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Phil Jones Bass H-850

When it comes to headphones, not all are suitable for bass instruments. Many may sound good for music but plug them into the headphone jack of a bass amp and you will soon find their limitations. PJB H-850 headphones are a result of years of auditioning headphones for this purpose and analysing the mechanisms of what works for the reproduction of music and bass. Utilising high power 40mm neodymium magnets and closed back acoustic loading, we were able to achieve a superb sound reproduction for both music and bass instruments.

These headphones are lightweight and therefore can be worn for hours with comfort. They have superb acoustic isolation from external noise and headphone bleed through for recording application. After you try the H-850 you will soon realise these will be your favourite headphones.

Frequency Response



32 Ohm

Maximum input power


Sound Pressure Level (SPL)


Cable connector

3.5mm stereo

(with 6.35mm stereo adapter)


Cable length



June 29, 2014

With their roots in famous speakers and pro audio, these headphones deliver serious bass, and so musically they should be celebrated way beyond the studio or rehearsal room

If you have a big head or not, you will love the PJB BigHead!

Mobile Headphone Amp with D/A converter

The PJB BigHead is not big at all. In fact it is barely larger than an iPhone. The "Big" is about the sound. It functions first as an awesome bass headphone amplifier with 2 band EQ ( +/- 18db @ 60 Hz and +/- 18dB @ 5KHz) set for optimization of all kinds of bass instruments.

Unlike consumer electronic MP3 players and smart phones that have very small power output of around 20 milli-watt to drive headphones, the BigHead has more than 10 times the power. This contributes to a far more exhilarating listening experience with increased resolution and dynamics. Even if you are just listening to music, the BigHead will be a great improvement to your regular headphones, adding more listening pleasure.

A more important function of the BigHead is being a recording tool both in digital and analog. As an Analog Digital Converter, it has the finest BURR BROWN digital components. The USB out is 48KHz 16Bit digital conversion. In other words, recording your bass onto Pro Tools will give you exactly what you wish for and absolutely nothing else.

Maybe you need an analog pre amp. The Big Head can do that too. It will provide up to 12dB of gain and better than 96dB signal to noise ratio. Just use the headphone out jack to feed an amp or mixer. It has an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is fed by its USB jack, so any computer or appropriate cell phone charger can charge it in less than 3 hours, but it can play for up to 8 hours.

(1) Gain Control  (2) Vol. Control  (3) Bass EQ for Instrument Input  (4) Treble EQ for Instrument Input  (5) Power Charge LED  (6) Power ON/OFF LED  (7) Low Battery LED  (8) Headphone Out 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack

(1) Power ON/OFF Switch  (2) Micro USB Connector  (3) 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack for AUX Input  (4) Monoral-Phone Jack for Instrument Input



Power Output



Master Volume, Input Gain, Treble/Bass for Instrument Input, digital signal Interface


Internal lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery or USB Power


2.5 x 5.3 x 1”/ 65 x 135 x 25 mm   (WxDxH)


0.5lbs / 240 g


2.5 x 5.3 x 1”/ 65 x 135 x 25 mm   (WxDxH)

Now available in Red and Gold

VOX AmPhones

Imagine being able to play your bass with headphones and without hauling around a practice amp with you. Well thanks to built-in amPlug technology you can get full-fledged bass sound straight from the VOX amPhones. Just plug into your bass with the 1/4" connector and experience great sound!

Get the clean sound of a classic US-made amp

These headphones are made by Audio-Technica who are well known for their quality headphones and microphones. The headphone amp uses a new reactor circuit which is based on the Valve Reactor technology featured in VOX amps, meaning you can get amazingly dynamic amp sounds. The VOX Bass amPhone provides a wide-range sound, including a new Bassilator circuit that realistically simulates the resonance of the speaker cabinet and floor.

Built-In Compressor

The Vox Bass amPhones even provides a compressor.

Jam Along or Just Listen to Music like Conventional Headphones

You can use the AUX input jack to jam along with your CD/MP3 player. When you're not playing and the power is off, you can use the Bass amPhones as normal headphones with your mp3 player and so on, providing superb sound quality and a comfortable fit, which proves useful for extended listening sessions.

Easy Portability and Included Accessories

The amPhones boast a folding design for easy portability, and the extension cable and adaptor plug are also included, so there's plenty you can get out of these headphones on their own.

Listen to VOX's audio demos of the VOX amPhone Bass below:

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Also Available in Guitar Versions

The VOX amPhones are also available in three other versions, which are two guitar versions and one bass. You can find these on as well:

  1. amPhones Lead

  2. amPhones AC30

  3. amPhones Twin


Headphones section

  1. Type: Closed-air dynamic headphones

  2. Driver diameter: 40 mm

  3. Output sound pressure level: 97 dB

  4. Playback frequency range: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz

  5. Maximum input: 1,000 mV

  6. Impedance: 49 Ohms

  7. Cable length: 1.3 m

Amp section

  1. Output: 1.4 V (Maximum)

  2. Controls: Dials (Gain, Tone, Volume, Effect), Switch (Standby)

  3. Input Terminals:

    1. *Bass Input

    2. *AUX Input

  4. Power supply: AAA battery x 2

  5. Battery life: Approximately 8 hours (Manganese) / 20 hours (Alkaline)

General section

  1. Dimensions:

    1. Width: 195 mm (7.68")

    2. Depth: 160 mm (6.30")

    3. Height: 50 mm (1.97")

  2. Weight (without batteries): 230 g / 8.11 oz.

  3. Included Items:

    1. AAA battery x 2 for trying product,

    2. A pug adapter "3.5mm <-> 6.3 mm"



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