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Bergantino IP112 + EX112 including covers, pre-owned 2008 models



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  2. Used cabs in superb condition and come with fitted covers, sold as a pair for a compact 1000w rig, unbelievable quality and reliable system.

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Bergantino IP112     "The future of bass amplification" 

This high grade cabinet contains a very clever internal amplifier with full system control to give the clearest most natural and controlled sound available today. The carefully programmed internal DSP prevents damage to the speakers or amplifier and produces 500w of pure power into this cabinet and 1000w with a the  EX112 cabinets connected. It also features a pre-programmed, switchable eq for a perfectly balanced frequency response - a truly portable big rig sound in a very compact solution.

Studio/reference quality sound, with the highest grade of tweeter available in a bass cab, giving smooth detailed highs and clean mids with a deep low end that is never "muddy". This is a "one cabinet" high end solution for bass players looking for an expressive sound.

Amazing for electric bass guitar, almost perfect for Acoustic and Double Bass.

Model IP112 specifications:

  1. 1-12" cast frame woofer w/ 80oz. magnet, 2.5" voice coil, vented pole piece

  2. high intelligibility bullet tweeter

  3. custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control

  4. frequency response: 44hz - 18khz

  5. Internal amplifier power: 500 watts @ 8 ohms,

  6. 1000 watts @ 4 ohms with HT/EX112

  7. input sensitivity: .70 volts (-3dbv)

  8. input impedance: 39K ohms

  9. DSP: Custom factory EQ curve (switchable in/out) with compression/limiting.

  10. weight: 50lbs/22.6kg

About Bergantino IP Speakers:

These speakers contain an internal digital amplifier with DSP processing to give a very clean and powerful sound that perfectly matches the cabinet. With the precision of DSP, coupled with the very precise measurements we perform on all of our speakers, we have been able to create a product which can give you everything! No longer will you have to give up cut or punch for low end extension, or midrange clarity for warmth and fatness. Its all there. 10s will still sound like 10s, and 12s will still sound like 12s, but they will all reproduce the frequency range of your bass consistently from the low B to the highest note on the G string. No holes, no peaks. Its like bringing your studio sound to live. Add to this the great sounding, high efficient, Class D amplifiers, and you can approach an audiophile tone quality only before realised with linear Class A amps. This, along with the latest in advanced Switching Technology; allows it all in a high performance, 7lb package !!

From a pure performance stand point, most bass heads on the market were not designed for the modern rigours of bass production. Specifically, with the growing popularity of 5 string basses, the demands placed on cabinets and amps designed for 4 string basses has been tremendous. In order to reproduce the fundamentals of the low B, you need lots of clean amp power and headroom, along with long excursion, low resonance woofers. Unfortunately many of the more popular heads on the market, and still in use today, are not up for this challenge. Why? Because when powering long excursion woofers you need extra amp power just to make up for the lower sensitivity ratings, which is a result of their longer voice coils and heavier masses. This decrease in sensitivity typically translates into needing an amp capable of delivering at least twice the power. Couple that with the fact that most of these mass market heads and amps can not even deliver their rated power continuously, never mind having any dynamic reserve capabilities. Their over-stated specs, along with their under designed power supplies, cause them to fall short when powering a speaker designed for high performance, high output applications. The relationship of an under powered amp and high performance speaker can cause much frustration to the bass player, both in terms of obtaining the volume and performance the cabinet is capable of, and more importantly, premature failure (not to mention the added expense) due to clipping.

Due to the transparency of these cabinets you can use different preamps to get any tone you can think of!


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