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EA (Euphonic Audio) iAmp 350 10 combo + CXL10 Cab- pre-owned

EA iAmp 350 12 combo- SOLD


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  2. Used combo and cab in superb condition.

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This is for a Euphonic Audio iAmp 350 combo, Model CxL110c. Basically this combo pairs EA’s wonderful iAmp 350 bass head with their CxL110 cab. This combo is in excellent condition. There are no problems with either the amp or the speaker cab.

Euphonic Audio doesn’t make this combo any more, but the combo, the amp and the CxL110 cab have all received very positive review, and are still coveted by bass players looking for a small combo with lots of power, flexible tone-shaping and great tone from a small box. It is not light, but the weight is manageable . . . and you’ll be surprised by the tone and power coming from this little box.

The iAmp 350 amp section is removable and can be used to drive much larger cabs. This amp was part of Euphonic Audio’s iAmp 350/500/800 line of amps. It is a full featured amp, and actually may be a bit of overkill for this combo.

You can attach an extension cab to this amp to get the full 350W from the head - but it's seriously loud on it's own and can easily cope with gigs with a full band! There is a flip out carry handle underneath which also doubles as a tiltback stand, ideal for practice or when using a stage monitor so you can aim the speakers at your ears.

Because this amp does not color the sound, it faithfully and transparently reproduces whatever you put into it, making it ideal for acoustic guitars, upright basses, keyboards, etc. as well as regular electric basses. It works well with a preamp, letting the amp models come through in the way they were designed to be heard so they sound the same as if they were going through a recording desk.

The amp has a 4 band parametric EQ with selectable width / Q points and 4 presets (deep, contour 1, contour 2 , bright) it also has an FX loop, adjustable level DI output with a top-of-the-range Jensen transformer, a line input for your mp3 player and a headphone output. The speaker is a 10" woofer with an adjustable level tweeter.

Compact, powerful, and fully featured, the Euphoric Audio iAmp 350 features a 4-band parametric EQ, 350W of output power, variable-level effects loop, stereo mini auxiliary input, XLR DI ouput, tuner line out, and headphone jack. 

Model: iAMP®350 Type: Solid State, Integrated Bass Amplifier 

Power: 350 watts rms @ 4 ohms, 1200 watts peak 

Weight: 14 pounds 

Country of Manufacture: United States of America 


iAmp 350 Combo (Discontinued)

Euphonic Audio Type: combo amp

Model #: CxL110c

Power rating: 350W@4 Ohms

Drivers: 10" coaxial-speaker with tweeter

Features: Input impedance 1 Megohm passive/20 kilohms active, parametric EQ: Bass/LowMids/HighMids/Treble controls, deep, contour, bright controls, Presets

Size: 17.75" x 14.75" x 12.5"

Weight: approx 60 lbs.


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