustment as well.

Aluminium 4 string

Satin         £

Chrome    £

Black        £

Aluminium 5 string

Satin         £

Chrome    £

Black        £

Aluminium 6 string

Satin         £

Chrome    £

Black        £

Brass 4 string

Chrome    £

Black        £

Gold         £

Brass 5 string

Chrome    £

Black        £

Gold         £

Brass 6 string

Chrome    £

Black        £

Gold         £

Advantages and disadvantages of ALUMINIUM bridges

An advantage of having an aluminium bridge is that you will be heard better in a mix, and this is due to an aluminium bridge having a more “punchy” sound. “Punch” is defined as having more initial amplitude at the beginning of the note, which in other words means a note is louder at the initial moment the sound is produced.

In addition, aluminium bridges are very light in weight, so if you were looking to lighten up your bass guitar, using an aluminium bridge is an easy way to do that.

The disadvantage to aluminium is that notes decay faster, commonly described as “having less sustain”.

Advantages and disadvantages of BRASS bridges

You’ve probably heard many times from many people that brass bridges have great sustain. Do they? Yes, they do. You can get nice long note decays when using a brass bridge, however there are a few tradeoffs to this.

Brass is a dense and heavy metal as it is made of copper and zinc (and possibly a small amount of tin depending on brass type). As such, most of the string vibration stays within the bridge and is not transferred out to the body because of its high mass content. The advantage is that you’ll get great sustain for your notes, but the disadvantage is that your tone won’t have as much punch in a mix.