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The Bergantino Audio Range

Hand built using only the finest wood, the highest grade custom designed drivers

and created for the discerning bass player who demands the best.

Click on this link for the iGuitar BiAmp, HDN 112 review



Why Bergantino?

Quality - Most speakers manufacturers spend a considerable amount of money and time on endorsements and marketing - Bergantino does not and invests this money into the components of the speaker.

Heritage - Jim Bergantino has designed highly acclaimed speaker cabinets for many of the worlds top bass cab manufacturers and speakers for some of worlds most sought after speaker manufacturers.

Sound - Bergantino speakers represent some of the most advanced ideas and designs available in the bass cab industry today. This means you get cabs that reproduce the sound of your bass in any environment effectively, enabling both you and your audience to hear what YOU are playing.

Value - £ for £, $ for $ Bergantino cabs represent superb value for money as the quality of components and quality of design are second to none.

Integrity - Rather than use flattering numbers and spurious techno babble, Bergantino cabs speak for themselves. We recommend you bring your cabs to compare, normally it only takes a few notes to know if they are for you.


Tel: 01926 886433