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Soapbar pickups

SBC 4 HE/S 4 string pair, EMG 35 size £200

SBC  HE/S 5 string £200 for pair

SBC  HE/S 6 string £220 for pair

Hybrid 4 - J and MM pickup in one, £130

Hybrid 5 - J and MM pickup in one,  £140

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JSBC 4/5/6/7 HE

JSBC 4/5/6/7 HE Specifications:

Type: twin coil in-line hum canceller

This ultra slim „twin-coil in line“ humcancelling soapbar bass-transducers are precision engineered to bridge the gap between two different schools of bass pickup design. The tight focus and pristine harmonics of a classic single coil, but fully humbucking.

MC 4/5/6 HE/S

The DELANO MC4 HE/S is our high end MM style™ dual coil humbucking pickup. Its custom coils are precision hand wound around two sturdy silicon steel blades on top of our specially engineered double magnet array, all hidden by a closed structured black resin pickup cover.

The entire unit is fully shielded and specially treated to prevent hum, microphonics and RF interference even in most demanding applications. The sound is fat, bright and clean, with lots of bass and low mid muscle and sparkling high end sheen. Switching to parallel produces a very open and bright tonality, great for clean funk, chords and tapping.

MC 4/5/6 HE/M2

The discrete visual appearance of our high end HE series MM™ shape hum canceller pickup is pure understatement: Four separate coils are hidden under the MC4 HEs closed cover, offering a lot of tone shaping options, including totally hum free in-line single coil, and series/parallel modes. While the obtainable tonal colours cover an extremely broad range of voicing, the basic HE sound is all that you would expect from a modern high end bass pickup.

Extended range with very deep and tight bottom, velvet midrange, airy presence and shimmering brightness with rich harmonics, a class of its own.

SBC 4/5/6/7 HE/S

DELANO SBC series bass pickups are dual high end electric bass humbuckers in the classic bass soapbar shapes, available for four, five, six and seven- string basses. They represent the leading edge in dedicated bass transducer technology. Unbelievably full and open sound throughout the entire spectrum with tight bottom, airy midrange and heavenly harmonics unrivalled by ANY other bass pickup. Finally your bass CAN sound like it should. Available as individual units or in perfectly matched pairs.

The DELANO SBC4 HE/S was developed to overcome many of the obstacles normally associated with most of the proven dual coil bass humbucking designs. We killed the nasal muddiness, broadened the spectrum and enhanced even order harmonics. How we did it? We simply listened. Because we love to listen. To the music, the players, into the hearts of the instruments. Listen to catch every subtle detail. Hear what is there. Understand what is missing. Think we found it. It is the air. So we put it inside. Finally there is a bass pickup that perfectly blends the full bodied warmth of a humbucker and the airy openness of the best vintage single coils with crystal clear top end definition into pure luxurious bass tone.

SBC 4/5/6/7 HE/S-4 - Quad Coil

We took the development of our soapbar bass humbuckers another big step further by incorporating four separate coils.

The result is the same great bass tone of our SBC4 HE/S, plus options, options, and options. And they all make sense: do you want a P-bass™ type, cross coils in series pattern for that great old school vibe in your neck pickup, or inverse, like the old YAMAHA BB series™ just to give you an idea what is possible. With a pair of SBC4 HE/S-4 quad coil humbuckers properly placed, having the characters of all your favourite basses on hand in one instrument is not just a dream anymore. But that is just the beginning….

Delano The Hybrid 4/5

An uncompromising pickup series that combines in one single construction the two most legendary sounds in bass history!

Part 1: J-Bass™ – Single coil bridge pickup with the immortal characteristics of early 60’s pickups. AlNiCo 5 magnets, classic fibre bobbin and gauge 42 wire. Part 2: Sting Ray™ Humbucker – Low resistance neck coil with 9.5 millimetre AlNiCo 5 magnets. Authentic sound guaranteed in this setting too, thanks to the special engineered bridge J-coil: the second MM™-coil is integrated inside. Switching concept: The integrated switch management lets you get both of these great classic sounds at the touch of a toggle, each one reconstructed exactly in its original form with all its strengths and nuances of character.

Switching concept:
The integrated switch manager lets you get both of these great classic sounds at the touch of a toggle, each one reconstructed exactly in its original form with all its strengths and nuances of character: Passive function in single-coil mode, active function with the DELANO SONAR 2- or 3-band EQ activated in Humbucker mode. The internal switching of the pickup is lightning fast, too! For maximum sound authenticity we recommend the custom neck version of our J™-single coil JC4AL/H or JC5AL/H for the neck position. With both pickups switched on, this JJ-arrangement typically produces a noise-free output.

No trouble with treble:
The ’Hybrid’ set includes a specially designed treble pot that works as a typical passive tone control for the J™-sounds in the passive mode and doubles as the active treble EQ in the Sting Ray™ setting. The neutral setting is located conveniently in the middle position; when switching, it’s easy to get the basic settings you need.

Additional features:
In the humbucking mode – we call it ’Ray’ mode – you’re able to combine the hybrid pickup with the neck pickup, too. This is an additional feature. But take note, that use of the neck side single coil pickup typically causes hum, if driven with the active electronics. To achieve an authentic ’Ray’ sound, you should turn the balance knob fully backwards – and so your bass is hum-free.

TheXtender HE/S

TheXtender bass pickup range is made to bring up the sound of your instrument to new frontiers. You most certainly have never experienced fat bass tone voiced that pure and sweet ever before. Imagine the amalgam of history and future.

Welcome to 21st century bass tone: X-tra massive bottom, maximum-definition, gutsy midrange growl and a world class wide open top end – these are the key ingredients of a new sound character that has simply no match in electric bass history.
These pickups comes in our newly designed oval-shaped protector shell, which means way more than just fancy looks. This fresh form factor offers a radically different approach to magnet array and string sensing pattern which greatly affects the way the DELANO TheXtender is capable to interact with the motion of the strings.
The DELANO TheXtender – a new breed of bass pickup that pours out unbelievable strength of TONE on any 4-, 5 or 6-string bass – even in full passive operation.