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Dingwall FD3 - 4L for Combustion - pair              OUT OF STOCK

Dingwall FD3 - 4L P/J for Combustion 5 - pair     OUT OF STOCK + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FD3 P Tone for ABZ4*                           £115.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FD3 P Tone for ABZ4 rounded end       £115.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FD3 P Tone for ABZ5/Combustion*       £125.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FD3 P Tone for AB5 rounded end          £125.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FDV 4  rounded end pickup                    £210.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FDV 4  square end pickup                      £210.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FDV 5  rounded end pickup                    £220.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall FDV 5  square end pickup                      £220.00 + £5 UK p&p

Dingwall 5 string bass nut, black graphite -          £20.00 + £2 UK p&p

EU/Ireland outside UK Shipping please add         + £5

* Square ended pickup


This pickup is designed to sound as close to an original P pickup as possible yet still maintain the depth, clarity and output you’ve come to expect from Dingwall pickups. The magnets are neodymium. The asymmetric coil configuration is a split humcancelling reverse type. All 4 leads plus ground are accessible for series or parallel hook up (series recommended). When paired with a Mach II FD3 bridge pickup the output balances very well between the two pickups and the combination positions are in our opinion improved.

Mounting hardware and wiring instructions are included. This pickup retrofits Dingwall ABZ 4-string basses. Available in square or round end size.

4 string and 5 string



Our Neodymium powered FD-3 pickup coils mounted in Combustion shells ready to install in your Combustion 5-string bass. These pickups will increase your output, frequency response and dynamics compared with the stock pickups.

Mounting hardware and instructions are included.


Our Neodymium powered FD-3 4L Mach II bridge pickup and matching P-tone neck pickup are now available in Combustion pickup shells. These pickups will take your Combustion to a new level of output, dynamics and all around hugeness.

Mounting hardware and instructions are included.

FD3 P Tone pickup for AB basses

The Neo pickup with a P bass voicing gets you closer to the classic tone

Dingwall standard 5 string pre-cut nut - graphite

Customer feedback

Hi Mark,

As promised here is some feedback on my experiences with the Dingwall P-Tone pickup that you recently supplied for my Dingwall AB1 5.

As you said, fitting is a doddle and as I was removing the strings to fit the new pickup, I also chose to fit a set of Payson nickels instead of replacing with Dingwall Voodoos. So my new experience was with the heavier nickel strings as well as the Dingwall P-Tone pickup.

Firstly the Payson strings; as I am quite a heavy handed player I find the thicker gauge more to my liking, in the past, pre Dingwall, I always used a medium gauge. With lighter gauges I feel that I have to be a bit careful! Anyway the thicker, and at first stiffer, Payson strings gave me something to go at again. I had blisters on my fingers after the first band practice, it has been quite a while since that happened. Thankfully this situation has not continued, either the strings are more supple or my fingers are toughening up :-) I think the former, as bending notes is no problem now. After a couple of weeks of playing, both me and my strings have settled in nicely together and I am glad of their full weight and growly warmth. After fitting I tighted the truss rod a little to lower the action. The heavier strings go low without buzzing.

As to the main reason for tweaking my Dingwall, the fitting of the P-Tone neck pickup. It certainly does what it says on the tin. I play covers , mostly rock, blues and pop with some funky stuff thrown in. As many of the originals were played on a Precision I have tended to use the original neck pickup quite a lot, with the treble turned down to get that Precision sound. Having seen the P-Tone listed I thought that this will do the job better. Well I can confirm that it certainly does, the new pickup is fuller with an edgy mid punch. Just right for rock and blues. It has real authority without being boomy, fabulous thick punch that you can just turn up and it stays tight and clean with such a big sound.

Switching to the second position, both pickups in series, it's just like pouring a warm chocolate sauce over your favourite sponge pudding. (Well to me it does :-)) The tone fills to be rich and smooth softening the edge of the P-Tone pickup and the sound gets bigger.

The original Dingwall pickup was more subtle with plenty of colour in the tone, but the P-Tone in my opinion is better suited to my style of playing for rockier numbers.

What you said about pickup height is so true, the height that the pickup is set has a lot of effect on the sound. It does not take more than a quarter or half turn of a pickup screw to alter the sound. I used the setup advice from Sheldon which is on the Dingwall website under Basses in the forum. But ultimately it is down to tweaking to get the sound that you prefer.

My first gig with the new pickup and strings gave me just that I was looking for, the tone and depth took me pleasantly by surprise. The improvement to my Dingwall's sound and its integration into the sound of the band, makes me smile :-)

Thanks once again Mark for your continued great service and advice. Always a pleasure to visit you in Warwick.

All the best, Cameron