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Bass Direct customer Feedback

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Submitted on the 5th December 2016 by James in the USA who purchased secondhand Walbass

All @ Bass Direct!

I received my Wal safe and sound. Paul at Wal did a great job on the improvements I wanted.

And of course you gents are stellar on customer service.

Thanks for everything, and see you on the next deal!



Submitted on the 4th December 2016 by Jonas who purchased secondhand Warwick bass

Hi Mark ,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks to Marcus for his help with the Warwick Thumb BO 5 Ltd Edition I bought from you recently.

Despite me ringing up very close to closing time he was polite and helpful and made sure I received my new bass very quickly indeed.

Furthermore when I rang up after receiving my bass and had no straploks with it,

he wasted no time in sending me a set FOC.

My Thumb Bass is superb and thank you once again for all the help and excellent 


Best regards 

Peter Andrews.

Submitted on the 30th November 2016 by Lorenzo who purchased the Genzler M900 amplifier

Hi Jeff,


Hope you’re well! Last week I bought a Magellan from Mark at BD, and was able to play it live last night for the first time.


I can definitely say that it is the best amp I’ve ever played through. It’s punchy, and finding the right tone is a breeze. I really appreciate the contour and drive sections to give me a gritty but bassy distorted tone, I’ve always struggled to find a good rock tone that doesn’t become muddy.


Unfortunately I had to run the amp through a small Ampeg 210 cab, but even through that it sounded massive.


Thanks again for this amazing product!


Best regards,



Submitted on the 28th November 2016 by Martin who purchased the Genzler M900 amplifier


Wow! What an amp!

Plugged in for a gig with no time to 'fiddle' with settings much and was blown away with the tone and power! Many thanks!

Submitted on the 19th November 2016 by Piers who purchased the Phil Jones Bass Ear Box

Mark.....just plugged this into my Phil Jones Rig.....it’s brilliant.  Like stereo for bass (Except it’s not!).  Thanks for getting them in.  If you can get the clamp and  a suitable mike stand in, I can’t wait to try it out live.


I’m one happy bass player!

Piers (Williamson)

Submitted on the 3rd November 2016 by Andy who purchased a new Dingwall ABII 6/3 bass

Hi Mark,

I wanted to let you know the Afterburner II  6/3 that I picked up 3 weeks ago, is everything I expected and more from this bass. Thanks for helping me out ordering the good combination !

Bye, Andy

Submitted on the 31st October 2016 by Adam who purchased a new Dingwall SJ4 bass

Hi Marcus all at Bass Direct!

I just wanted to say I am having the best time with Dingwall bass. It's too amazing ! 

Thought as a thank you, you might be mildly entertained on your Tuesday morning by a vid of my band Town of Cats at our recent album launch in Brighton. The Dingwall is in it :) 


Warm regards 


Submitted on the 31st October 2016 by Jonas who purchased secondhand Roscoe SKB 6 bass

Hi Marcus!

The bass arrived today and i couldn't be any happier - it's all that i hoped for and more! I just wanted to thank you and Mark for the great service, smooth process and very fast shipping.



Submitted on the 22nd October 2016 by Ronnie who purchased secondhand Maruszczyk Sputnik 5A

Hi Mark

Just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent service you provided. Ordered bass on Monday morning and in Tokyo on Wednesday. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Bass is awesome.

Will definitely recommend bass direct to others.

Thanks again


Submitted on the 8th October 2016 by Dave who purchased secondhand Fender bass

Hi Mark

Just a word to say thanks for your time today and supplying such a fine instrument. We've just had an hour in the studio throwing drum tracks at it and I've not found a tone that it won't do!

Fabulous instrument, fantastic service, one very happy boy!!

Submitted on the 7th October 2016 by David who purchased Hipshot Tuners

Hi Mark,

Tuners arrived and fitted. Thank you.

Also thank you for your patience and professionalism with all this. Not many companies are as human as you are. I've only used you twice but the service is exceptional.

If there's anywhere I can post a positive review I'd be  glad to.


Submitted on the 3rd October 2016 by Jens who purchased a set of Dingwall strings

I sent an inquiry to Bass Direct by email on a late Monday evening. And I got a reply same night at 22:00!!!

A very friendly and helpful contact. And I received the ordered items very soon after (although I live in Germany).

I know I'm a bit late with my comment. Still, I would like to let others know what a great shop this is.

Thank you, Mark.


Submitted on the 2nd October 2016 by Paul who purchased a Musicman Caprice bass

Hi Mark, Marcus,


Bass received!! Love it!! Another one and only in Qatar, along with my Sandbergs, Dingwall and now my MM Caprice! :--)


My friend Hadi says he really like the store too


Very pleased!!


Best regards



Submitted on the 1st October 2016 by Dale who purchased secondhand F Bass bass

Hey Mark!

Really happy with this instrument. I'm honoured to have it and will  cherish  and make best use of it.

One happy customer indeed. 

Many thanks x


Submitted on the 29th September  by James who purchased a Spector NS5XL  bass

Hey Mark,

Just a quick note of thanks for holding the Spector for me. It arrived today, and it is a gorgeous instrument that sounds equally good. Thanks for the usual great service and for accommodating me. I'm sure I'll be back at some point in the future.

Thanks again


Submitted on the 21st September 2016 by Dale who purchased secondhand Status bass

Hi Mark 

Just a quick line to say thank you for your great service, and help over the weekend 

The bass arrived yesterday and it’s a stunner 

All the very best 


Submitted on the 19th September 2016 by Dale who purchased A Cort B4FL bass

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know, bass arrived safely this morning - very happy with it. Thank you for making it an easy purchase, the prompt delivery, and all at a really good price.

Kind regards


Submitted on the 21st August 2016 by Den who purchased A Bergantino BiAmp

Hi Mark,

I thought I'd put my thoughts in writing to you about my Bergantino B/AMP. I purchased it from you just over a couple of weeks ago to match up with my existing Berg' CN210 and CN112 cabinets. As soon as l plugged it in and connected everything up, the experience l had immediately was out of this world. I've never owned or tried a system like it and that includes a wealth of so-called high end and boutique gear. The sound coming forth was like the most perfect hi-fi sound imaginable and that was before I'd switched on the appropriate profile for my cabinets.

Once I selected the CN322 profile, the sound became even better. I am absolutely over the moon as I thought what I wanted in Bass amplification didn't actually exist. I so craved for a system that substantially amplified my beautiful basses without a distinct colouration of tone, just purity, sweetness and accuracy.

I could be cheating by owning two magnificent Roscoe basses, both of which are truly sublime in their individual tonal characteristics. OK, they are a great benefit, but when plugging in a Bass Collection, 'Portrait' Jaco fretless, the sound even from that budget bass is wholesome, lively and rich in tone. I was seriously considering upgrading the pickups and adding a pre-amp, but l don't need to. The amp has done it for me...

I don't know what else to say other than the purchases of the Bergantino gear has be a revelation for me. Well done Mark for pointing me in the right direction!!!

Cheers mate and kind regards.


Submitted on the 19th August 2016 by Mark McConnell who purchased a Hipshot Bridge

Excellent product (Hipshot Brass/Chrome Replacement Bridge for Rickenbacker 4003) - transforms the instrument. Better string tension, reduced hardware noise, improved sustain and better all round playability.

Submitted on the 19th August 2016 by Mark McConnell who purchased An Elrick Evo 5 bass

Hi Mark

Gigged the Elrick tonight and all I can say is "Oh My God"

The sound and playability unbelievable.

Light as a feather and the preamp the most responsive I have ever used.

The 3 different settings for the Mids brilliant.

You were right, a lot of bass for the money.

I fxxking love it.

Isn't it funny that a bass falls into your lap that wasn't even on the radar lol.

Just what I've been searching for this last 5 years.

I will be an Elrick man from now on for sure.

Cheers for your patients with me Mark.

I won't forget that mate.

Mark McConnell

Submitted on the 12th August 2016 by Tim Clarke who purchased An Aguilar TH500 amplifier

Wow, fast service! Ordered Thursday morning and delivered tp Glasgow 24 hours later! looking forward to gigging with this. Thanks Marcus and co.

the amp will be on stage soon with Charlotte Marshall and the 45s...



Submitted on the 24th July 2016 by Julio in Gibraltar who purchased Lightwave VL5 fretless bass

Hi all,


Just to let you know that I received all three basses with zero problems this morning. The basses were a dream to play straight of the box and I have to say I am absolutely impressed with your service and attention to detail. I will no doubt be calling upon you guys again for my future bass needs.


Best Wishes and Regards,



Submitted on the 23rd July 2016 by Andi who purchased Vigier Roger Glover bass

Hi Mark,

Just a quick note of thanks for the speedy delivery and the fantastic service. I am still amazed at how quickly stuff arrives from Bass Direct. The Glover Excess is gorgeous, and I cannot wait to play it!

Have a great weekend!

Submitted on the 10th June 2016 by James who purchased a Spector NS6XL  bass

I contacted Bass Direct in early February this year as I needed some help with making a purchase of a Spector custom Bass. I'm a blind musician and as such needed to ask quite a lot of questions about the specifics of my order, the guys were brilliant in answering my questions as well as being very patient over the course of nearly two weeks of me emailing.

I was quoted a build time of anything between 6 and 8 months for my Bass so you can imagine my surprise when Mark called me earlier on this week to tell me that it was ready and could be sent to me in Milton Keynes whenever I wanted it. The Bass arrived this morning and I've literally spent all day playing it. Luckily I'm on holiday from work this week so it couldn't have been timed more perfectly.

The Bass is absolutely gorgeous and plays like a dream. I've been an avid Spector player since 2008 and have a couple of 5 strings that I play regularly, but I've always wanted a Spector 6 string, specifically an NS6. The build quality of my new purchase is second to none , it's beautifully balanced, has great warmth when I want it, aggressive attack when I want it as well as producing crisp punchy sound constantly. The thing that I can't get over is how fast the neck is, it's just fantastic. This Bass is undoubtedly the best Bass I've ever played, it has fulfilled my hopes and then some.

Thanks to all the guys at Bass Direct, your advice was great, your service was superb and I'm thrilled with my Bass. I will definitely be recommending you to others.

Submitted on the 27rd May 2016 by Ralph who purchased secondhand Warwick bass

I went to look at two things A Kala Solid body U-Base and this Warwick Thumb.

Very helpful staff member wisely pointed out that if I didn't love the Kala then it wasn't right.

Nice call no pressure selling just sound advice.

This Warwick sounds so good and plays so well I love it already. It is built to encourage you to play well and it does.

It was also at a very fair price and came very nicely set up

I only live just over an hour away in Princes Risborough in Bucks so finding such a good Bass store so close and easy to get to is great.

I know where to come for all things Bass in future :-)

Submitted on the 23rd May 2016 by Dave P who purchased Vanderkley MN165 cabinets

Hi Mark.

Just wanted let you know how happy I am with the cab. Compared to the B*******d cab I've been using its like night and day. 

I've had a 3 hour rehearsal and a 2 hour gig and really couldn't  be happier. The cab fills the mix out like I've always wanted, but never achieved with my previous cabs. It has less real low end but IMO the BB2 had too much, and this was the big issue I had with it. Very uneven output. I really don't rate the BF cabs at all, and really disappointed considering the statements Alex makes about how wonderful they are.

I don't find Marc makes these overrated statements and produces better cabs.

Anyway, thanks again for all the help and service.

Peter who purchased a Genzler Magellan 800 amplifier amplifier and 2 x bass array cabinets - 10/05/0215

Having watched the video a few times and considered all the options, I spent a few hours at Bass Direct in Warwick today (thanks for the advice and patience by the way, Mark!)

Having A/B'd the B12-3 Array vs the 212t +112 (together as a stack) for a fair while I came away with the Magellan 800 with 2 x B12-3 Array cabs. Of course it's early days but I'm mightily impressed with what I've heard so far.

The 'journey' (we all have one, right?) went from Ampeg SVT classic / 410HLF, then D class Ampeg Pf500 + 2x pf115 or pf115 + pf410 hlf when the previous one got too heavy to lug around. Over the past 2 years much of the ACDC / Thin Lizzy material has been gradually replaced with Queen, Bowie, Zep plus a load of more varied / lighter stuff and I found the Ampeg rig a bit limited. Mark at Bass Direct suggested I try out the Magellan stuff and so a month later here I am: £2K poorer but so much happier in terms of what I'm playing through.

I'll follow up in a month or so's time once I've had a chance to gig the rig and really put it through its paces. For now - having read the forum avidly whilst pondering, I thought I'd put something back in for the next person facing the same 'shall I / shan't I' dilemma!

So far so brilliant!

Submitted on the 06th May 2016 by Ian who purchased a purchased a Genzler Magellan 800 amplifier

Hi Mark

I am really impressed with the Genzler Magellan 800 that I bought from you. Jeff Genzler has done an excellent job of designing this amp so that it combines the best sounds from both the Genz Benz Streamliner and Shuttle models... but with a little added mojo, it is literally two amps in one.

Using the contour control gives access to a really wide range of tones. Shuttle users will love Contour A in the flat position which gives a modern Shuttle on Steroids kind of tone with a deep forceful low end, clear balanced mids and a sweet treble. Increasing the effect gives a more scooped tone ideal for slap.

Contour B gives a warmer vintage like tone that with a slight bass boost is very similar to the tone of the Streamliner, Fat Fat Fat! This is my current go to tone😎

What is really noticeable about this amp compared to the many other class D amps that I have owned is that there is a real weight and 3 dimensional feel to every note, it feels alive and like it interacts with your playing.

Build wise the amp feels solid as a rock and is beautifully finished.

Submitted on the 28th April 2016 by Michael who purchased a second Vanderkley MNT212 cabinet and Genz Benz STL9.2 amplifier

Hi Mark. Just a quick note to say thanks for the new rig and sorting out the shipping problem. I used them both last night and they sounded amazing. The difference between them and my old gear was like going from black and white to technicolour. Needless to say I'm delighted.

All the best

Michael Dale

Submitted on the 25th April 2016 by Ian who purchased a Dingwall NG2  bass

I've had my NG-2 for a month now, and I can honestly say that it has exceeded every expectation I had for it. What an incredible, versatile bass, and my god, what a B string!

Submitted on the 30th March 2015 by Stuart who purchased a Sandberg VM5  bass

Hi Mark,

After owning many basses and to a certain extent following the crowd with the usual brands I discovered Sandberg basses.

I now own 2 Sandberg basses and can say they are without doubt the best made basses I have ever played.

The hardware is of great quality and each of the basses has it's unique voice.

I used to always crave after US made instruments and, to one day own a number of different makes and models, now simply put it's Sandberg all the way!

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of spending around £1200 on a new bass to definitely try these amazing instruments.

Bass Direct can help with custom orders and also carry a number in stock.

Sandbergs configurator on their website is very cool too!

Thanks Marcus and Mark. Really happy with the VM5. A great tone, and an instrument that is so comfortable to play too.



Submitted on the 29th March by Al who purchased a purchased a Genzler Magellan 800 amplifier

Hi Mark

I bought a Magellan amp from you at the bass show this year and I just wanted to let you know how amazingly impressed I am with the sound! The clarity and punch from my Fender Precision is better than I have ever had, even from my Genz Benz rigs. Our drummer actually commented on the sound and this is is unheard of normally....

I just need to save up for a bass array speaker now.

It's great to deal with someone who only stocks quality gear.

Best wishes

Al Harris

Submitted on the 25th March by Steph who purchased a Dingwall ABZ4  bass

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to you all for supplying my 4 string Dingwall Afterburner, exactly what I needed. The quality is awesome and the tonal abilities of the 4 way toggle is brilliant, the pickups are amazing and I adjusted to the fanned frets almost straight away. Plus the Purpleburst is lovely, perfect as purple is my favourite colour. Thanks again.

Submitted on the 7th March 2016 by James who purchased a purchased a MTD bass

Hey there, I just bought the ex-demo MTD Kingston KA4 you had on sale and I have to say, alongside the G&L Tribute JB2 I bought from you a few years ago, it hates as one of the finest basses I've ever owned (and what a bargain)!


Submitted on the 5th March 2016 by Dave who purchased a purchased a selection of pedals and pedal board 

Dear Bass direct,

I wanted to upgrade and downsize my effects board and so contacted Bass Direct. I had fairly clear idea of what I was after however making the decision of which manufacturer makes the best type of pedal etc. was becoming a little mind boggling for me as there is just so much available out there.

Marcus listened to my requirements and formulated an array based on my requirements. After further research, I must say that the suggested array was just right and following delivery of the goods I can actually say "superb".

I purchased the following excellent quality pedals:

MXR Bass Compressor - just Excellent
MXR Octave Deluxe - Super Excellent too
Rodenbourg Gas 808 Drive Pedal - Just Phworrrr!!! so much fun
TC Corona - lovely chorus; I get the fretless Pino sounding tones; lovely
3 Leaf Proton - sounds excellent straight out of the box !! Super fun and funky synthy

All on the superb Pedaltrain Nano + board and case; Pedaltrain is the way forward; one will never go back to inferior pedal boards.....

Thanks again Bass Direct,

cheers Dave

Submitted on the 28th February 2016 by Jimmy who purchased a purchased a secondhand Warwick bass

Hi Mark just a quick thanks for your excellent service and fast delivery of my bass..I've always had a fancy for one of these basses and you have delivered big time..great price, great setup..could you let me know which gauge strings are on, they feel great and sound tremendous..thanks again for your sterling service, will definitely be back for more from you 👍



Submitted on the 29th February 2016 by Andy who purchased a Dingwall Combustion  bass and Vanderkley cabinet

Thanks Mark, and thanks for the usual excellent service when I was down a couple of weeks ago. The Combustion is stunning and the Vanderkley’s are the best cabs I’ve ever used. I gigged the new rig and everyone in the band commented on how smooth the bass sounded – job done. Please pass on thanks to Marcus for persuading me to get the second cab, makes all the difference. I drive down from Yorkshire because I wouldn’t shop anywhere else.


Dr Andrew O’Shaughnessy

Submitted on the 25th February 2016 by Gareth who purchased an Xotic XP4  bass

Hi Mark and Bass Direct Team!

Just thought I'd report back on the Xotic XP-1T 4. As you probably already know the bass is superb. As soon as I opened the case I was just blown away with the visual quality of it. Picking it up it felt great. The balance on the body is superb. They seem to have the Fender style but improved vastly on the ergonomics. It just feel so comfortable in every way (no digging into your forearm, on the plucking arm) and no neck dive. The neck feels great too (nice non sticky finish). It feels substantial and totally solid. The whole bass sounds great even when not plugged in - very resonant. Plugging it in with the EQ flat, you get a superb even tone across the whole finger board. In fact the tone is great without even tweaking the tri logic pre-amp. But when you do tweak this, the sounds you get are simply great. Overall, a superbly built bass with attention to all the details, and fantastic and even tone.

Best Regards


Submitted on the 13th February 2016 by Peter who purchased a B stock Dingwall NG2  bass

Hi Marcus,

The NG2 arrived today. What a fantastic bass, and I thought my early Traben Chaos was well built and set up (it is, but not as good as the NG2).

Interestingly, the fanned frets felt completely natural from the first moment I played. Never tried them before today.

I thought the dent on the back would be bigger - not that I was that bothered about it.

Anyway, it’s fabulous and plays like a dream. And speedy delivery is a nice bonus.



Submitted on the 3rd February 2016 by Bernt who purchased a purchased a Spector NS CTB bass

I have searched a lightweight shortscale fretless bass for some time and found my dream bass online on your website. Purchase and delivery was excellent. And this is really a beauty of a bass, great tonal variation, from woody to more modern.

Its a great bass; went from a Warwick MIG Star Bass to the CTB;

It is a half the weight (or thats what it feels like) and half the size, but has a big tone and is so easy to move around on.

The Star Bass is sold…

Very very happy with this Spector! Buying outside EU VAT free was no problem at all. Great shopping for bassists!

Submitted on the 2nd January 2016 by Tim who purchased a purchased a Tecamp Puma 1000 amplifier

Hi Mark/Marcus


Happy new year to you all……….


Gigged the Puma 1000 using both my 4ohm Vanderkley’s and I can’t believe how huge and warm the sound is compared to any class D amp I’ve owned. I only purchased it as a practice amp and always planned to use my DB751 as the main rig but to be honest the sound I get from the Puma is so good that this little amp might well end up being the go to for all my gigs. I was worried about the 2 x 350 @ 4 ohms being short on power compared to the DB751 but it had plenty of power and didn’t even get warm at the gig, whereas the DB751 would have been red hot by the end of the night.