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Bass Guitar Stands

Look after your investment with a high quality stand.

Hercules GS415B  -                                 £34.99

Hercules GS415B + Carry bag                £41.99

Hercules GS405B                                    £29.99

Hercules GS422B Twin stand -               £57.99

Hercules GS432B Triple stand -              £74.99

Hercules GS302B Travlite stand -           £18.49

Hercules GS402B with carry bag            £24.99

Hercules DG300B Tablet iPad stand -    £45.00

Hercules GSP38WB wall stand -             £13.99

Hercules HA206 Neck cradle -                £11.49

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Hercules Stands

Hercules GS415B Auto Grab NEW!! guitar stand features a revolutionary quick hole and release system, which allows you to simply slot your guitar or bass into it and let go. Hercules GS405B guitar stands also feature the patented Hercules grab system, which holds your instrument secure and safe. GS415B comes with a comfort grip and specially formulated foam padding that prevents your guitar neck and headstock from getting marked in any way, it also folds up into a neat compact size, offering the utmost in portability.

GS422B Twin stand

GS432B Triple stand

Auto Grab System Stands

The Auto Grab System is driven by the weight of the guitar or bass. When placed in the yoke, the housing slides down, rotating the arms to secure it. When you are ready to play, lift up and the AGS automatically releases!

Grab the Comfort Grip and raise or lower the stand to the desired height. A locking pin prevents slipping and provides solid and stable support for even your heaviest instruments.


Specially Formulated Foam rubber is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument.

GS405B Stand


The HERCULES Guitar Stand GS405B features a shock-absorbing system. Both the yoke and cradle are flexible and secure to fully protect the instrument. 


  1. The Shock Absorbing SHOKESAFE Tilting Post and the Secure Retention System on the upper yoke guard against accidental bumps and collisions.

  2. The Folding Bottom Yoke locks into position to safely secure instrument in the stand.

  3. Specially Formulated Rubber Foam fully protects instrument at all contact points.

Hercules HA206 - Guitar maintenance cradle

GS402B/W with carry bag

Base Radius  230mm (9")

Folded Size  282x105mm (11.1x4.1 ")

Weight  0.9kg (1.9lbs)

Electric/Bass guitar mini stand

All-in-one-design is easy to pack and carry

Quick locking pins on the base function easily and lock securely

Specially Formulated Foam on the arms and backrest

Locking Pins

The Locking Pins on the base snap your stand together quickly and securely. Simply push down on the pins for packing.


Specially Formulated Foam

Specially Formulated Foam rubber is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument.

TravLite™ electric guitar mini stand

Folds down flat for easy carrying and packing

Sturdy steel construction

Specially Formulated Foam on all possible contact points

Weight: 0.8kg (1.8lbs)

Folded size: 300x245mm (11.8x9.6")

GS302B Travlite stand

Auto Swivel Yokes allow instruments to hang vertically.

Arm length: 94-105mm (3.7-4.1")


Attractive Wood Base for home mounting*

AutoSwivel yoke allows different shaped guitars and basses to hang vertically

Auto Grip System yoke safely and securely holds your instrument

Specially Formulated Foam completely covers the yoke

Length: 105mm (4.1")

Load capacity: 7kg (15.4lbs)

*Hercules recommends mounting hanger to a wall stud for maximum stability. For non-stud, drywall mounting, please use included plastic screw anchors. Using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the closed end of the plastic anchor, drill a hole as deep as the anchor (approximately 1.4 inches). Next, tap the anchor into the hole until flush with wall.

Tired of twisting screws when adjusting you music stand? Can't get the right height or angle? HERCULES music stands are incredibly versatile and easy to use. The HERCULES BS418B has an EZ Grip adjustment that allows the stand to be adjusted up and down to the desired height with smooth one-handed operation. A secure internal locking mechanism prevents slipping. The HERCULES BS418B features a 3 section shaft giving a height range from 125cm down to as low as 63cm!


Three-section mechanism allows for lower position

Perforated Folding Desk with page retainers

Frictioning EZ Angle Roller

Quik-N-EZ Retainer

Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip

Tripod Base made of durable die cast aluminum

Desk size: 480x345mm (18.9x13.6")

Height: 610-1150mm (24-45.3")

Weight: 3.2kg (7lbs.)

Folded size: 670x210mm (26.4x8.3”)

*Carrying bag available: BSB001

**Hercules DG300B NEW Tablet/iPad Holder for Music Stands fits Tablets Size 7" - 10.1"

  1. Compact and lightweight design for musicans on the go

  2. Fits 7"-10.1" tablets with diagonal lock feature

  3. Fully adjustable action allows 360 degree rotation to meet all needs

  4. The universal clip fixes to desks and microphone stands within the following dimensions : 15.8-30mm round tube, 18-25.4mm square tubes, 10-25mm thickness

  5. Quick and easy adjustment and setup