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E series cabinets are designed to provide the ideal solution for bass players looking for a cabinet with great tone and response in an affordable package.

Designed with custom ported and tuned cabinets and using Eden designed speakers the E series offers a broad range of different cabinet solutions suitable for a variety of situations. From compact 300W 1x10” cabinets for when portability is essential, through to 4x 10” cabinets for bass players looking to create their first head and cabinet rig the E series covers all bases.

EX115  cabinet - List £399

The EX115 is the perfect single speaker cabinet for those who want a larger more rounded sound. Boasting 300W power handling and delivering great bottom end. The larger speaker surface area coupled with a ported and tuned cabinet allows the EX115 to move more air and benefits the sound with a large amount of low end resonance. Comes with optional casters

Power Handling: 300 Watts

Ohms: 8 Ohms

Speakers: 1x15"

Frequency Response:

Weight: 41.1lbs / 18.7kg

Dimensions: H: 17.7in / 45cm, W: 21.25in / 54cm, D:16.3in / 41.5cm

EX210  cabinet - List £399

The EX210 is a great choice for anyone that wants low end with the ability to reproduce clear tones and bring in more definition to the higher frequencies. A tweeter horn with level control provides additional flexibility allowing you to adjust high frequencies of the cabinet. The Eden designed, ported and tuned cabinet ensures that even in its compact format the EX210 delivers outstanding tone.

Power Handling:  300 Watts

Ohms:  8 or 4 Ohms

Speakers:  2x10"

Horn?:  Y

Frequency Response:

Weight: 44.9lbs / 20.4kg

Dimensions: H: 15.6in / 39.5cm, W: 21.25in / 54cm, D:16.3in / 41.5cm


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