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Cort Action DLX 4 OPN

£315 + £10 UK shipping

Add Cort gig bag £20

+ £30 EU (outside UK) shipping

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Affordable but loaded with quality materials, components and craftsmanship, the Action Series basses define value for the aspiring bass player with versatile features as PJ, JJ and soapbar pickup options and active EQ electronics.


The Markbass MB-1 EQ provides a very natural and transparent boost that does not color the organic nature or resonance of the instrument’s woods. The crystal clarity and natural warmth combined exude a passive feel with smooth lows, full-bodied mids, and bell-like highs. The Markbass 3-Band EQ brings out the best acoustic nature of the bass instrument.


Developed with tonal flexibility in mind, the PDX soapbar pickups deliver a strong fundamental low-end that is ideal for classic and traditional bass sounds. The front pickup exhibits a firm midrange ideal for fingerpicking classic rock sounds while the rear pickup provides more power and focus for aggressive music as well as for slapping with greater force than J-type pickups.


A livelier and more resonant wood than poplar, swamp ash is characterized by a scooped-mids sound with a bigger low-end and clear highs for a more balanced tone. The open-pore finish enhances the resonance even further and the wood’s natural light weight and good-looking grain patterns are other positives of swamp ash. An ideal match for the Markbass 3-Band EQ system.


Found only on the Action Series basses, the ergonomic body shape, which fuses the best elements of classic and modern designs, was designed to reduce fatigue and enhance playability for extended playing sessions.



  2. CUTAWAY: Double Cutaway

  3. BODY: Swamp Ash

  4. NECK: Canadian Hard Maple

  5. FRETBOARD: Rosewood Fingerboard

  6. FRETS: 24

  7. SCALE: 34"(864mm)

  8. INLAY: White Dots

  9. TUNERS: Diecasting Tuners

  10. PICKUPS: PDX-4 Pickups

  11. ELECTRONICS: Markbass MB-1 EQ

  12. HARDWARE: Black Hardware

  13. STRINGS: 4 Strings

  14. BRACING: EB6(4) Bridge

Optional Gig Bag


Tel: 01926 886433

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