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Genz Benz Uber 212pre-owned, 600w, 4Ω, 28.5kg

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  2. Used cabinet in superb condition.

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The UB series features classic design, powerful tonal output packaged into lightweight touring cabinets finished in a black “nubby-textured” vinyl and a silver/ black wire mesh grille cloth. Whether the music calls for the clarity and response of slap-style, the grunt and growl of pick playing or the warmth and punch of finger style, the UB series delivers. Each cabinet is loaded with the GNX10250 loudspeaker, compression tweeter and custom designed crossover network with a 100 watt tweeter level control.

GB 212T-UB (£1299)

The latest addition to the UBER series, this 2 x 12” design delivers the punch and character of our cast frame Neodymium GNX12300 loudspeaker. Impressive output and tonal clarity are matched with the classic styling and lighter weight cabinet designs of the UBER series. The 12” loudspeakers are blended with our compression bullet tweeter and 18 db crossover which provides both Speakon® and ¼” connections and a tweeter level control. A more "Old School" tone compared to the Neox 212T.


Power Handling RMS  600 W

Frequency +/- 3db  42-18K Hz

Sensitivity 1W/1M  102 db

Nominal Impedance  4 ohm versions

Crossover Point  4 K Hz

Weight Lbs.  63

Dimensions HxWxD   28" x 24 1/4" x 18 1/4 " 

Customer feedback:

Submitted on the 30th September 2012 by Darren who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 600 amplifier and Genz Benz Uber 212 cabinet

Hi Mark.

Thanks for the help and advice you gave both before and during checking out the GB amp/cabs.

Having shopped in many, many music shops over the years it was a pleasure to meet someone who was knowledgeable, welcoming and amazingly helpful.

The Streamliner is an awesome piece of technology ( so much "ooommph" in so compact a package ) and the Uber bass 212 sounds simply immense. The perfect combination for my playing needs.

Now to start saving up for a Mike Lull T-bird to go with my Gibson LOL.



Submitted on the 19th September 2009 by Sean who purchased a Genz Benz UBER 410 cabinet

Hi Mark

Used the cab Friday night with my GBE750   Wowwwwwww!!


The first thing the sound man @ the venue said to me was " we do have a PA you know "    to which I replied  I've bought my own,  which tickled him.

He went on to say that he has not heard a better sounding bass rig in all his days as a sound engineer.


I've been playing Bass for a good few years now and have some times been complimented on my smooth playing style  but Friday night the amount of people who came up to me  to say what a great bass sound was unreal


I gotta say this is the first time I've ever been 100% happy with a new bit of kit  ( Hmmmmmmm   can't say the same for the Mrs though )


All the best Mark



Submitted on the 18th November 2011 by John who purchased a Genz Benz Streamliner 900 amplifier and Genz Benz Uber 15T and 128T cabinets



Wow !!!!


An awesome almost old school sound and a formidable volume available with plenty of headroom. My Jack Bruce and Andy Fraser tone was still there with the tube preamp overdriving nicely.


Only downside was my guitarist saying he felt like a megalomaniac  with his Marshall stack, but I’m sure he’ll get used to it.


Suggested I bought an extra 115 to make it bigger and not commect it, expensive riser if you ask me………!


Thanks again Mark and if I can sell the spare Gibson SG Bass I may just take the Thinderbird !!!

After many years lugging my beloved Marshall stack and then the heavyweight VBA rig Mark convinced me to try a number of "lighter" alternatives.

The sound in our heritage rock band is old school and the Streamliner and my old Gibson EB3 nails the tube overdrive so loved by Jack Bruce and Andy Fraser.

Downside is my guitarist thinks he now looks like a megalomaniac and my gear looks too small.........small price to pay.......check us out on YouTube.

Mark knows his gear and it is a pleasure to spend time in the shop knowing that you are getting good advice and keen pricing do I need the Uber 4x12 as well?



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